WATCH | Eskom not ruling out Stage 8 power cuts

2022/12/08 07:35:00

Eskom is not ruling out the possibility of implementing Stage 8 power cuts. #eNCA #DStv403

Eskom is not ruling out the possibility of implementing Stage 8 power cuts. eNCA DStv403

Eskom has confirmed Stage 6 blackouts will continue until Friday, thereafter Stage 5 until Saturday.

Thursday 8 December 2022 - 6:20am Eskom's spokesperson Sikonathi Matshatsha.JOHANNESBURG - South African households and businesses will have to brave Stage 6 load shedding until 5am on Friday.UPDATE: Stage 6 load shedding will continue till Friday morning (9 December), embattled power utility Eskom confirmed on Wednesday evening.24m ago Stage 3 planned as Eskom tries to save diesel Stage 3 load shedding will be implemented on Tuesday afternoon at 16:00 to 05:00 on Wednesday, and on Wednesday afternoon at the same time.

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom is not ruling out the possibility of implementing Stage 8 power cuts.The utility confirmed Stage 6 blackouts will continue until Friday, thereafter Stage 5 until Saturday.This is the latest announcement from power utility Eskom on Wednesday evening.Watch the video above for more details on this story.Eskom had earlier said the further escalation from stage 4 to stage 6 is due to a high number of breakdowns at its power plants since midnight, alongside the requirement to strictly preserve the remaining emergency generation reserves..The last time that the power utility implemented Stage 6 power cuts was in September 2022.

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Why doesn't Eskom just switch off all power stations. Than we atleast know we will be without electricity until forever because what's the use of having electricity anyway. You have it and you don't. Left SA 8 years ago and haven't had a day without electricity since. I can't even remember how to set the time on my microwave. I was planning a trip back next year but not so sure now. I hope SAfns can pull it together but I'm pessimistic.

strivaops Lahamb’ilizwe Can they resign all of them from President to minister and employees CEO guess there will be no warm food on the menu for Xmas.. We shall eat as per Eskom's menu.. first they decided when u must go sleep and now, what to eat during this first festive season without Covid!! MASA Perskes!!

Great - now we are ready for some innovation ! As we cross over from complete power stability (sounds like something from a distant past) TO loadshedding (current ) TO “Power on-ing” (tomorrow). We can now think of tracking when power will be on rather than when it is off ! Kwanzima jesu ey kazi sasoneni kubani

They'll go to stage 20 all because we a weak nation. Hey but we'll protest for trivial matters. Kante how many stages are there We can't be complainers of tweeter, let'stake it to the streets Damm, if we have electricity for 5 hours the whole day during stage 6, wtf is going to happen during stage 8

Eskom extends Stage 6 load shedding until FridayEskom said more generation units broke down on Tuesday night, leading to reduced capacity. When two elephants 🐘 fight, it's the grass that suffer... Andazi noba niyandiva na? So stop blaming Rama... Jirra I feel like I've had loadshedding level 24, I haven't had water for 3 weeks and electricity is the thing of the past! Why don't we burn the ANC householes as they are the only people that have electricity 24/7. Maybe then we can share some Ken iemand dalk die ou by Escom wat die krag afskakel se nommer; ek wil iets probeer.

We want a better body, better skin, better job, better house, better clothes than the next person. That’s our focus and priority. We need to change that. We walk around staring at others in the face with ego and we wonder why our societies are crumbling. God uses different means to destroy a nation. Or can natural disasters or He can even use a nation’s government. We as people need to take stock of ourselves too. People are fixated with the world and fixated with egos. If we change ourselves our environment will too.

We used to laugh at Zimbabwe, now we r going that direction Abramjee Besides this what if anything is being done to improve this unacceptable situation? That is long standing. They can do whatever they want knowing we won't do anything. Everything is on their longe hands. This is happening at the time where people have just used their whole year savings to buy meat and stuff. We're being pushed to the edge and it won't be nice.

Might as well switch off blady entire day 🙄 this is a circus mxm the Level of incompetence Eskom... everyone is Useless in that state entity What our government forget this Escom is affecting businesses and many infrastructures and creating high rate of crime because its dark,the consumers appliances damaged because of on and off of electricity, why these generators break same time to all stations ?

😡😡😡😡Thank you ANC Goverment.

Eskom extends Stage 6 load shedding till Friday[BREAKING/ UPDATE] Eskom extends Stage 6 load shedding till Friday. MoneywebNews Eskom Stage6 LoadShedding

Abramjee From the Guptas to this. Ironically, they are all linked in one big mess of years of crony capitalism, nepotism and downright corruption. People wonder how a country can fail, we are living through that reality. All together in one big sinking ship. CapeIndependence is coming This is so sad for our grandmother's ko Kasi to experience such during this special month with their grandchildren.... Eskom_SA & CyrilRamaphosa maybe you don't know the pain and frustration you causing the nation cause such never happens in your homes 😔 but God will intervene


Yeaa and why did whe have loadsheddung in the first place what for Love and Charity Eskdom wil have to explain this Shit wheres the proof of this so called breakdowns huhu THIS IS UTTER BULLSHIT You are bringing the country to there knees control of the human race shame Abramjee Having electricity in this country is a suggestion. Sadly there is just allot of broken promises and lies. Where is the Independent power suppliers, where are the Turkish power ships. Why is there no sense of urgency.

matsh_idiso We are being held ransom for an increase in tariffs for 2023

ESKOM LIVE | Stage 3 continues as Eskom tries to save diesel | BusinessAll the latest news and analysis on load shedding, power and the national grid. How during the Zuma administration did we not suffer so much with load shedding or continuous breakdowns? The equipment was already old so that can't be the issue? Cereal come explain. Mxm De Ruyter se gaat Eskom has no money to buy diesel. Ask CyrilRamaphosa, he has a BILLION Rand in his matrass. ChiefThief

With the power in our area not restored (yet again) we are already in Block 16 on Stage 8. Loadshedding being used to distract from the current ANC leadership crisis? Why is it has to be where am working near🥺🙄how annoying… Truly speaking, Eskom_SA in its entire existence never had an incompetent Leader like DeRyte but his Whiteness will protect him from accountability.

Timelang saruri re no ikhutša🙄 The disrespect is too much. We are paying customers and yet it feels like they doing us a favour by keeping the lights on Aowa Eskom must go to the mattress man and ask for a loan aowa What’s wrong Eskom employees?re le rekele magosha maybe le tla ba shap cz ai maan sies fsek we suffering

Let's all take it to the street. We simply can't..this is too much.

Confirmed: Stage 6 load shedding until Friday, Stage 5 after thatEskom said the available generation capacity would be reduced for the next six to 12 months due to several factors, including the long-term project at Unit 1 of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.

Freaking hell man. Eskom_SA just switch off those lights permanently. We tired of your games. Mxm Your leader Other countries around the world are exploring other ways to produce energy. Obviously what is Eskom is doing is not working. They should be finding other ways to produce energy for our country.

This December will be an eskom pandemic 42 749 salaries paid with our hard earned money and still nobody can fix a single thing at Eskom, lets do salary shedding at Eskom and see how quickly they fix the problems Bana why not just shutdown everything and let it be DARK .we can live with it .wood and coal... Welcome back you darling of a Dover stove💕💕💕

Media hyping up stage 8 , we're far from stage 8. We're on stage 20 already!!!!! The only person getting that performance bonus is the guy that drops that main switch because they never miss the time The_Usual Day Zero is coming....

Eskom to implement Stage 6 power cutsEskom says it will implement Stage 6 power cuts at 12pm until further notice. The new dawn I didn't eat breakfast because of loadshedding, I was expecting to eat at 12 after loadshedding... Jikijiki it's 10am-2pm 😭😭😭😭😭😭 News24 can't help but feels there's a connection between current load 6 loadshedding and Eskom being turned down last Friday by Treasury for its request of R19.5 billion to purchase additional diesel for the rest of the current financial year.

National economic shutdown!!v🤬 Ramaphosa must go now end of story because he wants to make the country ungovernable Stage 8 will be delivered for Christmas as promised. Eskom_SA I have a solution for you, stop paying the executive’s. It’s not as if any of them are doing anything. And the suffering continues... 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️

Money has some real powers, from the SikonathiM that was so upset with Cyril and mabuza about Eskom a few years ago, raising serious questions, to sikhonathi that defends an even worse Eskom 🤨 Blak excellence You media must be enjoying, brought to you by your favorite president, Mr 2nd term AkA PhalaPhala

Planned power cuts moved to stage 4Embattled power utility Eskom ramped up load shedding to stage 4 early on Wednesday morning.