‘VBS or not, singena nge vosho in parliament,’ says Malema

‘VBS or not, singena nge vosho in parliament,’ says Malema


‘VBS or not, singena nge vosho in parliament,’ says Malema

The EFF leader says his party has experienced growth despite outside forces that tried to destroy it.

“VBS or not, we’re going to parliament. The EFF has grown, whether they like it or not.

Malema further attributed the growth of the party to hardworking leaders who were able to mobilise in provinces such as KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and the Free State.

“”We surprised ourselves in KwaZulu-Natal after getting more than 300,000 votes,” said Malema.

“When there is non-performance, we will replace MPs. We are not going to sit with dead wood, useless MPs who do not add value. If someone is not performing well, we tell them. We are honest with each other, which is something the ANC does not have. They are not honest with each other.”

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Grandmother told me not to go back to the ANC: MalemaEFF leader Julius Malema was speaking at her funeral service in Polokwane. Thank you grandma 🙏 I have listened the clip throughout and find the reason why Julius hate the Anc so much and I get the point right there She should have told u to go to jail

Three other times Trevor Noah poked fun at Julius Malema and EFF'Julius Malema talks about genocide like he’s remodelling his kitchen.' Saze savelelwa Fortunately for us Julius knows what kind of people you are. Its strange how you can write about comedians while the talk about CIC while you fail to talk about the improvement that EFF gained on elections

EFF leader Julius Malema to be summoned to Alexandra Inquiryntwaagae For what 😂😂😂😂😂 ntwaagae Wenzeni u-Juju was he part or AlexShutDown or niyamsukela? ntwaagae Will I also be called there if I tell black South Africans to occupy the land of their forefathers?

EFF growth in KZN was the cherry on top, says Malema | Sunday Tribune- EFF leader Julius Malema said the party’s strides in KwaZulu-Natal were because of the hard work that had been done on the ground. SundayTribuneSA

WATCH: Funeral for Julius Malema's grandmother under wayThe funeral of the late Sarah Malema, the grandmother of EFF leader, Julius Malema took place in Polokwane on Saturday. Her funeral should’ve been a private event, She was not a politician, This is how dictators are built simenzen ngempela lowo gogo esngamazi? ubesenzelan vele? anisxolele boooo I'd rather not. But you're nottelevising Malema's grandmother's funeral, are you ? 🙄🙄

PICS & VIDEO: Malema's moving tribute to #KokoSarahMalema | IOL NewsRIPKokoSarahMalema: A number of prominent ANC members, including Rivonia trialist Andre Mlangeni, Zizi Kodwa and the ANC Youth League's Ronald Lamola, put aside their ideological differences with the EFF to pay their respects to KokoMalema.

WATCH: Trevor Noah jokes about Malema and ‘white genocide’ on Daily Show, divides SAThe Daily Show host has been accused of being careless with his commentary but others say he’s reflecting facts.

Malema pays glowing tribute to Koko Sarah'She witnessed mock coffins where I was buried alive during my troubles with the ANC ... that's when she told me never to return to the ANC,' he said. That KZN boy should’ve never went back to the ANC, Now they killed him This is painful

I am broken and finished – Julius Malema in mourning'My grandmother’s death is like a sharp instrument into my heart,' the EFF leader said, while also mourning Ngwako Modjadji, a former Citizen reporter.

WATCH | Trevor Noah takes aim at Julius Malema on The Daily Show & it was litThe comedian joked that he could take tips from Juju on how to deal with criticism about his outfit to the Met. that's wat Trevor do for a living even trump knows him very well Mzasi follow me an I will follow you back, let's unite an be one big Family Lit you say? 🙄

Malema argues that Manuel’s involvement in Kieswetter’s selection was unfairThe EFF leader says in court documents that the former finance minister and new Sars boss were related because they ‘enjoyed a personal relationship or friendship’

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