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We review comedy-drama Unpregnant on @ShowmaxOnline

2021-10-23 01:12:00 PM

We review comedy-drama Unpregnant on ShowmaxOnline

Unpregnant is an entertaining ride with an important premise.

WHAT IT'S ABOUT:A teenager's promising college-bound future is threatened when she realises she is pregnant. She makes a difficult decision that leads her on a hilarious road trip to New Mexico over three days with her ex-best friend.WHAT WE THOUGHT:

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The road movie genre has been synonymous with masculinity and America since World War II, and what is more American than the struggle of women to get access to healthcare?Unpregnanttakes a genre that we know and moves between the confines of what comprises it while still making it relevant for the young women that the story is about.

Like its mentor,Unpregnantis the story of two women making a trip across the American South and meeting a slurry of different characters on the way, who help and sometimes obstruct their goals. It's a story of friendship, of a journey and about what it is like to be a woman in America. headtopics.com

The film begins with 17-year-old Veronica (Haley Lu Richardson) taking a pregnancy test in the cubicle of her school bathroom. This is not part of her plan; she is a model student, college-bound, and has no intention of marrying or having children with her current boyfriend. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for her, this experience is witnessed by her former best friend Bailey (Barbie Ferreira). The two fell out after Bailey's parents divorced, and she started rebelling more, which differed from Veronica's straight-A plan. The difference between the two is stark: Veronica is popular, blonde-haired and preppy, while Bailey has green hair, walks around with a Sesame Street backpack and seems a lot more alternative.

After discovering she is pregnant, Veronica immediately tries to make a plan to get an abortion. After phoning a clinic, she discovers that her state does not allow her to get an abortion without parental consent. Her religious parents would not allow her to get an abortion. The closest clinic that allows abortions without parental consent is in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a few states away from Missouri, where she lives. She maps out, and budgets for the trip, but has a false start in getting her friends, and later her boyfriend to help. So she turns to Bailey to drive her across the country, and it causes both of them to see the country and each other in different ways.

Abortion is never treated as an option in the film. Veronica never second-guesses herself, and even when outside factors, such as her extremely clingy boyfriend Kevin (Alex MacNicoll), tries to deter her, she stays true to her goal. But the constant obstacles that the two girls face as they try to take the trip is such an important metaphor for the struggles that women face to control their bodies. Despite the film being a comedy, and there are a lot of great comedic moments, the film gets very serious when it talks about the state legislature, which hinders women like Veronica, and forces them to have children that they don't want and are not ready for. Even though we do not have a legislature like that in South Africa, the film's tone invokes anger at systems like these that are actively against women having control of their own bodies.

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