Undertakers threaten to strike

Undertakers threaten to strike #eNCA

2021-05-11 11:31:00 AM

Undertakers threaten to strike eNCA

Funeral parlours say they want to engage with Home Affairs to sort out some of its challenges.

READ:Disgruntled funeral industry participants are expected to hand over their list of demands to the department's head office on Tuesday. Read more: eNCA »

LIVESTREAM: Shaleen Surtie-Richards laid to rest

Friends and family of Shaleen Surtie-Richards will say their final farewell goodbyes at her funeral service.

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Isn't the government giving them R2500 for each covid case? Asking for a friend. Wouldn't that count as bridge of contract since we pay them for their services and they have an obligation to deliver if and when I need assistance. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think this strike is legally feasible. Their businesses are going under

Strike for who we pay them monthly we expect to get the service when we need it, whatever issues they have with government can be addressed via zoom and let the business continue 🙄 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ The zombie revolution is on. On second thought, they also have a point, the useless myanc have sop many useless BEE and AA appointments in their offices, things cannot get slower - even by firing the whole lot!

Undertakers threaten to intensify strike and shut down all home affairs officesAggrieved Gauteng funeral parlours say they will intensify their protest from Tuesday and “shut down” all home affairs offices across SA until their complaints over the department’s regulations are addressed. Just weird.

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Undertakers dead serious about shutting down Home Affairs | The CitizenThe country's funeral directors and undertakers are threatening to shut down the Department of Home Affairs HQ in Pretoria on Tuesday.

Angry undertakers threaten to shut down home affairs head officeFuneral parlours in Gauteng plan to 'shut down' the home affairs head office in Pretoria on Tuesday over complaints that requirements for the removal of bodies are too onerous. How ? By throwing in dead bodies ?😂 everybody is shutting down something in South Africa, ja neh!! Well very much sad to hear this,isn't that there is are special officials in the department to speed up the process for those grieving for their deceased loved ones to be laid to rest as arranged by their Families? Somebody should stop this before it occurs & solve the problem

Funeral undertakers threaten shutdownFuneral undertakers have threatened to embark on a nationwide shutdown of all department of home affairs offices from tomorrow because of the pinch small undertakers are feeling financially. MPHOKOKA1 MPHOKOKA1 Never depend on a single Income Make R15000 weekly All by working from home Without sending money to me or anyone No captcha No limitation ASK me how +13477145148

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