This bride fat-shamed her cousin who politely declined to be one of her bridesmaids

This bride brings new meaning to the term bridezilla.


This bride fat-shamed her cousin who politely declined to be one of her bridesmaids | W24_SA

This bride brings new meaning to the term bridezilla.

As adults or rational-minded people, we expect others to understand when we decline, and hopefully continue having a decent relationship.

"Hey, sorry it’s last minute but as you know my wedding is on the 20th of this month," the bride wrote, before explaining a bridesmaid"backed out" and asked if she could"fill in", wrote the bride-to-be in the first seemingly decent text.

“It doesn’t matter if it makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re just supposed to do things for your family”, she wrote. But when she sees this is not working, this bride-to-be then uninvited her poor cousin from the wedding.

“You’re too fat to be a bridesmaid anyway”, she writes in a text.

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