Taxpayers could pay over R220m for Parliament repairs

Taxpayers could pay over R220m for Parliament repairs


2022-01-10 03:07:00 PM

Taxpayers could pay over R220m for Parliament repairs

It's estimated that the amount excludes the cost of furniture, laptops, carpets, sound equipment and other movable assets.

This complies with a National Treasury regulation that each organ of state must absorb the loss from damages and accident risks.

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Mtimand09087842 With the fact that you’re true to your words God will continue to bless you for not hiding anything from me. I invested and withdraw on the supposed date without paying a fee you’re the best BenjaminChristq They must live it like that and move parliament from Cape Town to Pretoria The taxpayers doesn't even use the building but we must pay.. why doesn't the IDIOTS who does pay for damages..

We don’t need parliament anymore. When does it suit to use the word let’s “evolve” with technology?Those people should Skype or something at the comfort of their offices. Take the money and spend it on something productive. Parliament hasn’t been productive since forever. Why must i pay i was not even there

One step forward and five steps backwards... that’s incompetent government for you... If the public has to pay for the repairs, I think it's only fair we hv a say in the tender/procurement process I'm sure we also paid the insurance bill that was never there. ; WHY TAX PAYERS AND NOT MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT

Abathathe ku 500 billion You drunk

No insurance for fire-ravaged parliament, could cost R1bn to rebuildThe houses of parliament have no insurance cover, meaning a repair and reconstruction bill that could reach R1bn will have to be footed by taxpayers. 😂 😂 i knew it! Cyril Ramaphosa's funder will get the deal Don't let the fear of losing draw you back simply meet up with my account manager MichaelWeldon_ a very trustworthy account manager with many years experience,

They can zoom all their gatherings going forth. R220Mil you would expect it to have some serious high tech What about insurance? No need to repair. 220 m can build a massive building From that R500 billion ya covid-19 relief funds they chowed, change e teng a ba e tseye ba baakanye ka yib This was their plan all along

Doesnt the state have insurance or sasria cover? Th is nothing so important about it! My best president Baba J Zuma has told them wen he was in the chair to use union building but thy refused so why u r shocked about that. So create job opportunities not renovation... Our country is not safe n it will nv be

That means R440 millions. Completely move parliament to Pretoria and the sell the Capetown buildings. Use the money to put corrupt government employees in jail. Sell all their property to repair the damages they done.

Taxpayers could pay for parliament fire as buildings are not insured: reportTaxpayers could end up footing the bill for a fire that destroyed several parliamentary buildings on 2 January after it has that the property is not insured, the Sunday Times reports. So what? We were going to do so in any event whether the insurance paid out or not. They were always going to make us pay.

What nonsense they must rather cancel R350. This government is exploiting us😡😢 Politicians and officials responsible need to be held accountable. They should be fired or at least demoted and their assets and pensions should be used to contribute to the rebuild. We need accountability! Hence the 'yo-yo' petrol prices!

Send the bill to the speaker of the house. Why can't they move the parliament to Pretoria Union buildings. Just add it to the Eskom_SA bill Why? I don't want to fix it, I did not choose that option. Where's the building insurance? Make your mind up! It was 1 Billion a couple of days ago .. as per usual a Headline JUST to achieve *Hits*

Sell Zumas house Just like ground zero in the USA let them destroy the damn thing, make it a memorial & use City Centres littered in every town

‘I know a guy who can make a plan cheap, cheap’ — SA weighs in on report taxpayers could foot bill to repair parliament'Leave it be for now. We will get it fixed after the 2024 elections. Once the ANC is gone,' wrote one user. Sunday Times report that parliament is not insured against the devastating fire that engulfed it last week, with taxpayers likely to foot the bill for repairs and reconstruction. NOT INSURANCE There's a parliament in Kwa Mhlanga that was built by the then Kwandebele Gov very big enough to accommodate current MPs.They can use it cause currently it's a white elephant since MP legislators moved to mbhobhela On Point🤣🤣🤣🤣

This is why SA is a joke. 'Vote for us, we will make your lives better'... 'thanks for the votes, here's another bill for you to pay, suckers' More or less than what we paid for Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla house upgrade. Leave it as a vizual testament to the previous, as well as the existing lousy government An example of how not to govern and of how to destroy what was built with the sweat and blood of our ancestors Not much goes on in it anyway FlotsamandJetsam

R22OM. What company did the quotation? I am concerned that the matter of Government not insuring assets are emphasized in this negative manner. The PFMA allows Departments not to insure with the understanding that it will carry its own loss. Imagine the amount to be paid on an asset/assets for incase?

So this was the plan all along, anyway money is worthless Sell it to the highest builder and move the parliament to Pretoria, case closed Demolish the building and move the Parliment to the Union Buildings in Pretoria So our Parliament did not insure the building and the funiture inside🤔 Amasimba lawo

Negligence: a loophole for insurers to reject Parliament’s claim | CitypressThe state’s negligence in not maintaining fire control systems in Parliament could result in insurers refusing to pay any claims arising from the blaze. Were the insurance premiums up-to-date? Apparently the building is not insured But they confirmed that the building was not insured 🤷🏾‍♂️

Should have use Sasria as insurance, it is a government insurance and it is cheaper. Patricia should pay for the repairs. Mxm Lying again Where dobyou get that figure🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️parliament not yet announced 🙄🙄 We've been paying 300m njena Use prison labour and department of works can project manage, we pay for both already and would be far cheaper.

Almost the same amount it took to build nkandla Rather leave it, we have more pressing needs as a country No insurance for state property? Thanks to the reductive Minister of Public Works & lacking of intellectual governance...

Parliament Fire I To what extent are government buildings secured and insured?: Prof Kwandiwe KondloFollowing the fire tragedy that erupted in Parliament on Sunday last week, a City of Cape Town preliminary report identified that Parliament was not complian... How can government building be save when criminals are already working there Not safe,most of them Don't want to comply, instead they fight department of labour inspectors for doing their job

Another media house said R1b..... What's the truth? And the taxpayer continues to be bled dry for a government that is totally incompetent and refuse to appoint the best qualified people to govern Tjooo parliament repairs is almost equal to Nkandla revamp Ide ibeyimalini? Taxpayers to rebuild burnt Parliament while foreigners and immigrants don't pay anything.

Eish IdeasIntegrated Self insured What tax payers got to this with all this. Someone was responsible for safety of this building ladyfireonice Wasn't it insured ?

SABC blames production house for not paying ‘The Estate’ cast and crewThe SABC claims it has paid the production house responsible for 'The Estate' in full. I never thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader after been scammed many times at my age but the heavens sent Dpurplewomanfx guided me and help me make a living through bitcoin with my luno app, I recommend you to meet her now and also be a beneficiary of good work Aish I wouldn't be surprised if they paid into a wrong account into one of their pockets with SABC you just don't know what to think they are failing south africans

For the Parliament of the Republic, that sounds reasonable. Some charlatan 's private residence' s upgrade caused us more than that. Syanyelwa la! Yeses This is as Taxpayers our lifestory.I pay for everything, although we ourselves have nothing This story of not letting investigaters into the paliment seems like a cover up,maybe there should be a visit to all government buildings to see what state they are in.

Nope the ANC must pay for that Why didn't they insure it? I hope that all tax payers will stand up and speak up against this. Ministers/politicians those big ones recieve hefty salaries and eat everyday. Do Not allow them to use us as guinea pigs any longer. Let them pay for it end of story. Let not ANC contact do the job.

Can they fix the RAILWAY 🛤 first PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sylviaireland Let the politicians fix it, they created all this mess. Over my dead body. KAAAAAAAK!!!🖕😠 Can they hire me to get that building in order because the Building Manager seems to be trash. Let the perpetrators come out, who did they pay to burn parliament, because that 220m will disappear just like all the other monies disappeared

Ja South African Government, there's always a way to extort money from us R220M for what exactly? Patricia De Lille can pay!!!! I know we all probably might have heard about Bitcoin but don't know how it works, I tried it in a week ago by a man who recommended me to LeticiaThomas90 on Twitter she guides me through and i made a return of $10500 after a week of trading, connect with her LeticiaThomas90

If the whole building went down it could've been somewhere around 500 billion mos if a roof repair costs 200 million A person should think a building as big and valuable like a parliament building would have Insurance…But yes, it is South Africa we barley have brains either, the Citizens will pay like always.Just don’t build a swimming pool at Parliament or upgrade your houses

Oh dear. I see tenders for the cadres in their thousands Let the parliament be removed from cape to union building as permanent because it was there in cape during arpartaid time .. No. The government that caused this mess with their incompetence must pay for this through decreased salaries. We are used to that even Nkandla was paid by tje same taxpayers R246m

That's too much, move parliament to Pretoria will be much cheaper If that's the initial estimate then it'll be at least a billion rand by the time the ANC is finished corrupting the repair. Nyex nyeyas nyas nyay... yey those in the parliament should pay for it Covid robbed us our business profits Lol a major pay cut in our salaries is coming and theres nothing u can do about it 😂


And still going to pay to prosecute a wrong person 🙃 Almost Close to Zuma's Nkandla Tax payers are paying for everything else, so what is new... I wish if I screwed up something, someone else would also pay for it.... For just a roof 😡😡not ON GUYS NOT ON!!!! Now that's way too much!!! Insurance company?🤔🤦‍♂️

Leave it as it is. We know gov is going to keep around for a while, they using zoom in anycase I will wait for OUTASA to comment.

Satafrika a country of unaccountability. Let the incompetent government pay with their own taxes or salary/bonusses😡😡😡 ladyfireonice How much did we pay for the former President’s houses? Let the incompetant goverment pay with their own taxes or salary/bonusses😡😡 No. Does the PFMA not say GovernmentZA must recover money owed and or lost. So let Cele and DA Lille pay. They failed in their duty. Why must we pay? Or let the MYANC pay. Their quotas and caders was just as responsible

That's a huge underestimation. Even renovations to Zuma's house were higher than this. Mtimand09087842 220M is for Job Creation. It should be convert into Van Riebieck/Apartheid Musium. Which will probably end up being 800 millions Argh not bad, we have paid far more, we'll survive 🤘 sephiritsikeli Because of useless leadership

Leave it. I don’t want my tax money repairing something that WAS NOT covered by insurance… It was a billion yesterday 😂 today is R220m So that they have a place to go to get nothing done? To say point of order the whole day? To roast members and leave? Ask them what they agreed on and they will say nothing. No unity amongst leaders and the entire country is divided.

Well yeah? And double this amount due to some lovely tendering and shoddy workmanship. Because, you know, cadres gotta cadre. errolbsk Get the funds from the person who was in charge of the building. Who’s job it is to secure it. I think its De Lille? Taking care of my debts and giving my family the best financially is what I have long waited for, TarellaCampbel thank you for helping me gain financial success.

Not when Umkhukhu ukhona😑. Maba sebenzele kwi parkhome labantu. That money is gonn endup in someone's bank account with little to no renovations. Futhi a tretch tent is much nicer Was it not insured? errolbsk Please ask afriforum and solidariteit to manage the project If I screwed up as badly as De Lille I wouldn't have a job. She's truly a slippery character.

Not bad, still cheaper than Jacob Zuma's Nkandla security upgrades.

Last week, the Acting director-general of Public Works AND Infrastructure, Imtiaz Fazel, said government buildings are not insured. This complies with a National Treasury regulation that each organ of state must absorb the loss from damages and accident risks. Source