Stick to the rules or be arrested, Cele warns

Stick to the rules or be arrested, Cele warns

2020-09-23 09:12:00 AM

Stick to the rules or be arrested, Cele warns

Police Minister Bheki Cele warned the public to stick to the permitted numbers when attending gatherings and especially at funerals.

The Western Cape recorded the most arrests with 72,137 followed by Gauteng with 59,000 arrests.These violations include liquor, transport and business and cross-border-related offences. Read more: eNCA »

The Fix | 25 Ocitber 2020

Thuli Madonsela suggests an amnesty can help to clean up corruption. #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

What about your a offers who deny people medical assistance and chronic medication in holding because they show up drunk to work, then Ipid refuses to take their complaints. I need ur contact details ASAP cz ur department is useless too wena Bheki Cele. What a dump doos. VoetsekANC VoetsekBhekiCele VoetsekBhekiCele RemoveANCfromPower VoteThemOut VoetsekANC

Pity does not apply to those corrupt fellows who steal billions Shut or go FYH Who do you think you're talking to Which rules? Who? 🤔 Just big useless mouth, kids are being kidnapped everyday what you are doing, you talk easy cheap talk a rest drunk people He is telling us to stick to the rules but he is failing to tell his police at the border to stop taking bribes and allowing foreigners to come to our country illegally

The incompetent, unqualified school teacher has spoken. Kazi usho kubobani🤔 ngoba izigilamkhuba ezeba izingane nezidlwengulayo zona aziboshwa. Move to a old age home you p--s Cele is promising to arrest people who breaks covid 19 rules yet he hasn't arrested people who crossed the border to Zimbabwe while it was still not allowed.

300 000 naughty civilians arrested. Lol How I wish those numbers were of the murders, drug dealers and rapists that plague our country. Address GBV and human trafficking wena, lockdown is not important Number 1 useless minister, followed by Mbalula, Motswaledi, Motshega Old news which rules is he talking about..HumanTrafficking ?

Which rules, I am lost! I don't respect SAPS They are useless SAPS enjoy killing innocent black people SAPS failed me I will never report anything to SAPS SAPS is useless. Killers, Killers, Kllers Killed Andres Tatane, SAPS was never arrested SAPS killed in Marikana SAPS were never arrested To hell!!!

This Man I think it’s Crazy Children in my beautiful country are being taken and violated under his watch. Yet this is the warning shot he fires?! Save our children Mr Cele, the children of our nation are under attack Mxm Soooo does that mean human traffickers and drug dealers are sticking to the rules, hence the zero arrests? SAPoliceService

The President is on bed,Bheki is taking over As usual, can't attend to real crimes. Poes in die hoed tsek Blah blah blah, start arresting Khusela Diko and Masuku first Prioritize arresting criminals and leave law abiding citizens Maret’a dimahn Why don't he arrested sassa for stealing our money ? Cele should be attested .....

Including the corrupt Whose rules gangsta! Der are no rules Get a life man! Yada...yada...yada...😴 Nawe stick to human trafficking hotspots Stick to the rules!WTF 🤦‍♂️Does this guy know what’s he talking There’s much crime happening around SA and his vokon people are practically no where to be seen.Corrupted leadership. They rather arrest or ticket innocent citizens cause they to bloody scared for the real criminals

What happened with Cele's fraud case? Yep another threat against the population of South Africa by a big sloppy bully. Where were you when the cnts in the EFFSouthAfrica were acting like terrorist 🐵🐵🐵 really.. the rules of corruption... KFC is open again.. Abramjee Useless arrests, the one that must be arrested, are free, I never hear of he commenting in big arrests like CIT criminals getting arrested, his arrests are more likely a security arresting someone without a mask or someone stealing 2kg frozen chicken, this guy is useless

Try getting your own people to stop being criminals before you point fingers Mr Cele but wait you can't can you ClownWithHat Have you screamed at any more farmers this week? What about the knobs destroying state property ie tarred roads in KZN which we (taxpayers) paid for? Go arrest real criminals, and clean up your police department...leave us alone...

Is Cele South African or Nigerian or from the Congo? I question his real heritage. Someone slap him with a fish 🙄 Here we go again.... Is he talking to corrupt politicians? Fokof VoetsekANC Stick to the rules or be arrested, unless you are an SAPS member, an ANC member, an organised crime member, corrupt, a rapist, murderer, or petty criminal in which case you can do what you like. General public: eat a biscuit or dont wear a mask and we shoot you.

Tell that to your comrades and colleagues Rudeness is the weak mans imitation for strength Ministers must make his police not part of people will get arrested!!! Lungisa Baba nali I chilo phambi kwe Tembisa South Police Station, okanye imvumo yakho yokuthi I taverns, zibe duze nama police station Akgah eish ...!!

Does that count for your corrupt ANC buddy’s as well? I wonder where he will focus his energy after covid cause wow man's is shining nge pandemic NibasabaniAbelungu Rules of GBV, human trafficking, murders etc. Which rules and for which priority are you referring to. Clue less and putting his power behind petty crimes while really crimes happens and he looks the other side.

Abramjee This one must clean Kempton park first and stop selling us nonsense So you let Malema get his way and you know hes a terrorist but you treat innocent bystanders as criminals just tp appease your agenda, the real criminals are the ones controlling the law and using it as a scapegoat Daddy 😍 Cele must voestsek once nje😤😤😤 uyanyanyisa lobaba

All you worried about is alcohol, what about human trafficking and GBV The Twat in the Hat....the Cat in the Hat makes more sense than this nana. Mara mdala o useless waitsi Is it possible to vote him out😫 At a constant war with regular citizens but can’t even address real issues like GBV, farm murders, corruption within SAPS, corruption and within the entire country. Jog on.

Why is this asshole loud mouth still not fired quick to arrest soft targets but the real criminals still roaming the streets and boardrooms what a joke Abramjee Did he answer the question? 'Nibasabani abelungu?'. Mr warnings The Minister op Police has no idea, there is a difference between enjoying the respect of the people & enforcing fear because of position. Respect is earned through honourable actions & not through fear because of the abuse of power.

So foreigners are having the time of their lives in SA with drug dealing, human trafficking, raping, murdering and then you have this one☝️🏾 warning citizens about basic, everyday ordinary citizens' crimes Ubuso bengwenya uyadakwa Comedian minister. Abramjee Cele he's Zimbabwean... bhekicele_com SAPoliceService you're drunk on power, you make the whole country feel sick Voetsek

Yes...those racists who call us monkeys when they are angry about farm attacks...your a** will be fckd in jail Abramjee That dummy, where is the railway, focusing on people having fun Abramjee The question you have to ask is why the bloody press keep giving this idiot airtime? And a further question, why is he still employed in this position?

South African citizens are crying about what is happening in places like hillbrow and Sunnyside which require police intervention and beki cele went on live tv and said there is no human trafficking issue in South Africa even though young girls are abducted everyday in S.A. When will this so called minister actually take on real crime instead of attacking easy targets ...This man is all arrogance no proper action he cant even control.police corruption

Lead by example ! Is human trafficking sticking to the rules because no arrests have been made to those animals and you know where they hiding Maybe his colleagues need to hear that message the most bhekicele_com... We facing human trafficking and wena o busy ka alcohol rules really? Please step aside... I lost faith in you...

If you were doing your job and focusing on serious issues like human trafficking, rape and killings of women and not alcohol. You are just boasting with useless things mxm pathetic Tjo ntate o wa a tshaba maNigeria yho. He is totally ignoring human trafficking, Nigerian drug sellers and focusing on alcohol and gatheirngs

Wish he would say that to all murderers and rapists but alas only arrests the easy, peaceful targets Why don't you stick to the rules and arrest criminals thats what you get paid to do, to protect the citizens not the cri.inals go do your job you eating Tax payers money for free You stick to the rules.

bhekicele_com please focus on the crime of this country. It’s out of hand!!!! We can’t even shop at malls in peace!!! Dear Cde Cele Before you start with trying to kill black businesses, kindly get your priorities straight please. The resources that you are going to be using this weekend on restaurant and liquor retailers, kindly redirect to other issues like: Human trafficking. Robberies

Hoping that loud noises of music from taverns will be something of the past as he indicated When is he arresting the murderers, drug lords, fraudsters and illegal immigrants Did this blowhard arrest the ANC rogues who broke the rules by flying illegally to Zim? Can citizens 'humble themselves' and get away with their so called transgressions. A useless windbag. VoetsekANC

SAPoliceService but Cele and the dumb ass police are selective in who they arrest. They are selective on who must comply. MYANC ParliamentofRSA ANCParliament ParliamentofRSA Our_DA VFPlus EFFSouthAfrica vai merda PresidencyZA - when is this idiot minister of your going to arrest real criminals? Crime is rampant & all he cares about is citizens who break lockdown rules & alcohol. Can we please have a police minister who actually knows what to do & where to do it? This one is useless. 🙏

VoetsekANC voetsekcele Useless🤮 Go away you useless police chief Typical one track minded Minister. Unless you rape someone or kill a farmer or steal money from taxpayers. Those we're not really interested in, but lockdown rules are serious guys🙄 How about focusing on issues that really matter😩 In a country besieged by criminals- Rape Murder Syndicate's Gangs LawlessRioters RockThrowers Muggers Smash&Grab Thieves. But Cele is obsessed with going after soft targets. Yet his own SAPoliceService fail to follow d rules, with many involved in criminal activity themselves

VoetsekBhekiCele Cele has gone rogue There are more important problems that need more attention...stop bullying the people🤬 He is clueless abt what is happening in his own Country Do you job and stop the rhetoric, or move aside! South Africans warn Cele Unless you’re part of the ANC elite. Then you can break the rules freely and NOTHING will happen. This guy is beyond useless and I cannot understand how he is still in a job. Cele MUST go...

He openly targets South Africans He sounds like that bully in class, who only preys on the weak and the girls, too afraid to hit on the ones that fight back The minister that said human trafficking is a publicity stunt. Hey Bheki you have time for jokes ne Does his face really look like this 🤔 Just do your job! And that would be protecting the South African people, doing something about GBV, CHILD ABUSE AND RAPE, HUMAN TRAFFICKING. We are all so sick and tired of the crime in this country. You and your police force just do your fucking job you are paid to do!!!!!

The only thing that he knows “Lockdown regulations and alcohol “, we have a spate of Heists, hijackings, human trafficking, etc Useless, incompetent old man! All talk and no action, mxm! Toothless Puppy Cele is a disgrace and an insult to his title CyrilRamaphosa Tax Revolt & National Municipal Boycott,,, until this clown is shown the door. Absolutely Fucking Useless

Bheki Cele to outline plan to combat GBV in hotspots, clarity on level 1 rulesPolice Minister Bheki Cele is set to provide details on a plan to combat gender-based violence and femicide in hotspot areas, as proposed by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Cape Town has most GBV hot spots in SA, says CeleNapier residents, between Caledon and Bredasdorp, are reeling in shock after the 73-year-old was killed in De Kock Street and then found dead inside her home. GBV DontLookAway CapeTimesSA CapeTimesSA I firmly believe that area has a serial killer on the loose, I always wonder if SAPD are even cabable of picking up on such

LIVESTREAM: Cele provides update on Level 1 regulationsLIVESTREAM: Cele provides update on Level 1 regulations eNCA This minister of Alcohol is one useless minister, he's a coward who hides behind the police force Minister of alcohol again Did any journalist ask the minister why there is a curfew between 00:00 and 04:00? I am really interested to know the reason for this curfew.

Cele confirms that KwaSizabantu Mission is being investigated | News24Police Minister Bheki Cele says he is aware of an investigation into KwaSizabanthu Mission as well as people who have 'raised matters' with the mission. | azarrahk azarrahk I will only believe you Mr. Cele when those who killed Senzo Meyiwa can be arrested. Except that,I just hear hot air coming from your mouth. azarrahk There is no alcohol involved so he will not do anything

Outbursts and racial tension as Bheki Cele convenes community imbizo in NewcastleRacial tensions ran high in Newcastle on Monday where farm owners and workers attended a safety imbizo convened by police minister Bheki Cele after the deaths of a KwaZulu-Natal couple at a farm in Normandien There was no need for that, arrest the perpetrators. Le ba tšhabang makgowa a a lena? Check the statistics.... Murder in RSA is high, Bathobaso ke bona ba ba bolawang ka bontši, e sego makgowa. White people are exhausting, the other day BLM was trending and they oppose it with AllLivesMatters today they want the SAPS to prioritise farm killings. What happened to all lives matters? ANC Undermine us ordinary people on the ground at your own peril . Very soon ppl are going to show their frustration and anger at you. We are tired . Where's these freedoms you promised us . Why should we beg for our land and the wealth of our country?

Outbursts and racial tension as Bheki Cele convenes community imbizo in NewcastleRacial tensions ran high in Newcastle on Monday where farm owners and workers attended a safety imbizo convened by police minister Bheki Cele after the deaths of a KwaZulu-Natal couple at a farm in Normandien NibesabaniAbelungu I am a born child from rural area called normadien 2015 we came across a situation whereby the so called Thekwane came and take everything that belongs to us such as cattles goats and horses we opened cases because we are black we nvr be taken crs we are still crying it so painfu Cattles that were taken were very useful to us in a way that it was something that bring fud in our table use to pay institution fees for those who went to varsity but after what happened situation at home changed alots😥😥😭😭😭