SACC calls on De Klerk Foundation to retract and apologise

Apartheid was not only a crime, it was more than that.


The De Klerk Foundation must retract their position that apartheid was not a crime against humanity and apologise for the hurt that it causes the majority of South Africans who bore the brunt of the apartheid system, writes Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana

Apartheid was not only a crime, it was more than that.

Apartheid made all South African whites and their future generations its bene?ciaries in superabundance.In fact the position of both De Klerk and his Foundation must be at odds with the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize of which De Klerk is a recipient.

Their position would justify the 1988 bombing of both the SACC’s Khotso House and Khanya House of the Catholic Bishops Conference. Let them ask the maimed like Judge Albie Sachs, and Father Michael Lapsley. Lest we forget, between 1960 and 1983, the apartheid government forcibly removed some 3.5 million black South Africans in what has been described as “one of the largest mass removals of people in modern history”.

Let them raise Bishop David Russell from his grave and ask him for the cause of his extended fast on the steps of St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town.Ask any loving mixed race couples who had to marry secretly and live in fear all their lives, for themselves and their children.

Look at the continued e?ects of apartheid on the supposedly free South Africa: look at the lot of its victims in the townships and the squalor of the squatter camps! For the express education of the De Klerk Foundation and others of like thinking, “the crime of apartheid” is mentioned as such in Section 7 (1) (j) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court which describes Crimes Against Humanity.

The very so-called black on black con?ict that the De Klerk Foundation quotes to exculpate the apartheid regime, was the direct result and the logical outcome of apartheid policies, application and machinations. And we appeal to them, for the sake of nation building, to retract their position on this and apologise for the hurt that it causes the majority of South Africans who bore the brunt of the apartheid system.

We request South Africans to identify with the rallying cry that says “Apartheid was a Crime; One South Africa One Nation!”

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Why this apartheid idiocy again comes up in 2020 (year of the rat), apartheid in S.A was introduced in 1948 (year of the rat) Strange... He made a foolish mistake. He needs to apologize and mean it! Hopefully one day we as South Africans will have to look at tribalism & Factionalism, because they aren’t different to Apartheid.

If the EFF hadn't confronted De Klerk there wouldn't be all this noise from Mbeki & Tutu.Everyone is now jumping on the bandwagon whereas the interview is 2 weeks old & they saw nothing wrong at the time. Fully agree. Apartheid was demeaning and stripped africans from its dignity if u dont get it,then u r humanly inept,to grasp what my parents &those before them went through, the humiliation of being removed just because their colour was the wrong side of a law which was inhuman

How was he given Nobel ntoni ntoni if apartheid was a crime? Some people think we are fools. The De Klerk Foundation but NOT De Klerk himself? The sooner he apologizes the better! We have to move on. And rightfully so

WATCH | Video of De Klerk saying genocide killed more people than apartheid resurfacesMalema's motion to have De Klerk removed from parliament was dismissed by National Assembly speaker, Thandi Modise Hi MYANC, cav your fav 😍 Look at his face face of evil this old man makes me vomit SO...Ya'll going to milk this to death it seems. I do understand that topics like these get clicks to site and your ad-revenue must be high but wonder if the others see through this as well?

EFF ‘a fascist militia’- FW de Klerk Foundation'If you are wearing colour-coded uniforms, verbalise on the basis of race, break up meetings with bullying tactics... it’s really the same creed,' foundation chair Dave Steward said. 😂😂😂😂De Klerk wa painelwa.. A militia, they were elected into parliament. If your organization is formed to defend nonsense like Apartheid, then you have no chance against us Il Deuce takes offence to that comment

EFF considering forensic inquest against De KlerkThe EFF says it'll explore all legal avenues to reopen a forensic inquest against former President FW de Klerk. First sort out the VBS heist they stole from the poor How about one against the EFF MANAGEMENT?

ANC slams FW de Klerk Foundation for denying apartheid was crime against humanityThe ruling party is now saying it wants denials of apartheid's criminality to be criminalised in a manner similar to holocaust denial in Germany. EFF set the goal posts and ANC follow,trend we set for this confused ANC Which Anc? No come on man how many Anc's we have in this country? I don't think he denied it, he pointed out some facts. But if the ANC wants to criminilise Apartheid denial like the Holocaust denial then they need to start jailing 6 million blacks.

ANC condemns FW de Klerk Foundation for denying apartheid was a crime against humanity | IOL NewsANC condemns FW de Klerk Foundation for denying apartheid was a crime against humanity ANC has condemned the statement by the FW de Klerk Foundation 'denying that apartheid was a crime against humanity as a blatant whitewash'. Too late!!! When did he say this? That word 'condemn' must be made illegal and declare a crime now because ppl always hide against it instead of taking action always

WATCH: De Klerk claims he didn't know apartheid was a crime against humanity - Mbeki | IOL NewsWATCH: De Klerk claims he didn't know apartheid was a crime against humanity - Mbeki Former President Thabo Mbeki says the last Apartheid leader FW De Klerk, was not aware that the system was declared a crime by the UN. cc SANewsBot Botik61945648 SANewsBot We have a sitting president who invites a murderer who refuses to take responsibillity for his evil acts, besides the outcry. our buffalo remains resolute and silent

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