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SAA has enough cash to pay January wages, say business rescue specialists | IOL News

#SAA has saved enough cash to pay January salaries, specialists appointed to try to turn around the struggling airline said.

2020-01-24 03:41:00 PM

SAA has saved enough cash to pay January salaries, specialists appointed to try to turn around the struggling airline said.

South African Airways ( SAA ) has saved enough cash to pay January salaries, specialists appointed to try to turn around the struggling airline said.

State-owned SAA is fighting for its survival after it entered a form of bankruptcy protection last month and cancelled some flights this week because of cash shortages."The business rescue practitioners and management have taken various actions to ensure that cash is conserved. As a result we have sufficient funds to pay January salaries," business rescue specialists Les Matuson and Siviwe Dongwana said in a statement.

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Matuson and Dongwana were promised R4 billion ($279 million) of funding from lenders and the government to sustain rescue efforts for SAA but only received the 2 billion rand from lenders. Read more: IOL News »

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I don't see why they require another specialist.The cheaper service-Mango Airlines is fully operational with no bailouts. Bring down the cost of your damn flights which will bring you into the game and you bond to start turning. Can't keep flights in the sky,can't suppy reliable electricity,water is limited to some areas,trains forever late,i just wonder what did we do to deserve this

Will that include the recent increases that NUMSA was crying for?, by cancelling some local and overseas flights, SAA saved enough to pay its staff's January salaries? ...just imagine how much it could save if it cancelled all its flights, forever...oh, wait, it doesn't work like that, does it..? ...or does it..? BailingOutNow

I suppose now they want a bonus for saving cash? Hope they got enough money to fly our troops to USA to defend 'one bullet, one american'... all our military planes are fucked.. one still waiting for repairs in Congo.. kunzima e mzansi What about money for servicing the planes? Lol..Lies has short legs..what exactly did they do? 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️..they did absolutely Jerk🤣🤣...Then what is the role of Chief Restructuring Officer? Oops, how can I forget our taxes are paying for his hospital bills in UK..,so we are paying him while he is lying in hospital 🤦🏾‍♀️

The Zuma inspired pillaging sure screwed this national asset .. and still no one is in jail .. SAA, pay the maintenance people first! They got spares to sell to make up their salary 🙄

ANC adamant SAA should remain a state entity“As things stand, the national executive committee has agreed that SAA must be retained, but obviously with some restructuring that is taking place in a manner that will ensure it is sustainable moving forward.” 😂😂😂 So, no change then? That’s all right but it must be downsized in staff and planes Some restructuring. Vague...where?

SAA should be saved: ANC SAA should be retained as a national airline but needs substantial restructuring, ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule said. They are the ones who are running the country, what are they waiting for? Didn't SAA promised to increase Salary this year 2020 for their employees 🤔🙄 Now they need saving 👀 Get Dudu Meyani to pay the 2bn needed! She brought the airline to its knees! .... Delinquent Director!

ANC wants SAA deals probedThe ANC wants long-term contracts worth billions of rand at SAA investigated amid concerns that they are draining the resources of the financially troubled national carrier. kgmadisa kgmadisa Huh? Only now? kgmadisa Let's hope the mean that. Let it be not SAA only. All SOE'S must be investigated kgmadisa Whose Anc and Whose Government? They want to probe their own deeds? The results will be obvious. It will take many years for this country to get it right, more than it took Israelites to arrive in Canaan. Only the power of x can solve this mess during the elections

POLL | Would you book an SAA flight right now? SAA cancelled a number of international and local flights on Tuesday Yes why not Can we not just let it die a dignified death? We can have a state funeral for SAA. No rather walk or use another airline.

Government turns to international airlines as SAA woes continueThe government is in talks with major international airlines for more direct flights to the country to boost tourism. Whilst the destroy our own. This government will not last forever in power. They can allow Tito Mboweni to destroy everything whilst he still can, come 2029 the government of EFFSouthAfrica will reserve the 30 wasted years of the ANC Destroying SAA, at the other hand CyrilRamaphosa tells the nation something else. We have not forgotten that tito_mboweni dais publicly that SAA must be closed down.

ANC calls for probe into SAA contracts - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.%%%The ANC has called for investigations into all historical contracts impacting negatively on South African Airways.%%% ANC ate money from Zuma as a president they must hold accountable and pay back that money Dudu Myeni included. Go drink some cold stuff and cool down your directionless anger Who's the fuel supplier of flysaa ?