SA restaurants warn of doom for industry if any lockdowns are imposed

Any form of lockdown will be a death sentence for SA's restaurant industry, The Restaurant Collective has warned.

2021-11-27 04:41:00 PM

Any form of lockdown will be a death sentence for SA's restaurant industry, The Restaurant Collective has warned.

Any form of lockdown will be a death sentence for SA's restaurant industry, The Restaurant Collective has warned.

Image:123RF/Andrey BaydaAny form of lockdown will be a death sentence for SA's restaurant industry.This is the warning from The Restaurant Collective (TRC), which represents sit-down establishments, as the government prepares to discuss possible restrictions at a national command council meeting on Saturday.

“As the fourth wave looms, with the added scare of a new Covid-19 variant, there is talk of further restrictions and lockdowns that would directly affect the sit-down restaurant industry during its busiest time when it needs to be fully operational to see it through the leaner months,” said Grace Harding, TRC spokesperson.

SA scientists this week identified the Omicron variant, which has caused a surge in infection numbers — primarily in Gauteng — and resulted in global travel bans on SA and neighbouring countries.“Any form of lockdown will be like a death sentence; we have to continue to trade.  We cannot handle any more disasters. The owners and crew of restaurants are on their last legs,” said Harding.

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 She said the TRC disagreed with past restrictions placed on the industry.“Big events are superspreaders and not sit-down restaurants where people are naturally well-spaced. Alcohol in these venues is also not a problem as it is generally consumed as an accompaniment to a meal. We are not the problem.”

“We are Covid fit.“We have invested energy and resources in curbing the spread so that it has become a way of life for restaurant owners and their crew.

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Dat is bad news also same people will lose their job especially bread 🍞 winner (this it affects family) and economy it affected (this country is facing serious unemployment ) Bayanya Why they didn't close this They blame alcohol and churchs for nothing You need customers to be alive to pay the bills. No lockdown for the vaccinated.

Very very very good. All restaurant ls belong to remnants of apartheid. New beginning

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