Reserve Bank says Sexwale must provide proof

Reserve Bank says Sexwale must provide proof

2021-04-19 07:06:00 PM

Reserve Bank says Sexwale must provide proof

Tokyo Sexwale made the allegations on eNCA's Power to Truth with JJ Tabane on Sunday night.

He says he's raised billions of rand with an unnamed donor, but when he wanted to access the money raised, it simply wasn't there but the Reserve Bank says its investigation found no evidence of any so-called Heritage Fund held at any bank.The Bank says the allegations are a common scam used many times before by prominent individuals.

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It further says that if Sexwale maintains the fund exists, it's up to him to provide the evidence. Read more: eNCA »

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Why now? TokyoSexwaleSA why didn't you bring this to light long ago? What are you up to? ¿? I smell rat here Eissh these were once respected comrades. What happened 💔💔💔 He got Jack shit jumping to Zuma's pipe All shared out amongst them all not stolen this is the usual He is a momiesh of the Century.

BEE Billionaires are stupid! Sad people still support the corrupt system! It never has and never will benefit the poor... It helps the connected and provides funds to the ANC...Its a mafia Just need to ask him few questions but my first one would be why was this not revealed all these years, it could have prevented the money from being looted or stolen. And if the current and previous finance ministers knew about it why allow them to sit on it

It is so easy to make allegations now a days. Persons doing so should be forced to provide proof or face some form of prosecution 🤨 Who owns the Reserve bank? Tokyo is sick... First Charlotte Maxeke hospital fire, then Mr Japan'S lunatic revelation, then Cape Town fires all in one week. I SMELL A STINKING RAT, THIS LOOK AND SMELLS LIKE A MAJOR DIVERSION

IN QUOTES | From scams to speaking for the poor - Tokyo Sexwale sticks to his guns about stolen fundsThe Treasury and the SA Reserve Bank (SARB) have since denied Sexwale's claims. The bank said the businessman was scammed. You motherfuckers can write whatever you want, we believe Tokyo. Did you do any investigation on your behalf? It's also your responsibility to find the truth so what have you found? According to Tokyoloshi the Money is in a Blue Screen at the Reserve Bank They need the Magic words to enter and Retrieve the Loot

Lol 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this Madala is in dreamland 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wait for 72hrs he promises that in 72 hours all will be revealed,so till then let's keep our pants on We know in this country monies tend to disappear without any consequences or trace. Won’t it be beneficial for the reserve bank to work with Tokyo to resolve this as our country stands to benefit as opposed to shooing him off. BlackExcellence

But who is this reserve bank coz surely it’s someone or some people within the reserve bank. Why Sexwhale keeps popping up. He's got his billions but seems its not enough for him. RET and Eff gang are shaking in their boots. The looting taps are being closed on them. This old man is doing more damage to his already discredited image

Trump tendencies this one I'm sure Tokyo was there to divert the nation's attention from the burglary that took place at the commission's offices... Reserve Bank, really? Where is SIU and why is so quiet?

Treasury and Reserve Bank deny Tokyo Sexwale’s heritage fund claimsSexwale had told eNCA that he had been involved in raising billions with another unnamed trustee, and that a powerful family had contributed those funds to pay off university debt Thing is money goes missing a lot in SA ask Nathi Mthethwa if you don't believe me

Stop rushing He will. Rest Myb they already destroyed the evidence his silence is too loud Proof *spoof* *poof* He won't because he's got none,he was probably hit by one of those Nigerian 419 scams😂the old man actually believes those fairytales he was spewing last night😂 barrybateman He must not pull a Wanda Mhobo of Our Perfect Wedding and provide a fake proof of payment.

If Mr Sexwale is lying take him to the court of law. What if something will happen if he does - we believe him

Treasury and Reserve Bank deny Tokyo Sexwale’s heritage fund claimsSexwale told eNCA he was involved in raising billions with another unnamed trustee, some of which is now missing Looters lined up waiting to throw propaganda till the 30 days of a step aside lapse

His words are proof enough... daa The cartoonists must be hard at work. barrybateman Deflecting attention from reports of Trillian directorship fees? dmadishayah Why can't the reserve bank sue him if there is no such a thing finish and klaar

Heritage Fund | Sexwale hits back at criticsANC veteran and businessman Tokyo Sexwale says the much talked about Heritage Fund is real. There is no greater joy than having financial stability and a life free of debts, that’s why I keep tweeting about him Davidsonjason_ him's legitimate in trading. Wow I am speechless for the moment, don't really know what to say but i really for her Goodwill over me and my familyappreciate who help me trade my bitcoin (earning R50,500 weekly) MariaNMabry Words alone won’t express how thankful I’m recommending you all to you MariaNMabry investing with you has been a good opportunity for me and my family I just received my profit of €20,500 within seven days of investment MariaNMabry

'Don’t tell me I have been scammed': Tokyo Sexwale says top government figures ignored himBusinessman Tokyo Sexwale has made startling claims about how he was stonewalled by top figures in government when he alerted them about alleged money laundering activities involving banks. He told journalists about the account We are lead 😄 This old man needs to have a nap 😴