Ramaphosa still undecided on lockdown extension

Ramaphosa still undecided on lockdown extension #eNCA

2020-04-07 08:59:00 PM

Ramaphosa still undecided on lockdown extension eNCA

President Cyril Ramaphosa is yet to decide on whether the 21-day lockdown will be extended.

Coronavirus Hotline Number: 0800 029 999 from 8am to 4pm, Monday to FridayHelp protect your loved ones by sharing this officialwith your family, friends and community.Send HI to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp.The NICD has another Clinician Hotline to improve #COVID19 communication and support for healthcare providers. The Clinician Hotline is 0800 11 1131, operating 24 hrs. The Public Hotline is 0800 029 999 also operating 24hrs.

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Before extending it... please we must be given 48 hours to relocate hay ngeke It shouldn’t be extended otherwise there will be genuine chaos to the less privileged , hence restricted measures towards prevention against Covid 19 should not be abandoned to avoid much spreading. To extend lockdown might bring more harm especially to us the lower class plp

The decision is already there it's just waiting for the right moment to be executed The president is not undecided it hasn't come to that point yet It mist be extended. What about those people who were exposed in those long queues between the 30- 1st April Rhamaphosa won’t decide. He will (hopefully) get advice from all over the world and the experts available here and collectively they will make a decision. He will then announce this decision to everyone.

We all know what it means when he is said to be 'undecided', we must just now wait to hear for how long more the Lockdown is going to be extended! A lockdown that worked for other countries isn't working for SA , we should stop duplicating what other countries are doing because it won't help us , we need creativity from our leadership , creativity from an African mind

This is serious extended Mr president use more force if it's needed CoronavirusInSA FlattenTheCurve StayHomeSA No. 1 it's up you as long as it's for the good of life and humanity and to save them I hve no problem Well if he extend it, for those who are from poor backgrounds, hunger will cause rage & boycotts And if he does not extend the virus will spread like wildfire.. So its a very difficult decision for him to make..

PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa Although the measures our President took is a valiant effort, it is undermined by the citizens of SA. Not those blatantly disobeying the rules, but the ones 'doing good' and turning everything into a photo-op by dragging a bunch of people with. He is, ooh boy he is The country can't afford to extend.

Let us go back to work! Keep school closed for now, keep on testing and we keep the strict hygiene rules and keep the sick isolated! We cant afford to not work, we will loose businesses and jobs! I support 4 households with my small business. That includes 9 black children..🙏 CyrilRamaphosa thank you for responding to this pandemic instead of reacting. We're used to using our fear as a means to control the outcome. But thank you still. Teach us the patience and faith we need right now. 🙏🏽

He’s still waiting for a call. Let us go back work. Continue mass testing and keep the positive ones in isolation away from society 😔 Our dwindling economy doesn't allow the extension of the lockdown How does one expect a person to recover from permanent damage and hope to regain his/her confidence? 😢🍺🍻🍹🍸🍷😭😭😭

Certain restrictions need to be lifted should an extension happen lockdownextension will FlattenTheCurve! 👇 we need to test much more, before it can be lifted. Extend it? And what about the people in the country? Who is going to pay them? Heavy increase in unemployment! And only the high-working class people will survive what about the middle and low- class?

Can they at least open clothing retailers? All this speculation and anxiety will ultimately make him extend it,, js shut up until the man himself makes the decision If we want to prevent this 👇 we need a lockdownextension Scale the measures back if necessary & take professional recommendations into account - but the next steps must be proportional and rational. As it stands the police and starvation are killing more people than Corona. This doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing scenario.

He Shouldn't Extend It. Let him decide on the arrest of Stella first Open clothing retailers for online only. This sector employs 1 in 10 in SA alone. New born babies also need clothes Ramathrower usalinde iGo-ahead from his bosses. He has no choice, there is vaccine for Corona Virus, so he better not tell us about Bill Gates vaccine

🙊🙊🙊🙊 He better stick to the status quo If the president is undecided on the extension. What does this mean on the education system. I mean matric's are sitting at home. How will they apply for university next year? Are online application even open for people who want to apply? Like what's happening there?

Given the escalation of the number of cases and the possibility of even more, together with the limited capacity of our health facilities, an extension might be unavoidable Whatever he decides, but as a President he must know, we are short of food already, and we are broke. It's very unfortunate for us coz we are the team 'NO WORK, NO PAY'. President CyrilRamaphosa please include this situation in your next speech.

Why is the ANC quite? The leadership of the ANC has failed the Coloured people of Bronville, Welkom. The Executive Mayor of Welkom instructed the army to use violence against Coloured people because they are boesmans and drunkards. He is not undecided ...stop talking garbage...it's called weighing up the facts and implications of the situation in South Africa 😴😴😴

We must buy clothes for new born CyrilRamaphosa make a plan How did then the 21 came into deciding the number of days If we do extend our lockdown, please can we just be allowed to go for walks with our doggies! Please! It would mean the world to just be able to go walk outside again just for a bit! Can 2020 end already 🤦🏽‍♂️😒 hai

2more months mr president come on you can do this. I think for us to be safe he must add.more 15 days then 7days later So important to also check the stress levels and concerns of our people as part of the decision-making process! See He must make up his mind we want to move on with our lives Please allow us to change locations please

I don't wish 4 an extention coz we r currently struggling 2 get our mertenity benefits paid out with de useless dpt of labour system. I cnt stand dis hunger no more The number of infections is increasing despite lockdown and army deployment. Aahh wabona CyrilRamaphosa Thursday is Thursday skaira byao....

We need to know ahead of time so that we can be prepared mentally and emotionally 😔😔😔😔 He isn't undecided. He knows people are going to lose their minds so he's just waiting for day 20.😂😂 China has lifted the last City on lock down Wuhan where everything started. Chinese GDP still project to grow over 5%. Here we are still deciding on extention of the whole country 13 deaths. 21daylockdownSA. Whoever bewitched Africa , Lord have mercy...

Extend Bafanies! Extension depends on the results of this current lockdown...increase in covid positive cases will automatically result in an exteñsion The break in at langa liquor it'll be more an more if the lockdown has been extended...lol No more extension please, we need to practice and apply social distancing while waiting for vaccine. You can continue with restriction on alcohol, or there will be parties corner to corner. But cigarettes let those who smoke do so in peace in their own privacy .

what the president did is not enough while the evident is visible need no investigation,and when other ordinary citizen were wrongfully arreted even today going to reasonable family purposes..justice must be done equally without political bias More like he is waiting to see what other countries are going to do then copy from them

Extension Is Mandatory. Just Let All Stores Open For A Week . I Didn't Buy Winter Clothes 😭 Sign of a terrible leader start a shit show with no common sense its at best a partial success the curve is flat he went all in and will have to back track to continue let's get 🍿 Probably waiting for Cele to decide that for him.😐

I'm sure it's the length of the extension that he is undecided on but the extention is a sure thing... He's waiting for Day 20😂 If this is extended, I will be unemployed and in need of a food hamper. For some reason we are not updated about the virus. Don't extend we can wear something to protect our self ..us we want to go back to school

This lockdown was a good idea unfortunately our society is full of stubborn people and on the other hand our law enforcement officials are not doing their work effectively. Mr Press plz don't extend i have 9 lives that are looking at me I doubt he will uif doesnt have more money to pay for extra days meaning if he extend people wont get paid n that will be a problem

Should the lockdown be extended, we as international students and foreign nationals should be allowed to repatriate as we don’t know what we are doing here since universities are closed and only be allowed back in the country once the situation is back to normal SALockdown He's still going to consult with the country's leaders, the rupert's.

Tsek wena News24 Unlike other countries we can't afford an extended lockdown. I would suggest an intermittent lockdown for RSA You are saying he is undecided as if you have decided for him already and want him to decide your decision... Rupert and Oppenheimer still weighing on their businesses before commanding him what to do next..

If he extend then imagine the number of people who will lose their jobs, especially those started recently.🙄🙄 No, they must not come with his Copy Cat Tendencies here. For the health security of the Nation, continuing the lockdown seems to be, for the moment, a good solution. If lockdown is to be successful, it relaxes a few rules.

Mr President please do not extend the lockdown period, my business is only 4 months old and your government did nothing to help me this time. My family suffer more please. Numbers are increasing despite the lockdown and army deployment. He must open the country unless there is an agenda from outside. What about Stella Ndabeni?

I think this needs a lot of consideration before a decision is reached. It's 50 /50 situation. He has human lives at stake and a sharp drop in the economy. And the population to feed during the extension given the unemployment rate. Is Stella gone? He must extend it with another 21 days again until the dust settles down

There really is no need to, with the way things are operating per norm at the moment 🤷🏾‍♂️. He must add another 14 days to allow this testing or screening program My question to all of this is just....IF the president extends the lockdown, how are the army and SAPS gonna control the people that does not obey to the regulations? Technically he is just going to then extend their 'holiday'? They already not obeying & nothing is being done🤷🏼‍♀️

I took my daughter to my parents before the lockdown. I just need 10 hours only to get her back. I feel sorry for our president. This is probably one of the most difficult decisions a president can make, balancing the physical health of our citizens against the economic wellbeing of the same citizens. Our president needs our support, not hate.

And one more thing our people are not listening they also to blame 90% because they are roaming streets wanting to see there girlfriends and get cigarettes and all funny stuff then they get locked up in some areas there are plenty of people roaming the streets Extension to happen South Africa economy is already messed up even before the lockdown so the president got stress comjng from every corner

It will definitely be extended this is south Africa this virus is spreading like wild fire and if all goes back to normal next week Friday and everyone is in close contact with each other then how many other people are gng to be infected Obviously we need to keep our borders closed for another 2mths min!Anybody entering should be Quarantined for min 2mths at their own expense.This pandemic has highlighted the need for us 2become self reliant, farmer's must be a priority. CyrilRamaphosa Magda_Wierzycka iamSivN

some people have literally been hanging in there for that 21 days- suicide, violence and general mental health chaos will factor in if we do not get enough notice of this. People need that mental preparation or they will SNAP. Mzansi will go down, there will be strike at every town NoLockdownExtension

If we don't get paid then the ANC don't have any tax money to steal... 🤔 Of course, he wants to hear what the stakeholders say 🙄 hal1l0u They r starting 🥺 I think he should extend the lockdown maybe some people will realise how serious this is . CyrilRamaphosa i am very poor i work at a restaurant!no work no pay.but i fully support watever decision,because people are so ignorant they dont know the meaning of Lockdown at all,until it sinks. oh well we will suffer so that we recover.LockdownSA

Maybe extend the lockdown, it’s definitely helping but loosen the regulations on booze and cigarettes and widen the list of essential items. Make it more bearable. He is still waiting on China and people would not take it it's hard as it's is now D's thing of people who don't want to listern n stay home it's really costing us shme...bcz corona is crs...n some of us NO WORK.. NO PAY ae mhn ..if only they can open their eyes,atleast fr these few days left only yohhh

This lockdown is useless because only a few are adhering to the rules while others are on a free holiday. Employees, especially contractors, are suffering and might face retrenchment because businesses are losing money. No extension please Open only churches ..people will get bored of staying indoors and go to church..Prayer defeat everthing..this is the chance God gave us to Unite and Praise Him more than anything..more than businesses,Alcohol, Education...Wathi Yena Akahlulwa nto so lets Trust Him

Well in this instance I think the lockdown extension will happen, just thinking to myself if it will commence instantly while were stil in lockdown or the government will just give us a break for a bit It will be up to people. All breadwinners indoors without salaries while Stalla is having social lunch. Never

Vula inkonzo qha ...Sitry nje ngabom bhek uba xakuthandazwa left , right and centre kobanjani....Only churches must be opened What difference does it make🤷🏻‍♂️When people are allowed to move freely without being questioned in the name of rights. Corona is real folks🥺 We are very sensibly people Me Pres. We understand why there should be an extension or if not, there will be a much greater damage than there is now. This time with a more refined structure to the plans you wish to put in place CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA We are supportive

It should continue...financially the country is already impoverished, health workers numbers, are reducing gradually (others getting infected and others quarantined from exposure). Curve will shoot up and we won’t have money or manpower to control it! There will be those pessimists, and those that do not fully understand the impact their non compliance has on us all..if we all can just put a little more effort into complying and less effort into critiquing our government, we will stop the spread..Thank you Mr President 👏🙏

Even if there is an extension people will never adhere and the essential workers are the ones suffering because of our ignorance sbngmjl Why arent they beaten for going out of their houses?people got companies to run and families to feed. Extend It . Just allow the food and beverage industry to trade under prescribed controls. Take aways and restaurants with deliveries will work and will boost economy. Open bottle stores for 4 hours a day. Other business can operate via couriers. Less people outside on the road.

He should as Cele he seems to know when it will end It might be too early to end the lockdown, given the daily increases in numbers, and the difference between the start of the lockdown 38 infections (0 dearths) and where we are now over 1700(13 deaths)... As if it wasn't planned a long time ago. He mentioned that we were going to start phase 1 where by they'll go in house to house and screen us. I'm sure they haven't covered 1 3rd of this country and we are left with few days. Is there a second phase perhaps?

There can't be an extension- check Germany has decided how to excit lockdown ie wearing of masks, alot of testing, recording and reporting Economy can not be without life , so , life first , if have to extend to save life , then so be it , fix economy after lives saved !!!!! We must stop being evil towards this serious disease until cure is being found...we cry for life not businesses,things that can be replaced later in life must be forgotten for now nd fight this together

Number of people getting infected increases day by day so if Ntate Ramaphosa does not extend days with no cure yet thn we will suffer alot as a nation...south Africa will be a disaster nd those companies you all are crying for will be operated by dead bodies.. Extention is not a bad idea But we also need our jobs

Uhmm, undecided njani... you gotta extend Rampie moet mooi dink !!!! Ek glo nie hy kan nie ..... maar hy moet maar die dollosse gooi !!! If there are still people walking around with the virus it will serve no purpose why we had the 21 day lockdown because when people go back to trains and buses and normality the virus will again arise.this doesnt need common sense. Lockdown should continue like it or not

Implement a shift system to halve the amount of people at work at the same time to give people more space where possible but we need to go back to work CyrilRamaphosa Is was also stupid for the SADC region not to have called for a shut down at the same time. Now the president has to worry about the region in his decision.

No need to extend. The rate of exposure, the death numbers do warrant extreme caution but not an extention to the shut down. Any further shutdown is going to catastrophic to the economy and millions of households. Extension is a no go area.. We tired of staying in doors All I can say is 'May God give you new wisdom over this' 🙏

Cmng from Rich family must b nice nee imagine calng fo lock down extension while Ada's r NT going to work we r also running outa cash n food wow Rich ppl r enjoying D's lock d same lock down caused by Rich ppl hu always travel d world bt nw poor r d 1ns suffering I would be too :/ Well that's what he does best, not making decisions.

No extension please, strict guidelines will be adhered to. I don't want to be in the house any longer than this 21-day lockdown. Extension please, we cant risk life jst for alcohol. He can extend an let us buy beers an drink at home 🏠 Don’t extend rather relax the lockdown but insist on us to adhere to safety measures(wear masks, gloves etc) when we go out. Lots jobs are at risk President.

He will let us know obviously kadi last minute 🤦🏽‍♀️ As long as he gonna give us food nd full paid salary we wont have problem Lol sbwl that time He is waiting for instruction from Stellenbosch He must decide so that we can plan ahead. We are not children nor slaves. We have big plans too pursue. If he extends let him alert us on time.

Extention will happen, for at least 2 weeks 🤞🏾 He is so indecisive it's irritating! He will start consulting later on, and then make an announcement. In the mean time--people's lives at stake. It's easy to extend,they have stock piles of food&liquor It will ne tough but i feel an extension is needing. Deaths increase, new cases increase while on lockdown. Imagine going back to normal will do to COV19 in SA

''Undecided' wow! Just wow........... Right now I wouldn't wish to be on Ramaphosa's shoes. The numbers will decide 🤷 undecided?....akazi mahn NEVER TRUE ! NOT IN HIS HANDS IT'S IN GOD'S. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT THIS. STAY HOME SOUTH AFRICA !!! If that happens ons gaan kaak eet!!! Some places no single case reported,y lockdown them

Please president wait for three days open liquor shops then close after please please He's gonna extend anyway. We better get used to it now. No extension please Eh now o tagilwe straight Hay hay hay rha he must decide sidikiwe yile lockdown thina ngk PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa if there are no consequences for Stellarated and/or Mduduzi Manana, it will be a disgrace and evidence of George Orwell’s quote from ‘Animal Farm’ - just like News24 got away with their ‘FAKE NEWS’ post! Coronavirus COVID19 LockdownSA

Dear Mr President CyrilRamaphosa I think you should extend the lockdown to save lives in this country, human life is more important than any other thing. What I suggest you should do, give a country 5 day break for a breather,Lockdown is the only way to defeat this thing. People will start to die of hunger before they die of Cov 19. Or they will have no option but to start looting shops for food.... Hier kom groot kak ! 😱😱😱

No need to extend and kill our already dead economy Better to come clean now, than extend in the last minutes when our hopes of the outdoors will be at their peek. Extend Mr President my life nd family comes first Aowa depression is gonna kill us now. Can we breathe nyana before another lockdown His ministers can’t even comply with the current regulations!

But why are people so keen on having this extension? Is it because people refuse to stay home? And how will that extension enforce or try to change that since we all know how south Africans are? Yah as long as I can buy my carton of smokes before he extends if u dont have a life how you can support your family. think twice about life is one way game no return. Please respect virus no one want get infect.

South Africa possess a population of about 57 million inhabitants, we're 9 days away for Lockdown to end and there's only about 65 000 people tested for Covid19. In my opinion and insight, there's a possible extension. The remaining days are not adequate to dictate the spread. He will extend it... I've tried to explain the effectiveness of the LockdownSA , chemistry students explain this to History students please 😆😆😂

Tough call. I feel for him South Africa can't afford that. We are struggling to maintain order now what's gonna happen if he extends it? Angalinge nje If that happens..... All hell will break loose. Extension will cause havoc... We need to make money. Strict guidelines should be put into place but businesses will have to be allowed to trade without bans.. PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa DrZweliMkhize

That might force societies to act otherwise we dont see the results of the lockdown and what about the suspect cases and in correction services. so many things need done before virus in control and after. if you think virus is easy then we will be hit harder. Undecided? How!!! Is LockDownSA then still on? Hmm 🤔 PresidencyZA, Stellarated l, MduduziManana_, JacksonMthembu_

If there's going to be an extension, which I'm sure there will be. Can we at least have 2 days nyana and stock up on alcohol and other essentials. He has no choice, but to extend it...🤔 We can't afford to extend the lockdown PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa Our people are already suffering. It will just get worse. We can continue to wear masks and do social distancing but our businesses must be reopened. Without a job we can't afford to pay bills, buy food, etc...

We need a break in between bathong🤦‍♂️ I will have no option but take a chance and go work I have a company to run Still consulting with Rupert? XTEND it.;...I need to buy a new Baby after this LOCKDOWN.STAY HOME KEEP THE VIRUS OUT 🇿🇦🇿🇼✌🏾🤞🏾✌🏾 Oh he quite likes been the dictator Dutchess071 Tough call to make, yoh.

ANC elite doesn't why should we suffer more Nor we have to reopen...In order to avoid a revolution in this country Why okare lea kgohletsa naa... 🤔 🤔 This man can't make a decision. Good or Bad take a decision mani!!! No need to extend .... Emanyana hle Hlala njalo😊🤭 We will not support this 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

We don't need lockdown extension anymore. He can extent but we need our alcohol He is gonna extend 🤞 Just hope he doesn't extend yoh The extension is inevitable.

Ramaphosa to meet with Ndabeni-Abrahams over apparent violation of lockdown regulations - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.President Cyril Ramaphosa says he has called a meeting with Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams over a picture circulating on social media that appears to show her enjoying lunch with former Deputy Higher Education Minister Mduduzi Manana in apparent violation of the lockdown rules. 'Meet' Cabinet reshuffle!!! That cabinet is full of useless people Can't wait to see what happens

Ramaphosa summons Ndabeni-Abrahams to meeting after lunch lockdown fiascoPresident Cyril Ramaphosa has summoned Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams to a meeting where she is expected to explain why she had apparently not adhered to the nationwide lockdown by having lunch at former deputy minister Mduduzi Manana's house. Why summon her why not pass by holding cell first together with Mdu Manana Will she be arrested and issued with a fine or is she above the law? Police should do their job. Wait for the president to eat CupCakes with Stella and then arrest her for violating the law during the country 's lockdown

#DearMrPresident: South Africans call on Cyril Ramaphosa in week two of lockdownHere is what tweeps had to say or ask Cyril Ramaphosa. We need to make it perfectly clear to the press that South Africa will hold the press liable for its actions I trying to sway opinions to sell papers

Ramaphosa summons Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams over 'lockdown violation'Communications minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams is yet to respond to widely circulated social media post allegedly depicting her 'flouting lockdown rules' while having a meal with former higher education minister Mduduzi Manana. How do you summon your side chick 🐥 Nothing will happened to her,but the government is criminalising the citizens who broke the disaster act law,SAPS must charge her and be criminally charged,and be fired as minister.Then we can see government is serious about the lockdown alfred_cabonena What to get an increase?

Government is still assessing effectiveness of lockdownThe president is concerned about the lockdown’s effect on the economy, but says that ‘lives matter’ Way too early for that. Test Atleast 40-50% of the population then start assessing AfricaTanks We still have water tanks we can deliver. Assessment: we haven’t tested enough....

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