Ramaphosa concerned about gatherings, warns against spread of COVID-19

As COVID-19 infections continue to surge, President Cyril Ramaphosa is concerned about large and indoor gatherings


2021-12-06 08:02:00 PM

As COVID-19 infections continue to surge, President Cyril Ramaphosa is concerned about large and indoor gatherings

As COVID-19 infections continue to surge, President Cyril Ramaphosa is concerned about large and indoor gatherings.

READ:Ramaphosa: Travel bans are 'health apartheid'He says people shouldn't wait for new rules before reducing the size of events.Ramaphosa's reminding public and private facilities -- including workplaces, taxis, buses and trains -- to ensure adequate ventilation to prevent the spread of the virus.

READ:This is the clearest indication yet that the president is likely to target the number of people allowed to gather.The country is already grappling with the fourth wave which is concentrated in Gauteng.READ:Ramaphosa says he'll meet with the National Coronavirus Command Council on the way forward.

He is urging those who haven't been vaccinated to get the jab.

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Was He worried when he was dancing in Nigeria or Ghana with no Mask? Excuse to shut down places of worship, etc. The whole president afraid why wasn't he afraid during elections .. stop being bias and speak honestly to people this agenda you are pushing will not only help but bring other troubles Loma dala aka hlike ukuba yi president Step down sir we don't like you We don't need you anymore ramaphosa

Question to ramaphosa since you busy forcing people to get vaccinated whats going to happen when they go for HIV test since your vaccine has the hiv virus in it We will not close our churches before corrupt immigrants are dealt with. In my town,citizens are afraid to go out or driving around in the evening for fear of being robbed by these immigrants. They donot adhere to Lockdown regulations. Lockdown is meant for us, SA citizens.😭

This man is not our God for him to be concerned about our health, he never contributed in our consultation fees, nor in the burial of any one. He must stop pretending to care while we know his evil agenda I am more concerned about the ANC destroying the economy and using all opportunities to loot. Stop the ANC!

Go away Waaaaaah

Ramaphosa calls for calm amid rising Covid-19 infectionsDo not panic. This was a call made by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Saturday night in the face of increasing Covid-19 cases in South Africa. Arg Don't panic i will lock you up. Who told him we'll panic? 👇

He's only concerned about now what about the elections campaign gatherings they recently had around the country, virus was asleep then and now it's awake, really He should be more concerned about the 500bil thats missing. Plus all the other money that he stole. Plus all the hungry people out there. Plus all the people that doesnt have a job. Now he is worried about the flu. Oh FFS, what a useless 📦

Concerned merchant people are hungry please provide food for them Fanucinge. Asinganyelwa pls. The DA and the judiciary must account for dismissing the warnings and forcing the elections to go ahead this year Uyanya I say its about time we ban roast chicken takeaways voetsekanc They campaigned and now they want to ban others

Cyril Ramaphosa | Do the responsible thing, and get vaccinated against Covid-19 | News24As we enter the fourth wave, and as the country gears up for the festive season, the urgent priority is for more people to get vaccinated, writes Cyril Ramaphosa.

It should be allowed to spread so that the vaccinated and nonvaccinated develop immunity against this variant the cause mild sighns.We gonna rich herd immunity soon. He's going to close🥃🍷🍾🔪🥂🍻🍺🚬🚬🔐🔏🔒🤞🤞🤞 Niyamsukela president akekho ngisho eSouth Africa. Ninamanga When he had large crowds during campaigning. He mustn't annoy us

Gatherings should been reduced to 50 indoor and 100 outdoor. Othomile Concerned? He should be pressing the panic button to ✋ gatherings . People know what they are doing… he must not act like he cares for us or what we do. Rest! For as long as you didn't close the Provinces you must expect the increase from the 16 of December until January Hospitals will be filled to the capacity not with unvaccinated only even the vaccinated. Vaccine is to make the European phamacitical companies rich

Their rallies weren't a concern... This is a pure joke. King, come back and close your kingdom 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

COVID-19 in SA | Ramaphosa urges South Africans to vaccinateIn his weekly newsletter, President Cyril Ramaphosa says vaccinations are the most effective means of curbing the spread. Ey akahlukane nathi loyo Why ... vac does not work on omicron Who's really fooling who here?

Nah he mustn’t irritate us please. Why wasn’t he concerned during his campaigns. Can he focus on serious things like the price of petrol and the unemployment rate. Haibo 'Lol let me shut down this country, ba etsa masepa' Dear CyrilRamaphosa the nation is 'concerned' about the corupt cadres in the MYANC

If he is concerned I wonder why he doesn’t do something about it. Having said that I am concerned by the billions that have been siphoned off by his government and I am powerless to do anything about it. Oh now he’s concerned. He wasn’t concerned during ANC Rally’s. Those elections campaigns and rallies were not large gatherings 🤔🤔🤔

When is he going to start being concerned about things that really matter, like the high unemployment rate? What did we do to deserve this man? Oh Jeso uzawvala ke Go away! If the hospitals are not overwhelmed, then piss off! Let us live! I can’t worry about my neighbour 5 doors up who has health issues, I have to worry about my sons future! This is just pathetic

& what do you suggest ? because it's like you hinting at him to put 🇿🇦 back to level 5 & CyrilRamaphosa was busy with house parties in West Africa with his Brothers, no one cares anymore, whoever dies dies.The USA lost a lot of people who had taken 2 jabs + the booster jab

Covid-19: Ramaphosa convenes urgent command council meeting over Omicron | CitypressIn lobbying support from his counterparts in west Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke out against what he called “health apartheid”, and said the devastation caused by the ban on the South African tourism sector and economy was unimaginable He is getting his own medicine, now he can feel how we felt when he imposed it on us, especially during last Festive Season and Easter holidays respectively Self inflicted Maite always sleeping 😴. She can resign so she can rest

He should have been worried during election. Numbers are on the rise suddenly? December is the culprit because people can’t drink responsibly and the government uses that.. I would have cutback on gathering sizes (in/outdoors) on 2 November CyrilRamaphosa . But that’s just me🤷🏽‍♂️

'Our lives are just as important': Ramaphosa criticises Western nations' handling of Covid-19President Cyril Ramaphosa has used his four-nation visit to West Africa to criticise Western nations for 'ignoring science' and looking out for their “own selfish interests” in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Tell Them Mr President! Completely Agree! I'm quite sure he dreams of these vaccines every night But he was also dancing in Ghana without a mask, when he comes back he is telling us about covid 19 protocols and even adding more restrictions.These leaders should lead by example and we will follow.

Ramaphosa calls for calm amid rising Covid-19 infectionsDo not panic. This was the call made by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Saturday night in the face of increasing Covid-19 cases in South Africa. Whilst on the other hand you and everyone in mainstream media choose to create panic. Voetsek Not you again with panic reporting Nobody is panicking except the media. We see through the lies.