Ramaphosa aided state capture – DA | Citypress

2022/01/12 19:32:00

Ramaphosa aided state capture – DA

Ramaphosa aided state capture – DA

The DA has accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of presiding over a committee in the ANC that has been “the roots” of state capture.

DA MP and shadow minister for public service and administration Leon Schreiber told the media in a press conference on Wednesday that Ramaphosa had been the chairperson of this committee between 2013 and 2018:And it is in that period that most of these horrific appointments were made, and we need evidence to see if President Ramaphosa and the deployment committee made those appointments in the same way that we now know.

Schreiber said the existence of this committee, which was said to be meeting once a month, was the root of state capture.“During the Ramaphosa presidency, from May 2018 to May 2021, the committee intervened in appointment processes at 88 state institutions, including courts, chapter 9 institutions, state-owned enterprises and government departments. During this three-year period, the committee summoned 29 ministers and deputy ministers, as well as Ramaphosa himself, to direct the appointment of ANC cadres to key positions,” said Schreiber.

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DA started to see that the Thuma Mina is week as he tried to be friends with DA and forgot about poor black,kunjani manje,thats why PresJGZuma never befriended the snakes,maybe RAMA also shared CDC meeting minutes with them now they are exposing ANC Usezotatazela cos DA has said so... 😳👀🙄🤔 I'll step aside once implicated 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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They sent baas john to support the president when he appeared before the zondo hearsay commission, why did they not testify Ramaphosa is part of the group, hes not different from the rest of them Is it? Cyril is the one behind this, he's pushing to do away with cadre deployment through DA and Zondo report, we're not stupid.

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Opinions - everyone seem to value his or her own opinions the most. Quite confusing if one should decide to adopt each of these opinions. Madness, DA just like puppy always barking with no direction IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT RAMAPHOSA AIDED STATE CAPTURE. HE HAS NO INTEGRITY AT ALL. Of course Of course, it comes with no surprise

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