Police raid Vietnamese factory recycling used condoms for resale

Police raid Vietnamese factory recycling used condoms for resale

2020-09-24 08:15:00 PM

Police raid Vietnamese factory recycling used condoms for resale

It is not clear how many of the recycled condoms have already been sold.

Vietnamese authorities have confiscated more than 300, 000 used condoms.They were being washed to be resold.Police found the 360 kilograms stash during a raid on an apartment building.COVID-19:The owner of the unit says he receives the condoms monthly but refused to name the person.

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The condoms are washed, dried, and reshaped before being sold to nearby hotels and markets. Read more: eNCA »

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How do they get them ...hao The are soooo %%%&%% Eewww! 😣 Where did they find the used condoms.?🤔🤔 Pigs Personally if they have been sterlised and all, I see no problem. I mean folks are quite happy to engage in 3sums, cheating, and everything in between without a condom. The level of disrespect 😭 for the citizens 💔

saving the environment ✅✅✅ Clickbait enca!!! This is in Vietnam. Not in South Africa. Please readers, don't be fooled like me. Enca is becoming like News24. How do they get so many used condoms ? Wonder of there is a recycling bin in Vietnam 🤔. Foreigners must be removed by force harshly in this country

Do we have even Vietnamese in South Africa, so we have Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Wow just wow! Re jele le tjhelete ya bona e ngatangata. iyoh! Recycling used condoms means what? More diseases for South Africa. this statement? itsjusttweets1 eNCA is pathetic. Because recycling is good for the environment !!!

What does this got to do with us South Africans!... you should be reporting on the kidnappings and killings of our poor innocent women and children... bring back the death penalty!!!! Brought to you by EFF Ah sis! This headline is so misleading. This is pathetic reporting and sensational. The story happened in Vietnam!

EFFSouthAfrica MYANC it things like this SAns are xenophobic but to you this should be business as usual let me bet you will fight for this country with propaganda for foreigners in this country you are all useless Kodwa Yehova😯😮 Am sure gov, will still let them operate after a brief court appearance and a bribe, that's if it does go court. Other African countries would have chased them out. Nxa.

Vietnam police raid factory/police raid factory in Vietnam vs. police raid Vietnamese factory mean two different things, but what's a lil xenophobia for clickbait. How long south Africans are being killed by this foreigners from fokong, drugs,chocolate dirty water by Pakistan's Nigerians.ARE WE GENIE PIGS INOUR LAND .ALL FOREIGNERS MUST GO .WE NOW FED UP AMAKORA NGAMAKORA .IWISH WE CAN BE LIKE IDI AMIN DADA OF UGANDA

Here's a much better article. failed on their report!! nesbert_kamo Sies, I feel so stupid...I thought this is in Vietnam!!💔 😳😳 wow Guys don’t buy condoms made in Vietnam, it’s used condoms. Unbelievable. Time to google your favorite condoms, maybe you have been using second hand condoms all along. 😂😂😂

Lies Those used condoms can do better than some useless people I know ☹️ 😳 Now the police are at work thank you Lerato Pillay for being brave this government has been sleeping on their laurels for 26 years Disgusting factory; where is their operating licence? 😲😲😲😲 tjooooo this country 😂😂😂 Where do they take used condoms in bulk?

There's a difference between recycling and reuse. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Hebanna I will never use a condom again, imagine getting sick from using one This is horribly disgusting!! Ahhhh ahhh ahhh 😳 Hheeebaana iSperm on top of other sperm.......! When South African citizens to action against these cheap money making scams & fake businesses that owned by foreign nationals syndicates,they are called xenophobia!!!!!

Myself I will prefer those Condoms than to Listen to EFF Members.They are better than EFF Supporters. Ctrl C .... Ctrl V ... No question, no investigation. Is it 1st April today? Still more effective than PatriciaDeLille and ForGoodZA Beitbridge border fence It's been confirmed, we can't use condones no more

Where would one go to find used condoms? And why? We are dealing with human trafficking now used condoms, i wonder if our people are not sex slaves,please investigate further.Monthly supply of used condoms? -nothing is impossible on this earth..... How do you recycle such? Where would you even begin to look for such? 🙆‍♂️😂

PutSouthAfricansFirst Muskont ke masepa dai ding Huh? I sure hope that is a typo.... So these guys go around looking for used condoms. But how? Really, shocked 😲 unixdoss Rubbers that bounce back 😂 Lool Used condoms come again? Eh sofa Mara la Eww Wtf, what's safer now?. raw or risk using a recycled condom.

Ayioh Aibo Ghana news says it happened in Ghana and now eNCA say it's in Vietnamese. Which one ? The news is complicated 🤮 Sise 😂😂 What the hell 🤦🏽‍♂️ Bathong what the f*****k is this used cd Kak storie! Recycled condoms? I have heard it all. Another point, a Vietnamese factory in Johannesburg? What next?

Brand new second hand goods !!!!! Velly velly gooda plice 🤮 Disgusting 🤣🤣🤣 Bad misleading reporting. In which country is this happening, Vietnam or South Africa ? Cum again? My question is WHY This country has become a living nightmare. Tsona31433828 Where do they get used condoms? Yhoooo!!!really? fiksilethabethe 😲😲 Do they go to the dumping site to get used condoms?

There was a white lady that was looking for Julius Malema and the crew's used condoms. I forgot her name So kgale lejana ka di condom tsa after taste Hai hiFilm ke le😂😂 What in the hell... Sies BAD 👀👀 They resell them as what brand What? 😮😮😮😮😮 Are we importing any from Vietnam One Question.... Where the Hell do they even find used condoms.....? 🤔 🤔

Vietnamese authorities raiding a factory in Joburg?🙄🤔 Eish! What in the actual....😲😂 Mara country ena ke ya mang mara Saturday Star on 19 September had an article on dirty panties can earn you a fortune. OnBuy website sells used panties from R 500 to R 20000. One ballerina sells her used underwear and sport shoes online and makes 1.5 million rand per month!

Banana_RSA WTF 😳 I bet those condoms still work better than the ANC Yho!!!! You are lying!!!! Yoh!!! That madness

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