PICS: Emotional prayer session for Len Cloete held in Pretoria

Cloete was shot in the head during an altercation with police at the Misty Hills Lodge in Muldersdrift on 13 November.

2021-11-27 05:20:00 PM

Cloete was shot in the head during an altercation with police at the Misty Hills Lodge in Muldersdrift on 13 November.

Cloete was shot in the head during an altercation with police at the Misty Hills Lodge in Muldersdrift on 13 November.

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WATCH | Parliament fire update

The Speaker of the National Assembly will give an update regarding the fire at Parliament.

And I mean white racists black racists colored racists and indier racists they all over RSA and don't speak up against right and wrong they believe they own race is always right and make excuses to defend the wrong actions RSA are a racist country racists are among all races here Emotional prayer the cop needs the prayer cause he had to made a difficult choice but hey these people who honestly believe this fool did not deserve 2 be shot are whites who stil walks around with hate for other races on twitter it's so clear as day light SA ARE FULL OF RACISTS

The people and newspapers who want to portray this guy as a saint and defend him and make excuses for how he acted and only defend him cause of his skin colour they are the problem and the people who base right and wrong base on the skin colour the wife honestly see nothing wrong They honestly want to portray this guy as a victim now they use his kids to show the world he is a gud kindhearted person honestly this is what is wrong with this country people who are in the wrong get praised and portrait as victims all fingers are point 2 police

The pics humanise him instead of showing pics of him in his undies.. they draw up sympathy. We see the game He didn’t act like a responsible man on the day of the shooting. This is sad because now life won’t be the same anymore. Haybo! Ninjani nje kanti nina? What? 😳😳😳😳😳. Pray alone we good Citizen ya marete

...was shot in the head after taking a police officer’ fire arm... a le emenyana ka this chap tog

Nurses march in Tshwane over grievancesThe Democratic Nursing Organisation of SA and Denosa National Student Movement are expected to march in Pretoria on Thursday to highlight their grievances. My daughter and I slept hungry last night. I didn't want that to happen again today💔. Please just help us with mealie meal just so that my daughter can eat. We'll eat it with sugar water🙏. For my 4 year old

Yehake mhlola

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IN PICS | Black Friday bargain hunters flock to Gauteng mallsFears about the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus as well as cold and rainy weather were not enough to keep shoppers away from various Gauteng malls on Black Friday. Asoze mtakabawo 😭😭😭

LETTER: De Klerk had guts, Mr PresidentRamaphosa should show similar boldness and stop trying to hold the ANC together A butcher😡

WATCH LIVE | Health minister Joe Phaahla interacts with media on new variantMinister of health Dr Joe Phaahla and deputy minister Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo are hosting a virtual question and answer media session on Friday. Thank you so much Mr James for making earning from crypto currency am very sorry for doubting you at first I don't believe there still account manager, Bitcoin investment is real contact him via WhatsApp easily 👉👉 +1 (619) 354-8512

LIVE | ‘Govt has not decided on whether it should recommend mandatory vaccinations’ – Phaahla | News24Minister of Health Joe Phaahla and his deputy Sibongiseni Dhlomo are today engaging in a question-and-answer session with media following the announcement of a new Covid-19 variant. Try it we will have a Durban/Joburg rematch like we had earlier this year 🖕 You. Tweeted this before. - give me a list of what this vaccine consists of - who to going to be responsible if I have an adverse reaction? MYANC is BANKCRUPT anyway Mandatory Vaccinations for vaccines which may or may not protect an individual from the new variant?