Pick n Pay launches vehicle licence renewal service – here’s how it works

Pick n Pay launches vehicle licence renewal service - here's how it works

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2022-01-17 03:16:00 PM

Pick n Pay launches vehicle licence renewal service - here's how it works

Retail group Pick n Pay is trialling a system that will allow motorists to renew their vehicle licences in-store.

The group said renewals can be done for all areas in South Africa and will also allow customers to pay any outstanding fines that could be blocking a disc renewal in the same payment.Customers should receive their vehicle licence disc via courier within 10 business days, delivered to an address of their choice.

How it worksRegister with your cellphone number at the till in-store or register on Pick n Pay’s websitehere.Set up your profile and your payment on the portal and opt to pay in a Pick n Pay store.Pay in-store at the till by providing your cellphone number as your payment reference and the group will courier your vehicle licence disc in 10 business days.

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