One in three South Africans don't wear masks when leaving home: survey

One in three South Africans don't wear masks when leaving home: survey

2020-10-24 03:30:00 PM

One in three South Africans don't wear masks when leaving home: survey

The research was conducted by the University of Johannesburg and the Human Sciences Research Council.

It was conducted by the University of Johannesburg and the Human Sciences Research Council.This despite scientific evidence showing that wearing a face mask in public is one of the most effective measures to curb the spread of the virus.READ:Parents worried about safety of children at schools: online survey

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Doctor Stephen Rule from the Human Sciences Research Council says some people claim they are now tired of wearing masks."It is quite alarming, the other, almost 30% say sometimes or usually wear a mask but almost 71% always wear a mask."We didn't actually ask reasons why people actually do or do not wear a mask but in some of the comments in our survey, we got an idea that a lot of people are fed up with masks since now that the lockdown has been going for such a long time," he said.

South Africa currently has 712 thousand 412 cases of Coronavirus. Read more: eNCA »

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All the malls and the shops have Sanitizers all over the place, You cannot enter the shop without sanitizing of hands. Sign at shop entrances also states - No Mask , No entry. They would not allow a person in without a mask. I doubt that. I've been to Tygervalley,Century City & N1 City mall here in the Cape. There you hardly see anyone without a mask. Like 99.9 would be wearing one. If they not wearing it, they got it on their lap, hanging from one ear /round the neck. They busy drinking or eating.

If masks and lockdowns worked, why are countries getting second waves? Excellent. Let’s work on getting 3 out of 3. Atleast in my area only me my wife and child we are the biggest fools in my area CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA please rectify this my leader you the cause SAPoliceService DlaminiZuma JacksonMthembu_

To some extent yaahh its tiring, also bit sore behind ears,,, Health experts say prolonged wearing of musks is not heathy so i guess the one out of 3 are right Most people decided to longer wear mask.I foresee level 5 in December I think it's 9 out of 10 who don't wear Musk And you are one of three akere🤣

Question is the mask really saving you? Good. In Zim 3 in 3 don't wear their mask when they go out i was in Alex earlier AND its a dizaster. NO MASKS at all Not 2 in 3? Makgakga hela This bloody thing is suffocating me and I only wear when going to town. Only if they tell me to wear that. Other than that I go free

Tighten laws, municipal law enforcement officers should be able to strictly monitor and enforce. We can't afford another Lockdown. Lol come to tembisa i think its more like 0 in 3 not sure if that makes sense but it is what it is People are hungry for food and forget about coronavirus Wonder who's that 1?

100% true You don't need a mask to leave home, you need one to go in to public buildings/spaces. This is stupid Germiston no one is wearing a mask. Liquor stores open on Saturday from Sunday 09:00am until 18:00pm also Valani mani They using sangomas in South Africa you can buy a tokoloshi aka evil in town in south africa evil is legal

Bathong wena, that thing has lost it's dignity and respect. I am one of them, it is a joke How did you come to this analysis? can you report these with some “measures of quality”, dishing numbers with no sense of their uncertainty does not foster statistical literacy It's actually 5 in 1 South Africans don't wear a Mask

Mask is not good for your health Masks dont stop viruses What is the story between eNCA and South Africans, 1st you said we are xanophobic, what you wanna say now? Yes. Because a mask does not work and it is bullshit. Fok masks. Vele and am one of them kushisa kanje..ok but when going to work i wear it sometimes😁

Why do people make such a big deal about wearing a mask? Just wear it! It’s not about you it’s about being human and considering the rest of us! When you drive you wear a seatbelt right? A mask is your seatbelt. This shows that masks are inutile It hot we can't breathe through the heat and the mask Kunjalo

Are there cameras watching our gates? In pretoria people dont wear masks in taxis anymore. Ony few do. Stop wasting money on PCR testing and masks and rather feed millions of SAns who are starving. STOP the fearmongering! casedemic PCRpandemic Please insure that you prepare summer musk because some of them are so hot 🔥

Ever since this stupid flu began, I've never left my house wearing one. DrZweliMkhize GDCoGTA so no point in a lockdown they just don't listen Cannot believe you have sold out to govt pedophiles. I almost fainted because of these’s very hot now ..who wants to suffocate themselves So what

Meanwhile, real “diseases” like hunger “silently” going about their business even when there’s a Imagine the same effort spent on feeding human beings? But...saving lives comes second to profiting from lives :( People in the kasi don’t wear masks :( Recently Zweli Mkhize and his wife got covid 19 that proves you're not safe either way . Because those two followed the health protocols unlike me . Please eNCA give us a break .

Or wear a musk to cover the mouth only. Like putting a condom to cover the scrotum only Why on earth would I when leaving home ? I'm one of them The sun is too hot Cause we don't need to. The manufacturers of the masks say they don't protect against viruses. By law every Frenchman has to wear a mask when they walk out their front door (for more than 2 months already). France has one of the highest infection rates in the world. Conclusion: MASKS ARE USELESS IN STOPPING THE SPREAD OF COVID!!!

Ahina mali yaku xava ti mask, va hi nyika rin ta mahala kasi? I am in Meadowlands Soweto I looked like a fool wearing musk alone Why must we wear a mask?

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South Africans aren't being protected from fake sanitisers: what needs to be doneConcern has been growing about safety issues related to hand sanitisers – in South Africa as well as other countries. I suspect that I’ve been sprayed with Windolene numerous times & it had to properly smell the damn thing with my mask on. I take my own methylated spirit now. Ngeke ngidlalwe mina. Hunt Them Down, The Criminals! Help The SAPS!

South Africans aren’t being protected from fake sanitisers. Here’s what needs to be doneA wave of panic buying struck many countries when national states of disaster were announced in response to the global Covid_19 pandemic. Overnight, toilet paper, cleaning products and hand sanitisers became the most sought-after products on the market. Dont start this in SA again we cannot aford it!!!! TC_Africa who cares ? TC_Africa This is so true. We actually went into a place. Sanitized and my hands smelled of vinegar. Hand to wash my hands several times. Disgusting!

US reports record 84,000 coronavirus cases in one dayThe US has the most cases in the world at 8.5-million and the most fatalities with 224,000 lives lost

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