Ntando Kunene gets candid about suffering from 'mom guilt'

'Another thing that we actually don’t talk about is mom guilt. I had to work on that,' Ntando shared.

2021-09-18 01:50:00 PM

'Another thing that we actually don’t talk about is mom guilt. I had to work on that,' Ntando shared.

'Another thing that we actually don’t talk about is mom guilt. I had to work on that,' Ntando shared.

Image:Instagram/ Ntando KuneneMiss SA 2016Ntando Kunene has opened up about some of the challenges she experiences with juggling motherhood, work and being a present mom.Taking to her Instagram stories recently, Ntando said that sinceenrolling at Wits Business School for her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in September last year to further her studies, she was struggling to adjust with being a present mother.

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“Another thing that we actually don’t talk about is mom guilt. I had to work on that because when the year started, now it’s much better, I don’t feel as guilty but when I was still adjusting to going back to school, working and the many other stuff that I do and also just being a present mother, it has been hard but it is much better now.” she said.

Ntando said that regardless of her hectic schedule, she makes sure to treasure every moment she gets to spend with her two-year-old son Oyinkosi.“I feel better. I make more time to be with Oyinkosi even if sometimes it's just him coming into my study and he can do whatever he does as much as I am still working but he’s around and he’s there ... sometimes when I come downstairs, he is going to say ‘mommy go study’. Sometimes I feel bad. I am like ‘is that how you know me now?’” headtopics.com

Though Ntando has refrained from posting pictures of her son on social media, her ex-husband Khaya Mthethwa who co-parents with the former Miss SA shares a lot of his time spent with his son on his Instagram. Read more: Times LIVE »

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