Nafiz Modack and seven others arrested by the Hawks for alleged false Sars refunds amounting to millions

Nafiz Modack and seven others arrested by the Hawks for alleged false Sars refunds amounting to millions

2021-10-27 07:00:00 PM

Nafiz Modack and seven others arrested by the Hawks for alleged false Sars refunds amounting to millions

Alleged underworld figure Nafiz Modack, who is facing a string of charges including the murder of Anti-Gang Unit commander Lieutenant-Colonel Charl Kinnear, has now been arrested by the Hawks, along with relatives of his, for apparent false tax returns amounting to millions of rand.

Van Schyff’s case was remanded to November 3 2021.The appearances were separate to that of Ruwaida Modack, Bashir Syce, Yaseen Modack, Nadia Said, Dominique McLachlan and Kalsum van der Schyff, who also made an appearance today at the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court.

Ruwaida was granted R50 000 bail, Syce R25 000 bail, Said R20 000, McLachlan R10 000 and Kalsum van der Schyff R10 000 bail. They are expected to be back in the dock on November 22.The State is set to prove that the group had registered as Value Added Tax (VAT) vendors and were e-filing claims for refunds which could not be substantiated.

Colonel Katlego Mogale, of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks), said this amounted to about R46 million, which is believed to have been paid out to the group.Mogale said eight suspects aged between 30 and 62 were arrested this morning at various residences around Cape Town in an intelligence-driven operation by the Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crimes on allegations of fraud, money laundering and a pattern of racketeering according to the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act.

“It is reported that several corporate entities which were registered as VAT vendors were e-filing claims for refunds which could not be substantiated. The scheme entailed the submission of false information through the South African Revenue Service’s e-filing system.

“Most of these entities existed in name only and others were operational but not sufficiently to justify the magnitude of the VAT refund claimed.“In instances where supporting documents were submitted for the VAT refunds claimed, the information contained therein was false. These alleged activities prejudiced the South African Revenue Service over R219m of which over R46m was paid to the suspects.”

Nafiz Modack and Faried van Schyff appeared separately from the group. The Van Schyff case was remanded to November 3 for a formal bail application, Modack was remanded in custody as he has matters outstanding.Another case involving Modack, Jacques Cronje, Ricardo Morgan and Zane Kilian continues at the Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court.

Modack, Morgan and Kilian are charged with the murder of Kinnear, who was shot and killed outside his Bishop Lavis home in September 2020. Kinnear’s security staff had been removed prior to the attack and this forms part of the investigation.The State is set to prove that the attack was orchestrated with the assistance of members of the JFK, Junky Funky Gang.

The State alleges that Modack is the manager of an underworld enterprise and had a relationship with a police officer, Ashley Tabisher, and JFK member Janick Adonis and his girlfriend, Amaal Jantjies, in conspiring to commit the murder. Read more: IOL News »

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