More than R430m spent disinfecting schools in Gauteng

More than R430m spent disinfecting schools in Gauteng

2021-01-26 03:01:00 PM

More than R430m spent disinfecting schools in Gauteng

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi says he's dismayed by the report.

He says the department is also consulting with law enforcement agencies. Read more: eNCA »

Winde filled with pride at the achievements of matric class of 2020

Premier Alan Winde says he is proud of the achievements of the Western Cape matric class of 2020, following the release of the National Senior Certificate results.

.... and R300 to build a new University he hates !!! Fkn crazy , I smell a dead rat a mile away!!!! TipTopNosh Yeah who has really benefitted from these Tender ,how does certain people get theses jobs yet Thousands cannot provide food on their tables, this selected few will eventually stagger in the future, nothing last forever.

More monies stolen!! just never ends!! Too many government officials who do not have one scrap of conscience!! Discusting and shocking!! LIES TheBow_Hunter Solidariteit built a university with R300m. Nothing new, this is ANC for those who don't know it No way Hard working ordinary citizens must lose their businesses of selling alcohol that feeds their families and take kids to school, and you openly encourage that knowing very well niyadla nina on the side Lesufi?

In just 3 months nogal yoh! Ha.ah! 💩💩💩 Lesufi Some of those millions could've been spend on Roodepoort Primary School. Please add this school to your list of school that needs repairs and revamping. Those asbestos classes needs to go. Now this is nonsense bro Lesufi This people use this pandemic as a way to eat all this money'430M' 😳

Why we disinfecting places that had no people in them for so long! This is nuts! A money that could have been used to build 40 more schools That's a lot of cash, lapho I domestos is on sale 😭 They are together in this crooked place Should’ve opted for building new schools Did the do the roof as well as outside walls and sports fields?

Jises dis nou vir jou n pot kak How about using that money to feed the people of SA Hayi bafana ngeke konakele we need to do something now ngeke🤬🤬 Imali engaka Didn't bidvest offered to provide this service? To hell with s.a govt hell with it..hope they burn in hell all of them☝️ Swallows FC Oh wow...another example of mismanagement, wastefulness and zero accountability. Are we really surprised.....

Nothing will change it’s every Men for himself Nx Schools wasnt open 80% of the time... also why over r400million that doesnt sound right.... someone was sidelining some money there or overcharging. Not true. Only a fraction was used. The rest... Well, you can take a good guess. No, it's not been used for this purpose believe me 🤔 the R430m was looted by the greedy mamparas. ANC you are South Africa's downfall 🤬

Two hundred million will have covered ALL the schools in South Africa.Disinfection only R430 m .I don’t know Who cursed africa with this much corruption? Another fraudulent movement by the official the HAWKSSA1 investigate This is way too much R430m !!! Ma ANC ba worse nou yho And yet thousands of Grade 1's in Gauteng stil not placed...... Online system full of errors and no assistance from the Dept offices. Should've concentrated on that issue

Qhubekani madoda niyidle imali, niyeke ukulokhu nisiqambela amanga nithi khona enikwenzile. Mina ngiyabonga uhulumeni we ANC abukho ubulungiswa. Dismayed is the new 'shocked'. Ehhh R400 million just to .....pfa pfa pfa !!!!eeeeh 😲😲 The saddest part is that next election, these blatant thieves will still be voted in again, and the cycle just continues until we are all bled dry.

And not ready Always got their hands in the cookie jar!!! Totally unacceptable 🤬 This is nothing new, We are always informed about corruption scandals in the VoetsekANC but no disciplinary action gets taken It would be interesting to see the breakdown of this R430m. We must follow the money. Check Moroka Swallows’ books as well since he might be a silent shareholder

Masuku in the health department was fired so Panyaza should go because he too is an accounting officer 400mil profit..... How much actual cleaning was done vs luxury car buying? VoetsekANC Why are they not moving to online classes surely they can save a lot of cost Will he take the bite like former MEC of health for failing to exercise oversight?

Hebannna 😳 Lol. This ANC is taking us for a ride That money could have been used for the procurement of vaccines meaning less disruptions in the academic year or building additional 430 school blocks at a hypothetical R1 m per block. Our priorities are definitely wrong.Independent school will be blamed for correct priorities

Someone made millions!! I thought here was a jail sentence for people loading prices? Or ripping people off during covid? Forget about padding tenders as usual! And the MYANC wants to borrow another money or raise funds through tax for the vaccine The buck stops with the MEC. bandilemasuku was fired. David_Makhura should fire PanyanaLesufi

Njani!!! If that much was spent how are schools not ready to receive the kids The most stupid explanation on spending on wasteful expenditure, spending money on pseudoscience fake lies. Virus doesn't live surfaces. Spraying buildings has nothing to do with virus but killings inscects Aphume kanjani amaTender or imali Iya emalini

While the greatest showman Lesufi was focusing on preventing schools to be built by the public and commenting on issues outside his portfolio (which is promoting education in Gauteng), this happened? Diversion is part of the cadres' playbook - follow the money here. So Abalungu are now getting these Tenders because it’s definitely not Comrades anymore...kunzima

Fraud, fraud, fraud Tender tender tender for anc families and friends eish 430m 😂😂😂this people lie yho 😂😂 Its bad how thy lie i 2meters in enough I wonder how did the department verified that suppliers used genuine chemicals to disinfect those schools. Is not much $500,000 was use to disinfect only White House

What a waste THOSE who got tenders to disinfect made so much money Lol There must be certificates issued after disinfecting or report confiming the service done. Wow. How many lives did this cost ? Who received who authorised? More covid fraud from government There's money in South Africa. Hai bayosulela emnqwazini ngoku 🤔🤔

Let lesufi the racist explain. MYANC Oh please. What a joke. We all know no schools were disinfected. R430 WHAT That means we need almost 5 billion to disinfect all the schools in SA.. Hhaaibo The money should have been used to procure vaccines for these kids I was referred to this platform by a friend online and i thought it a scam, but I was moved to try with little amount and I earned.. just want to use the opportunity to thank Fxlisama001 for the chance she gave to me for starting my own business....thank you very Fxlisama001.