MKMVA forces foreign shops to shut

MKMVA forces foreign shops to shut #eNCA

2020-11-24 12:46:00 PM

MKMVA forces foreign shops to shut eNCA

The group said foreigners are a corrupting force and have contributed to the growth of social ills in the coastal city.

Cele stated South Africans are being passed over for employment in favour of foreign nationals. Read more: eNCA »

This once are out of ideas Very good, Unbothered bcos when U ask a SAn how many jobs have been created since this President came into power, Dololo,what is SA treasury state ATM,dololo, do you know how much SA Govt borrowed the last time from China dololo.SAns like to shift blame,get facts &Reply me so I'll school U.

This MKMVA there’s something about them they’re probably taking brown envelopes🤔 Just out of curiosity or plain stupidity, how old/young should these veterans be, on average? 🤔 All of the them must live even those who are selling tomatoes I mean All, it's tiring and frustrating too much the sh**t every and do as they please this too much 😭😭😭

But honestly I blame it on the grvmnt, the grvmnt of ANC have no clue or for anything, we are led by greedy busted mafias strue, Shut them down. PutSouthAficansFirst Viva MKMVA👍🏾 It’s a beautiful day 👌🏼 They are sick upstairs Mara who taught SAns to Hate Foreigners like this? This is crime against humanity

This is just disgusting from these old people. Only targeting other Africans. Bullshit. I hope it happens the whole nation Job well done Attack n close shops n then wat? Viva mayibuye I South Africa 🇿🇦 ✊ Amandla dont distort the truth please. They have totally lost it nw, don't they have anything else more economically maybe to work on instead of this shit that they r busy spreading in the country🤔

Ain't these bitches foreigners🤷🏻‍♂️Or are they all from Nongoma? ✊✊✊viva Mk viva Veterans my bloody foot. Half of these people weren't even born yet. They are racists in disguise. Ridiculous. Charge them and jail them all. That's what happens to racists in South Africa, or is it? The divided house MKMVA forces BLACK foreign shops to shut.

Racists! For what reason? Truth is, MKMVA was joined by many Durban citizens on that march. So next time say MKMVA and Durban citizens. Our eyes have been open thuma mina media group. I am 100% behind them. These foreigners don't know when to stop, almost all of them are here illegally they should have a follow up march to the government agences that are supposed to be fubding them start their own businesses

Dankie lapho Are south africans unable to open their own companies?and avoid being cry babies wen they get hungry. Are they blocked from operating their companies? MKMVA forgets that they are from exile in those foreigners countries but today they close their businesses here at home They don’t invest in the country, they employ foreigners only, Go to China mall, Zimbabweans and Malawians only

Some companies, properties and farms in SA are owned by white people who are overseas, yet I have never heard of one shutdown because it belongs to foreigners, indeed foreigners only applies to black people The fact that other African countries helped us that doesn't give them the right to sell expired food, sell drugs to our children, traffic our young girls, hijack our cars, scam us of our hard earned money! You don't help those in need just so you can abuse them!

These foreigners do not pay tax .They. must leave Kafferskraal, in Klerksdorp Kafferskraal, in Eastern Cape Kafferstad, in the Free State Kafferskraal, Mpumalanga Kafferskloof, farmstead in Easter Cape Kaffernek, farmstead in Limpopo Kafferspuit, farmstead in Mpumalanga ENCA lying! It's not foreigners shops, it's illegal immigrants owned shops!

Very good MKMVA now behave like ameture. If you are also not affected by their filth..just shush! We live with them , we know how bad they can be . Most people have been victims of them and that need to stop ! Foreign nationals must go back to their home countries but the MKMVA mus'nt try to seize the power in the Durban Metro I see their strategy

Let those who live with foreigners voice out their experiences. If you live far away from them keep your mouth shut coz you are not affected by their criminal behavior! How many south Africans have died in the hands of foreigners coz of business spots? Foreign black owned shops you meant🤔 Zikwatile iingabade zehlulwa ngumdabu waseNdia.

How old are these so-called MKMVA 'veterans'?! There is NO WAY the guys in this pic served in MK 30 years ago! I'm so sick of the endless opportunism of ANC members! This thing of foreigners, immigration, borders, foreigners taking jobs, foreigners doing crimes will never finish till Cape Town will become an autonomous region. I put money on the table.

You must also visit Gauteng and help with Nigerians aswel because this country is in a mess because of them WHEN will this militia, the ANC's MKMVA, be forced to discontinue its illegal & xenophobic activities?! It's absolutely outrageous that this useless bunch of tin soldiers, who have NEVER seen combat, are allowed to trample upon the HumanRights of ForeignMigrants!

The South African people are the government, who can stand against them. Please yhoo ngizwile bo Keep fighting for us Well Done MKVA Real Mk veterans who went to Africa for military training wouldnt do that shit. Only these 2000s who call themselves mk vets would do that. The very same MKVA which was accommodated and hosted by various African governments to wage war on the apartheid regime? The very ones who were embraced by our African brothers/sisters in their time of need? MYANC has no shame. The tragic irony is lost on them. What a shame.

Imagine if they do the same thing to South Africans who owns business in foreign countries Why though ? It doesn’t make sense Can't believe I'm about to say this: Viva MKMVA Viva!! This is rubbish ke nonsonso,after they're done chasing foreigners out,they'll start attacking other tribes like Mapedi,Batswana,Basotho,Tsonga le Vendas they'll accuse them of stealing their jobs in Durban.dont support this nonsense...

When are they going to March to Mercedes and close those ? Aaaaand here we go again Well done to them PutSouthAfricaFirst Why are these people permitted to wear military uniforms, the MKMVA was disbanded to form the SANDF. This is an illegal act. Correction. Foreign Black* shops It will end in tears. Amandla

Oh dear Now that's great news, every piece of space occupied by a foreigner contributes to a South African being jobless. Their countries need them more than we do. Julie's was right when he said if there done with state money there will come for as on the ground. If they are operating illegally it's fine. But if they pay tax to the gov't and operate legally, U say they must close them and share their stalls to u. Then gov't must buy stock for you to sell?

This Veterans are board serious, they should go to parliament and sort out thier comrades Terror Organization ,,, Plus their false Church too This Man for president,this operation should also cover the other 8 province ✊✊✊ They will open theirs mos Or just close them? I don't blame them, ANC is not doing anything about it

Are they even legal wearing camos let alone shitting business's down!