Millions of young South Africans are without jobs: What are the answers?

[ANALYSIS] Millions of young South Africans are without jobs: What are the answers?

2021-06-16 02:47:00 PM

[ANALYSIS] Millions of young South Africans are without jobs: What are the answers?

The unemployment numbers are expected to increase given the booming youth population in Africa.

, the unemployment numbers are expected to increase. Over 60% of the unemployed at the start of 2020 were aged 15-34.The South African economy has consistently underperformed in the past decade, with growth in real GDP per capita declining since 2011. While South Africa experienced political emancipation in 1994, the population still suffers from high inequality. The country’s

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GINI coefficientstood at 0.63 in 2015 – one of the highest in the world.South Africa is desperate for a more dynamic, employment-intensive and innovative growth trajectory – even more so after the pandemic of COVID-19.A sustainable and inclusive economic recovery that guarantees decent jobs will require an integrated response from policymakers, in partnership with the private, academic and community sectors.

We argue that promoting entrepreneurship has a role. But the data show that South Africa needs to step up entrepreneurship development for it to catalyse youth employment.Joblessness and educationUnemployment is not limited to those with basic or lower levels of education. The trend of unemployed young people with tertiary education is also on the rise. According to the 2021

the percentage of the labour force with an advanced level of education that is unemployed rose from 3.7% in 2007 to 14% in 2019.Gone are the days when a university graduate was guaranteed a job.A gender gap is also evident in the unemployment figures among people with advanced education. The unemployment rates of 2.3% in 2007 and 12% in 2019 for males with advanced education were lower than those of their female counterparts, which grew from 4.7% to 15%.

This status risks long-term scarring effects for young people along with increases in informal working andsocial isolation. Read more: eNCA »

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Over population. They will tell us ka di R350 Simple - less tax on everything. Less government - more private sector VoetsekANC VoetsekCyril Government won't do nothing for you what they can do is to benefit over the Tex and of which our money Get rid of the MYANC and their looting tendencies. Zimbabweans must go back home, close the borders

Step 1. Black majority need to understand ANC is the enemy of all 60 million South Africans. Step 2. Replace ANC government with another party that does not support BEE or cadre deployment and enrichment. Step 3. Get rid of all labor unions.

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Mass deportation of illegals is the answer Get rid of the MYANC from power ANC is looking to retrench some of their employees, and somehow we still harbour hope on them to create employment for the masses? Please South Africa is not fertile for the prosperity of the youth, the government is doing little to nothing to help the youth, we can't break into corporate SA or survive in township economy which is currently being monopolized by foreigners.... Something nasty is brewing be warned!

You first need to get rid of the entire ANC as they devise policies that hinder necessary development. Start putting ideology free and capable people into the DTI. Stop immediately BEE that purposely excludes people that are able to improve employment! Think lots of companies have people who are over 60 years of age, maybe if companies don't let them stay long and make space for young people that can help some how. I'm not saying it in a bad way though, it's just something that I've noticed.

i love is this questions cos is directly to us youth, government cant run by old people, in order for us to fix the nation all old people in the parliament most go and get fresh mind youth to come up with salution not by embezzling state money 🙏🙏 Its because of the economy not growing, labour laws not followed and loads of money being taken out of SA, which means the revenues of SARS are decreasing, so government will have little to create employment. The answers are many but people have been silenced

Stalinism - Collective Farming (without the famine) Industrialization

Covid-19: President Ramaphosa moves South Africa to Alert Level ThreeFellow South Africans, It is exactly 15 months since we declared a National State of Disaster in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We have never experienced a health crisis of this severity before, nor one so prolonged. It is understandable that many South Africans now feel tired and weary. We mourn the many lives … Continue reading 'President Ramaphosa moves South Africa to Alert Level Three' I saw several people testifying of making so much money with the help of LisaJackson022 on Bitcoin option trade and I decided to give a try and now I'm glad now she helped me and my colleagues to make $1000 in one week, thank you for transparency and trust. So a year into lockdown, the ANCs Gauteng province has only dysfunctional, waterless hospitals...if they have not burnt to the ground. And of course R400 mill sanitised schools. And billions lost in PPE fraud. But let's lockdown and blame the citizenry and apartheid & Europe!

STOP BENDING OVER TO THE UN!!!!! AND LETS GOVERN OURSELVES.... Looking for investers in the clean green energy generation sector. Will create 1000's of jobs and help our power utility ease the pressure. We are taking it to the streets. We shall disrupt all Cyril's addressing from the 24th of June till the unemployment is attended to.

Vote in a new government like Our_DA CyrilRamaphosa Tell us another lie, you have created jobs Take ANC out of POWER!!! There is no other solution.... It is to expel the millions of illegal immigrants who have taken all the millions of jobs that should have been employing our youth. These people are in our mines, our farms, our restaurants, our gardens, our kitchens, our call centres, our wonder about solutions

Wake up and help yourself, don't expect to be employed by someone, be the employer of yourself. Especially wheelchair users 🤷🏽‍♂️ They are not hungry and angry enough.

COVID-19: Ramaphosa ramps up Covid-19 restrictions: South Africa moves to Level ThreeWith South Africa recording an increase of more than 7,500 new cases of coronavirus infections in a single day, and with a warning that Gauteng will be especially hard hit by the third wave, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Tuesday night that the country will move to Alert Level 3 with a curfew starting at 10am and additional restrictions on gatherings and the sale of alcohol.

Mass deportation, NxesiThulas CyrilRamaphosa deptoflabour send inspectors to businesses to check actually who are those businesses employing, also inspect all registered agencies bcz lot of business use agencies YouthDay2021 dudula2021 PutSouthAfricansFirst unemployment The answer easily lies in PutSouthAfricaFirst You cant have a country with 32.5% unemployment catering for millions of poorly educated illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries. Ironically: Zim unemployment is only 5% Malawi unemployment is 5% Mozambiqu unemployment is 11%

Remove people who are 50+ in parliament. More lockdown Land and fix the BBBEE to benefit the intended people-blacks. I blame CyrilRamaphosa and the old age cabinet 🚮 Vote differently NOT the ANC Wait for us oldies to go to the cloud in the sky.. Getting rid of the MYANC will be a good starting point VoetsekANC

Get rid of the ANC government and jail the current looters. Or brainwash the youth for apartheid has caused no jobs😂😂😂

Nombulelo Shange | South Africa has betrayed the dreams of the youth of 1976 | CitypressRecent statistics that put the broad youth unemployment rate at 73.3% have re-ignited fees must fall protests because parents are feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Happy youth day, more graduate are still unemployed til today!!🤞💪✌ Neli_Ngqulana who is to blame for that ? It's a very sad reality, most leaders want stability in their lives and they don't bring that stability into our black communities, they would rather go to white neighborhoods and live there in peace.

Apparently the answer is on us to create jobs. Re feng capital hee. 🤷🏾‍♂️

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