Markham x Khanyisa Klaas collaborate to fight gender-based violence

SPONSORED | Menswear fashion brand aims to raise R1m to donate to worthy causes

2021-09-23 10:22:00 AM

SPONSORED | Through Markham_1873 collaboration with upcoming female designer Khanyisa Klaas, for every designer sweatshirt sold, R100 will be donated towards initiatives that aim to bring an end to GBV.

SPONSORED | Menswear fashion brand aims to raise R1m to donate to worthy causes

23 September 2021 - 07:00Join the movement for change and Help! Don’t Harm the women of SA.Image:Supplied/MarkhamAs a leading men’s fashion brand, looking good is important, but doing good is what makes the Markham Man. It’s the responsibility of men in SA to stand together, enforce change, and ensure a brighter future for all. This is the ethos of the

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Markham Men campaign Help! Don’t Harm, now in its third year, aiming to highlight injustices of gender-based violence (GBV).Through its collaboration with up-and-coming female designer Khanyisa Klaas, who created designer sweatshirts, for every garment sold, R100 will be donated towards initiatives that aim to bring an end to GBV. The goal is to raise R1m to donate to worthy causes. 

“Women can always come together,” says Klaas, speaking about the ability of women to unite and rally around important causes. Inspired by gatherings from the Women’s March of 1956 in which protesters famously declared that“Wathint’ abafazi, Wathint’ imbokodo

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Police minister travels to KZN Midlands in hopes to calm tensions ahead of local government elections

National Police Minister, Bheki Cele, is expected to visit the KwaZulu-Natal town of Plessislaer following the murder of a ward councillor candidate last week.

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At least five die in latest attacks in BurundiDRC-based rebel group claims responsibility for a mortar attack near Bujumbura airport on Saturday Black people and Arabic we are animals in the form of Humans. M telling you

MCC changes 'batsman' to 'batter' in Laws of CricketThe term 'batsman' has been amended to the gender-neutral term 'batter' in the Laws of Cricket to stress the importance of women's cricket, the Marylebone Cricket Club said on Wednesday. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Batman gonna change also to Batperson soon Batsperson There are people dying of hunger you freak out about being called a batsman. Grow a pair and do something about what really matters.

Fear of taxi violence as three are gunned downThree taxi operators were shot dead, at the Joe Slovo taxi rank, this morning.

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