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Day 7oflockdown, Saa

Lockdown: German citizens going home after SAA agrees to provide chartered repatriation services

2020-04-02 01:49:00 PM

Lockdown : German citizens going home after SAA agrees to provide chartered repatriation services | azarrahk Day7of Lockdown

The BRPs are negotiating with other governments about the repatriation of their citizens."The national lockdown happened with short notice and consequently, many foreign passengers, including tourists, workers and students, were unable to amend their travel plans to return to their homes, before the effective date of 26 March 2020.

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"Subsequent to the announcement and the start of the lockdown, representatives of several governments have engaged with the joint BRPs of SAA to consider having SAA provide the safe passage of their citizens to their respective home countries," the statement said.

READ |Proteas 'all clear' after coronavirus self-isolationRegulationsSAA will operate these services according to the health and safety lockdown regulations, meaning individuals who have tested positive for Covid-19 will not be allowed to board.

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SAA to fly German nationals back home from Friday, costs fall on German governmentTransport Minister Fikile Mbalula had explained on Monday that the regulations had been tweaked to allow for the repatriations to take place and for the movement of cargo for essential services. lockdown MissSteelo And Zimbabweans? Nigerians? Chinese? Who must go and who must stay? busrep But nothing about South Africans still in lockdown in other countries? MbalulaFikile DIRCO_ZA

Outrage by German public prompts Adidas to pay rent on shut shopsAdidas and other retailers in Germany had said they would not pay their landlords while shops were closed due to efforts to halt Covid-19 spread

SAA to provide chartered flights for repatriation abroadThe first charter flight will be sending German citizens to their home country.

SAA to provide charter flights to repatriate foreign citizensThe repatriation of foreign nationals from SA will be at the expense of the respective governments SAA has a 747?

Covid-19 repatriations: SAA to fly visitors to home countriesTourists, foreign workers and students stranded in SA by the Covid-19 lockdown will be able to return home on chartered flights operated by South African Airways Wait , why are they not doing like we did with our children from china ? Perhaps those countries give them money But saa is to slapgat to get our citizen's back from overseas

First repatriation flight leaves SA during Covid-19 lockdownThe repatriation of foreign nationals from SA to their countries is allowed, provided the countries charter their aircraft to SA without passengers, only crew