LIVESTREAM | Ex-cop accused of family murder plot back in court

LIVESTREAM | Ex-cop accused of family murder plot back in court

2021-09-17 10:21:00 AM

LIVESTREAM | Ex-cop accused of family murder plot back in court

Former police officer Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu stands accused of killing six people, including her lover and relatives for policy payouts.

The sister of Nomia Ndlovu’s lover suspects she tried to take her brother’s life once before. Ndlovu is accused of killing six people, including her lover and relatives.Editor's note: Livestream courtesy #DStv403 #eNCA Read more: eNCA »

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It's clear as day light Only if she was a Man 🤭 They must stop all these waste of time, and give her lifetime sentence, all the evidence pointed to her nothing was fabricated. We can’t hear the interpreter and the accused please fix your mics 🤦🏾‍♀️ The sad state of our country is that some people in Sa just don’t value the sanctity of human life …. Everyone is expendable at a price and yet the constitution upholds the life of criminals …. Contradiction to say the least

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Ex-cop accused of plotting to kill six family members displays bizarre behaviour prior to hearingRosemary Ndlovu, accused of killing several people, appeared at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court – this time for allegedly plotting to kill her sister and five other family members for an insurance policy payout. crime killercop She doesn't show remorse 😪 Do you know that you can earn up to R15000 in 7 days without sending money to anyone, All you have to do is to get a luno wallet and fund it with minimum of R1500 Message me for more info on WhatsApp +270676836285

Love triangle ends in bloodshed as taxi owner shoots ex and her alleged boyfriendPolice reservist Thembani Mbali Jele was driving with her alleged boyfriend in the streets of the township when her former lover, an Orlando East taxi owner, opened fire on them. crime lovetriangle dontlookaway When it is over, you must admit Why killing ex-girl friend 🤔🤔?

Love triangle ends in bloodshed as taxi owner shoots ex and her alleged boyfriendA Soweto taxi owner turned the gun on himself after he shot dead his police reservist ex-girlfriend and her alleged boyfriend in his yellow Ford Mustang. GBV Weak KidiPotse In essence a Ford Mustang can kill you🤔 Yekelani izintombi zabantu 😏😢

Serial killing accused ex-cop brought to tears by questions about boyfriendRosemary Ndlovu, 43, stood accused of killing five of her relatives and her lover, Maurice Mabasa, and then cashing in on fraudulent life insurance claims. crime court serialkiller TheStar_news TheStar_news RamaphosaMustFall RamaphosaMustResign akupresidenteki TheStar_news Daisy de Melker II