Leading Issues

Defend Truth

2020-05-24 01:16:00 PM

Leading Issues

Defend Truth

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zapiro Nailed it. rinmor zapiro 😂😂😂😂 Magda_Wierzycka Cyril 'Avoid accountability at all costs' Ramaphosa. zapiro 🤣🤣🤣🤣True Magda_Wierzycka 😂 We have our own yellow leader. Like the USA, we're living with their whimsy, foible, irrational edicts. Magda_Wierzycka Sorry i am dyselxic and read : Dealer

CyrilRamaphosa is a great coordinator of factions and alliances but he ain’t a good leader. El Classico zapiro Thank goodness for Zapiro. zapiro He was also Deputy President of the collective that “wasted” 9 years but it was all Zuma then. zapiro Who is Michael S.? zapiro This is absolutely hitting the nail on the head

Health department boss calls for investigation into Glenda GrayBut leading scientist comes out in defence of MRC president. Yes i agree that she must be investigated by board of MRC and if she acted contrary to the expectations of her job as head of MRC then action must be taken against her,we can't have loose wagon on that institution period

Dear President, I'm a teacher who is angry, anxious and confusedI trusted that we are led by the best people at this time. Unfortunately, that trust is slowly eroding. You only think you are confused,but we all know NDZ is diffidently. Rely now confused,well i would not want my child to go back to school until is as safe as it can be,but then whats more important education to ones child or um god or a meeting.Does the bible not say gods house is every where that means at ones house as well. Exactly and thank you DBE_SA

GROUNDUP: Health department boss calls for investigation into Glenda GrayBut leading scientist comes out in defence of MRC president. By Liezl Human and Nathan Geffen Is there anything to be read into the name of the complainant? Gray is quoted saying that it seems as if government is “sucking regulations out of their thumb and implementing rubbish” Pretty sure most of the country will support that Looks like CyrilRamaphosa is trying to censor scientists, especially since everyone has been begging for transparency, is the MYANC following China's lead in concealing the truth? GovernmentZA eroded public trust all by themselves.

Whitelock would have 'loved' to lead All Blacks againSam Whitelock said he would have 'loved' to have been given the chance to skipper the All Blacks again

Homeowner saddled with huge debt after repossessed home sold for a mere R1,000The auctioning of a man’s house for a mere R1,000 was a “massive destruction of value” and you have to wonder how the bank could allow this to happen, says a legal expert. Capitalist justice system The ombud has decided that the bank acted unfairly, however the resolution is unfair still considering the guy seems to be jobless How is he supposed to raise a monthly installment to the residue of something that was unjustly disposed to his detriment? 1m house at 1000?! These banks are satanists Banks are very cruel. Government had to intervene and see the relationship between the banks and the auctioners.. BABI LABANTU BONKE

KZN education department slams circulation of 'old' video of MEC asking teachers not to return to schoolIn a statement issued on Saturday the department clarified that the video was old and was being circulated by “mischievous people” hell-bent on causing further confusion. It may be old as you say BUT IS IT FACTUALLY CORRECT and if it is ,why are you running interference.