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JUST IN: Watch as FSCA raids Iqbal Survé's offices in a 'fishing expedition' | IOL Business Report

Staff said the FSCA, accompanied by about 20 police officers, pounced on the Sekunjalo offices without prior notice and tried to confiscate laptops.

2019-10-09 03:41:00 PM

The FSCA raided Dr Iqbal Survé 's offices in Cape Town this morning, in what the businessman described as a 'fishing expedition' and 'an intimidation tactic'.

Staff said the FSCA, accompanied by about 20 police officers, pounced on the Sekunjalo offices without prior notice and tried to confiscate laptops.

Management and staff said the FSCA, accompanied by police officers, pounced on the offices of Sekunjalo Holdings and African Equity Empowerment Investment (AEEI) without prior notice and tried to confiscate laptops and computer hard drives.The FSCA team arrived at Sekunjalo's offices near the V&A Waterfront saying they were probing a case of irregularly share trading against one of Survé's companies, AYO Technology Solutions. 

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They proceeded straight to the desk of Survé's personal assistant, Maude Nyandoro, and demanded her laptop.  Read more: IOL News »

Iqbal the corrupt thus id overweight an not is good shape for a medical doctor, the greed is in his gut! what a disgrace Mohamed! And people said Zuma was the evil of evils! Yet Zuma never fought his poltical battles by sending coverted state institutions to ppls businesses! He was insulted belittled hated but never raided media houses! Now, enter the angels of Dawn! Angels with horns and devils with halos!

Sorry but am I missing something. When are the people who looted the country not in jail yet.Not one. I can't believe this is happening under the leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa.i personally expected this during Zuma tenure WMC at play... How can you search someone or their property without a warrant,we live in a country whr laws apply to some individuals and not to some.

When is he paying back the loans from Pic. Repay the pensioners money and you will be left alone. Shove all your conspiracies the hell you know where. Power is sweat, but it will ruin your reputation if you cannot control it. FSCA is big headed. Sue them. Zuma vs Ramaphosa in StateCapture ; Zuma = 0% Ramaphosa= 99% This is what black South Africans mean about amaZulu being dom. Just an observation

The law is coming for this narcissistic charlatan Let's hope it's not another Duduzane Zuma case, the abuse by these 'law enforcement agencies' must stop! i wonder why....., but like they say keepscratching to understand more rsa!! CapeTimesSA CapeTalk Magda_Wierzycka your take on this? Its overdue wish you were accompanied by the Hawks and SIU IqbalSurve

Eish we knew this was coming, these people maar Slim vang sy baas !!! Keystone cops making a real balls up of it again. They must raid the KPMG and the IRBA offices mckaytracey Great objective and independent (😢) reporting !! The facts are obscured by the heavy subjective way of reporting. As expected 🤣🤣🤣it was a matter of time before state institutions are abused to settle scores... results of exposing cr17

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