Julius Malema plays Father Christmas as he begs for votes

The EFF leader has been making unrealistic promises to communities he visited in the last two weeks, notes Mawande Amashabalala.

2021-10-17 11:24:00 AM

The EFF leader has been making unrealistic promises to communities he visited in the last two weeks, notes Mawande Amashabalala.

The EFF leader has been making unrealistic promises to communities he visited in the last two weeks, notes Mawande Amashabalala.

Political journalist17 October 2021 - 00:02Christmas Day may be two months away, but that has not stopped EFF leader Julius Malema from playing Santa Claus.While Father Christmas will come with gifts, Malema visited communities this week with a bagful of promises, some unrealistic...

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Tell us if this is unrealistic. Lazy thinkers wil always write what you wrote. VoteEFFOn1November 🖤💚❤️✊🏽 Ur captured Media let me block you 👀clever blacks Insourcing of workers which ended corruption in tendering system was realised in many municipalities where EFFSouthAfrica removed the ANC from power, this is a fact! All those absorbed no longer qualify for free services from government because they're paid well. You're DomKop

Chest pain will kill you. Eff is doing well to the community you're jealous of that When You've just been asked to wear the VoetsekEFF T Shirt .😉🤣💩 VoetsekANC Credits due LGE2021 Singing for supper. Quite sad. Which promises are realistic and ever fulfilled by the current dominant political party since 1994

Gud bye ANC paper Expected BS from FakeNewsMedia drum majouretts VoteEFF Eeeeh, mangithi nje… fuseeek! VoteEFFOn1November

EFF vows to respond 'decisively' against King Mswati regime if brutality continuesThe Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has committed to responding 'decisively' against the regme of King Mswati III if the brutality against protesters This 2 SADC_News & _AfricanUnion are useless, their roles are to ensure stability and peace in Africa but they are fast asleep when Mswati unleashed soldiers at civilians Instead of being so concerned about other countries issues, why don't the EFF act decisively about issues in SA...like the 3,297 SA schools that still have pit toilets? 🤔

VOETSEK🚮 ., Captured, biased media Aren't they all making such promises? I wonder why the eff got you to put this headline? Are other parties making realistic promises? Is the ANC the only party allowed to make unrealistic promises? I wonder if Mawande amaShaba is voting for a party that fulfill their promises and he can just mention one so that people can choose the right one because ANC since before 1994 promised people and few months back people of Alex are still waiting for houses which were sup.

TheRichMansSon Oksalayo sizovotela iEFF VoteEFF Before you tell us about Julius Malema and promises, go and fix this mess here👇🏽👇🏽 ✋Please don't forget to mention ANC too. People who vote for these empty promises should not complain and strike later on. Eerreng Chest pain Mo Ngwaneng..Ole Fihletxe Malema Nisasonya🚩🚩Vote Eff Manje

BFSF1212 Oksalayo I will VoteEFF 🖤❤️💚✊🏽

‘Viva ANC ... oops EFF’ and mask flops: Mbalula and Ndlozi’s battle of the ‘moemish’ has the net in stitchesThe internet is recovering from an EFF ground force member shouting 'Viva ANC, viva'. The EFF ground forces are sober minded, that one is someone else who have been hiding for too long We Must Just Accept the Most Sensible and True Reflection of th LGE as Follows ANC = 58 % Retains All Metros with Majority DA = 23 % EFF = 4 % ACTIONSA = 3% All other Wannabee Political Parties are of No Concern The DA is The Best Suited to be the Official Opposition Words alone won’t express how thankful I’m recommending you all to you shantelll_142 .....,investing with you has been a good opportunity for me and my family I just received my profit of $2500 within 7 days of investment with the help of shantelll_142

Lies and promises have always been the sucker punchers that attract gullible voters to politicians who feed off them ANC has been promising a million jobs and a better life for all ever since Truth is, Malema is not doing anything out of the ordinary. He just pushed the envelope of deceit beyond any place it has ever been pushed by any politician before. Obviously his gullible sycophantic supporters will feel they must object when this is pointed out.

You sound ANC in your reporting, chest pain Captured media of Ramaphosa Day dreaming!! Is this journalism or ANC propaganda machine!Who choose you to determine who is realistic? Oksalayo i will vote for EFF when it comes to EFF you're always skeptical but to the ANC you dont see anything wrong about them promising the same things for over a decade but you applaud them with captions like 'the ANC has acknowledged their corruption and mistakes and are now working on fixing them'

Acts of desperation hunger for power

Malema promises electricity and houses, implies the ANC doesn't care for its peopleThe EFF leader suggested that the current government didn't care for its people, referring to white people being given houses and jobs during apartheid. Oh! Is going to start his own Eskom! Who will pay for the power And the houses + services ? Who will pay for those Fckn eejit!

Let's put him in power and see if he's going to keep those promises? Chest Pains 🤣 That can't be true because most of the things he talks about are highly possible We were told about these news avenues we know who they belong to and what they trying to achieve. So please don’t feed us with lies 'Politics is the art of making your selfish desires seem like the national interest.' - Thomas Sowell

Racists can try to decampagn us but they will fail bcos EFF was never made by the media away Wow! This Mawande must voetsek! Ass licking, disgraceful human being. EFF wil govern, paid media is p*ssing in their pants. Re Busy ...We don’t have time of Nonsense ( White Cabal) How did you come to that conclusion?

WATCH: Malema pleases the crowd by dancing with Fifi Cooper and coThe EFF are known for keeping close relationships with many musicians and artists, and it seems festive for them ahead of elections.

Hebanna 🤣🤣🤣 During bullet trains and smart cities you clapped hands 🤔 This is the only time I'm gonna be ignorant to the fact that politicians do make unrealistic promises. Why? Because as long as it not the ANC, I am happy to accept those unrealistic promises. 😂😂 Well of course, Julius is from the ANC, his political training is from the ANC. However the unrealistic promises are not just from the EFF, it's the ANC & DA as well.

But you with the government that gave you unrealistic promises for 27 years. You don't waffle at them, you don't see anything wrong with them. Only matters when done by Malema 🚮🚮 trash journalism. VoteEFF There is an EFF elements inside every African Who made realistic promises? Qwaqwa will enjoy Free electricity without ever making arrangements with Eskom,I wonder what that guy De Ryter thinks of this🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

He isn’t begging... Desperate to make amakwerekwere comfortable surpassing the locals.Thats why they don't win any municipality

Forgive me if I beg for booze banForgive me if I beg for a booze ban. A girl has standards, you know?

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Mondli Makhanya | Malema’s cynical cruelty | CitypressJulius Malema is and has always been an entertaining guy. Whether it was in his previous incarnation as leader of high school students trashing city centres, as president of the ANC Youth League giving his former hero Jacob Zuma sleepless nights or in his current role as the self-styled commander in chief of the EFF, he has been good for a laugh. I know we all probably must have heard about Bitcoin but don't know how it works, I tried it in a week ago by a man who recommended me to leticia_thomas1 on Twitter she guides me through and i made a return of R15500 after a week of trading, connect with her Do you mind telling us about your own dark side? It is that time of the year where Anc members masquerading as journalists will write articles after articles to try to discredit Malema