Julius Malema, Economic Freedom Fighters

Julius Malema, Economic Freedom Fighters

Julius Malema: 90% of EFF MPs will be replaced

Julius Malema: 90% of EFF MPs will be replaced


Julius Malema : 90% of EFF MPs will be replaced

EFF leader Julius Malema says the party has identified their weaknesses and they will work on them.

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Ya Ya Ya I think he is showing them that EFF is not a job creation project. Either you deliver or you are out. Good way of sanitizing EFF against opportunists, tenderpreneurs and free ryders. He never said that wrong context .. propaganda .. Start with yourself dude. Please You mean those who do not agree with you

When are they replacing this juju? Stop posting rubbish He didn't say that I watched the whole briefing EWN picked that phrase to encite war he cant But EWN ur journalists we there mos! Which should mean u are deliberately LYING😳😳

Three other times Trevor Noah poked fun at Julius Malema and EFF' Julius Malema talks about genocide like he’s remodelling his kitchen.' Saze savelelwa Fortunately for us Julius knows what kind of people you are. Its strange how you can write about comedians while the talk about CIC while you fail to talk about the improvement that EFF gained on elections

Lets hope the first to go is the mad hatter ! Mr Flipflop. Strategic move!! Always have the upper hand, don’t let anybody get to a point where they think they are above you, keep those below you in their place, make sure they always know who is in charge and ensure they rely on you for their living 👀👀👀👀 Playing the long game !!

Except me, Floyd, Dali & Ndlozi 🤣😂 Internal democracy vs a decree from the CIC🤔🤔🤔 EFFSouthAfrica He is not part of the 90% He actually said everyone is replaceable if they are not performing. Even if it’s 90% it doesn’t matter, they can be replaced. THIS IS THE CORRECT CONTEXT Julius_S_Malema if this is true, I think it’s a necessary and timely move. Having recently started watching YouTube videos of what happens in parliament, aowa, I think CyrilRamaphosa MYANC should do the same. Ke metlae fela e re e bonang moo. Many of those “point of order”😳🤔

Use opportunity to expose more members to parliament and legislature. They have done it before and some could not take redeployment kindly but perfomance also count ok... you first...tata poepol.. I see the video is unavailable. I thought I was about to discover that Julius Malema was about to take some real, meaningful action.

EFF leader Julius Malema to be summoned to Alexandra Inquiryntwaagae For what 😂😂😂😂😂 ntwaagae Wenzeni u-Juju was he part or AlexShutDown or niyamsukela? ntwaagae Will I also be called there if I tell black South Africans to occupy the land of their forefathers?


Grandmother told me not to go back to the ANC: MalemaEFF leader Julius Malema was speaking at her funeral service in Polokwane. Thank you grandma 🙏 I have listened the clip throughout and find the reason why Julius hate the Anc so much and I get the point right there She should have told u to go to jail

I am broken and finished – Julius Malema in mourning'My grandmother’s death is like a sharp instrument into my heart,' the EFF leader said, while also mourning Ngwako Modjadji, a former Citizen reporter.

WATCH | Trevor Noah takes aim at Julius Malema on The Daily Show & it was litThe comedian joked that he could take tips from Juju on how to deal with criticism about his outfit to the Met. that's wat Trevor do for a living even trump knows him very well Mzasi follow me an I will follow you back, let's unite an be one big Family Lit you say? 🙄

WATCH | Trevor Noah takes aim at Julius Malema on The Daily Show & it was litNoah's comments drew mixed reaction on social media and saw him shoot straight to the trends list in South Africa. Sad tht he had to rubber stamp the narrative tht there is a genocide on white farmers in SA. As long as his consience is clear.. He was excited nje uTrevor.. Or he lacked of material Nothing wrong with Trevor making fun of that hypocrite. Juju is totally against progress. He says ANC is full of crooks, what about him and his crew?

Stop the blame game, Julius MalemaBlaming white people for the inactivity of the ANC to make the slightest difference in the land distribution problem is simply race-baiting.

Trevor Noah compares Julius Malema to Trump, sends Black Twitter into overdrive | IOL EntertainmentMzansi-born comedian Trevor Noah decided to use his international platform to weigh in on South Africa's general election by comparing EFF leader, Julius Malema to President Donald Trump. Elections2019 SAElections2019 MzansiVotes ElectionResults America excites him too much... This Trevor must be called to order

Julius Malema, Helen Zille touted as UCT's next chancellor | Cape ArgusEFF leader Julius Malema and Premier Helen Zille are both being touted as the next UCT chancellor to replace outgoing chancellor Graça Machel. Yeah Malema would't really fit. It’s a no from me, They’re still both immature 🤣🤣🤣 Julius Malema chancellor🤣🤣🤣 UCT kiss your credibility good buy.

Fikile Mbalula: Sorry Julius Malema, we told you the ANC would winThe ANC held a press briefing outside the Electoral Commission of South Africa national results operation centre and took the opportunity to self reflect. But he never said it will lose. ANC lost voters and EFF gained.... Fikile Mbalala must take it into consideration that Malema is the president of 5 years political party and he is doing well and the EFF is growing, yes he won the election but they r slowly but surely going down,they must celebrate and steal while they can.

WATCH | Trevor Noah takes aim at Julius Malema on The Daily Show & it was litThe comedian joked that he could take tips from Juju on how to deal with criticism about his outfit to the Met. Very misleading... Anyhow, he needs to get those dollars 💵.... 🙂 It was not lit stupid chatlas Y'all need to sleep. Le a hloleha.

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