‘I need to let this be known’ — AKA says he’s suffering from depression

AKA speaks out about living with depression and why he decided to stop taking medication.

2021-11-29 01:34:00 PM

AKA speaks out about living with depression and why he decided to stop taking medication.

AKA speaks out about living with depression and why he decided to stop taking medication.

Instagram/ AKAAKA's mother Lynn Forbes took to her timeline to give AKA props for his courage to speak out about his mental health. “Last night Kiernan spoke up about being diagnosed with clinical depression and living with depression for many months. Speaking about something this personal requires so much courage,” she wrote. 

A post shared by Lynn Forbes 🇿🇦 (@lynnforbesza)YouTuber and reality TV star Lasizwe Dambuza also recently opened  up about suffering from depression and revealed he had decided to check himself in at a mental health wellness facility.

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