How will Zuma respond at state capture inquiry?

How will Zuma respond at state capture inquiry?


How will Zuma respond at state capture inquiry?

How will former president Jacob Zuma respond ahead of his appearance at the state capture commission?

name has featured prominently at the state capture inquiry, as an enabler of mismanagement of state resources.

Zuma is accused of being central to state capture and he has been implicated by at least five witnesses.

Sensational claims about how he allegedly helped loot government money have been made at the commission but will they stick?

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Deny, deny, deny and deflect if possible. Nothing new When is Joshua Door Gordon going to respond?! Sixty six hundred six hundred and twenty thousand four hundred and twelve hehe hehe.... Bengifuna nihleke Laughter and lips moving? Ronnie Kasrils admitted that Zuma was sanitized before he ran for President so much of the hard evidence has been destroyed.

Clear his throat for ever, and not answer questions Heh heh heh Should Zuma testify today I think its safe to say he will be dodgy in his responses and arrogant. Manipulate questions and dodgy Hawu bukani icommission nizoyithola impendulu Singing, dancing, laughing and enjoying every minute of the airtime!

I can report better than this. BrianTloubatla Is he mocking?were they mocking? To him that Guptas looted this country it's a joke.Cry our beloved country.

The plane earth is changing by the day Sobona Phambili I sense a delay coming See his rent a crowd is with him, police should send them away Duck and dive as usual,especially when he have 5000 supporters outside. This is going to be tough time for zuma. I feel for him cos his lawyer will not be there to help him with answers.

He...he...he...heee.... Heheheheheheheh Lying, obfuscation, detours from the truth, threats to expose more people Silence i bet

Former President Jacob Zuma to testify at graft scandal inquiryFormer president Jacob Zuma is due on Monday to make a much-anticipated appearance before an inquiry into alleged corruption after previous witnesses gave damning evidence against him. Senimane niya bhala nje. Why is the quoted sentence different from the headline? Being there and testifying is not the same mos?

Lie...deny...lie...deny He will laugh and get off all usual Its very difficult to even expect the truth from him or his just there to push the political agenda Will wait and see One wise & uncaptured man once said, 'ZUMA did not capture the state, he was an interruption of the state capture. People who capture the state don't do it through tenders; they create policies.' It is now begining to make sense.

Angazi Lol We can wait and hear ourselves Giggle and obfuscate. Hopefully we will now be able to connect the dots!!! He’s gonna say it was him alone. What he’s saying isn’t what he’s implying! What he’s implying isn’t what he’s saying!!! So we gonna be back where we started with the same questions unanswered!!🤷🏽‍♀️

I can't wait to hear him chock by his own words🤣🤣🤣

Jacob Zuma could expose his accusers at Zondo inquiryFive days have been set aside for former president, but it is unlikely he will answer any questions He must do it😳😳 GenMQ Nah he won't....Zondo is just Vyrils way of putting pressure on Zuma And Ace to back off politically ...Zero arrests so far !!!?

Like a Gangsta Umbuzo wenu mhle kodwa nibuza abantu aba wrong Angazi ukuthi ngenzeni He will respond according to his own way. It's sad that he'll be attacked when his answers doesn't agree with certain people's perceptions. The guilty liers and racist WMC are afraid Ask your biased Analysts... He will dfntly deny all alagations leveled against st him

'I don't know, I wasn't there' He'll never stand in front of a judge,he'll avoid appearing through technicalities because he knows most of what is said about him is true. Depends on the questions asked.

Zuma mocks his critics on Twitter ahead of state capture appearance: 'I thought I should brighten up your day'A video clip of former president Jacob Zuma dancing and mocking his critics was posted on social networking site Twitter on Sunday afternoon. How is that news worthy 🤷🏿‍♂️ Hawu & it's news? 🙄 Sowetanlive is now also captured? How has this become news coz during the week there was a video here on twitter showing white ladies singing the same song but you never made it news! Is Zuma helping your sales or just making sure you spread Zuma hatred?

A professional falsifier will simply mislead the commission. Lots of coughing and and aaaaaah.. I am expecting nothing from this guys as we all know that he is capable of doing and winning anything that comes to his way. This We don't even know what they will ask him in the first place. Lies,lies, all lies,nothing but lies

He is going to blame Bell Pottinger Be prepared for a Pinocchio-fest🙄 We don't know. How will Pravin respond after the court finds him guilty.? Of course he's gonna deny everything, duh🤷🏾‍♂️

Moment of truth for Zuma at state capture inquiryFormer President Jacob Zuma will come face-to-face with the Deputy Chief Justice at the state capture inquiry on Monday. Will he even answer them questions that is the question King JZ will however make a call to the commission to summon his deputy presidents during his tenure to come before the commission and explain the Gupta business association with the government in order to come and corroborate all what he knew about the Guptas. What truth ?

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