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Health experts have warned that South Africa will get a second wave of COVID-19 after the end of the current lockdown.

2020-03-30 11:23:00 PM

Health experts have warned that South Africa will get a second wave of COVID-19 after the end of the current lockdown.

Health experts have warned that South Africa will get a second wave of COVID-19 after the end of the current lockdown.

Image: SABC NewsProfessor Helen Rees of the South African Health Products Authority says they are monitoring countries like China on the experiences they had with coronavirus.Health experts have warned that South Africa will get a second wave ofCOVID-19

‘Severely constrained’ KZN government increases King Zwelithini’s budget to R71.3 million Lockdown regulations declared invalid and unconstitutional by high court High Court rules lockdown regulations ‘unconstitutional and invalid’

after the end of the current lockdown. South Africa is currently on a nationwide 21-day lockdown in an attempt to stop the number of new infections across the country.Professor Helen Rees of the South African Health Products Authority says they are monitoring countries like China on the experiences they had with coronavirus. She has encouraged people to play their part to flatten the curve by practicing social distancing, ensuring good hgyiene and using protective gear like gloves and masks correctly.

“There will be people in the community that won’t have been exposed and we might get what is called a second wave because this virus will hide away. As you know, many people don’t have severe symptoms and that’s part of the problem. Majority of people won’t be very ill. The virus might hide away or as we’ve seen in China, it could get re-imported into the country, then we can get a second wave.”

The South African Health Products Authority have also warned that using protective gear like masks and gloves incorrectly defeats the purpose of preventing COVID-19 infection. It says constant washing of hands with soap remains the best in ensuring good hand hygiene.

This comes as thousands of people have resorted to wearing gloves in an effort to prevent getting the corona virus.The Authority’s Professor Helen Reese says people who wear gloves tend to shy away from washing their hands.“For the average person, one of the risks of gloves is that they might make you feel safe. So, when you feel safe, you’ve got your hands on things, then you will be touching all sorts of things. And when the gloves come off the question is would you wash your hands? What do you do with the gloves? How do you dispose off the gloves? So, you can get COVID-19 on the gloves and if you don’t dispose of it correctly and if you take the gloves of badly it can go into your hands and if you then, because you think you’ve been protected, don’t wash your hands, you know those could be the problems”

Meanwhile, Botswana has recorded its first three cases of the coronavirus. The country’s Health Minister Lemogang Kwape says the three people who tested positive for the virus are in quarantine and had recently travelled to Britain and Thailand.Last week President Mokgweetsi Masisi warned citizens to prepare for a lockdown. Masisi is in 14-days of self-isolation after visiting Namibia last weekend, which has registered three cases of the coronavirus.

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But this time CyrilRamaphosa should do this together with state of emergency The state can't afford this lockdown as we speak and the economy is on it knee's as we on junk status so the second wave is a catastrophic idea Oh please! stop causing unnecessary panic. It's gonna be township and informal settlement wave this time...

The soldiers must enforce the law and forget about human rights!this time is not normal lockdown means lockdown no roudlooping around. Failure to lockdown their will be devastation after 21 days collapsed economy' possible extension dead currency buried. Let me tell you this.... Your experts are monitoring the wrong country

Major non essential company are still planning to operate in this lockdown period. Sab miler (AB INBEV) in alrode is planning to operate tonight . When is beer production an essential News24 Tell tht health experts we are fully ready we know 5G is here to kill us but it wont work this is South Africa.

We didn’t have a first wave - lies and more lies Now thts a big lie I dont believe tht Hayi! Those Health Expers want our government to extend Lockdown, are they even aware that this is hurting the Economy? To start with it, are those Health Experts from this Country? If not, they might possibly want our Economy to drop down while of their Countries increases.

Will, may or might... For correct stats on people who died due to covid-19, I will advise that every dead person who dies from home should be subjected to covid-19 testing at mortuaries I am concerned about the sphaza shops that only national are allowed to operate; in our area, Matsulu, we have 95% foreign sphazas and only 2 conventional shops, We a subjected to long queues with no guarantee of finding the groceries we need, we can't find even bread

It was very clear from the start that this 21 days lockdown is not going to be enough if all people are not tested. 😫😫😫 Ay the health experts nobo 🤣🤦‍♂️ leading from the grave, they must come with solutions, bayasidina. The government is doing wonders. I love the ANC. MahlodiJR What do you expect when there is a backlog of 5000 + cases

Stop lying Damm this means we're might also be infected, especially us who work in retailers because we don't who's got it or who doesn't 🤔 We must trust that government will make the best decision in respect of protection of life....As for the economic damage of further lockdowns,lets us first be alive to start afresh on that journey of rebuilding 🙏🙏

I don't think will flatten the curve when it comes Corona. Even at the peak of HIV aids people still had multiple affairs and during that time there were lots of deaths, but it didn't scare them. My take is will beat this virus when we get the vaccine. We have waves now woow Baphela omakhulu bethu babhataliswe R100 from East London to Mdantsane baphinde babhataliswe i R25 ukuya emakhayeni abo. From East London to Mdantsane R16. From Mdantsane to the NU R10 or R11 khaniqhande please SABC. Bayakhuthuzwa abazali bethu

1. Because people think it's a joke they go shopping even if it's not necessary. 2. Gov didn't block movements by people from Jo'burg to rural areas. How do they know? Which method(s) are they using to predict this? If they have it already prepared waiting to unleash it Badakiwe, they want to continue looting via panic buying bloody greedy species

Why We have created catastrophe already with 21 day lockdown. We should’ve targeted certain hotspots like Japan and others did, and not a blanket shutdown of an economy already in ICU. We are a third world country and don’t afford such luxury. We will pay dearly for this foolishness. The powers that be is struggling to infect Africa the way they want to.

And the economy What are they suggesting? Extended lockdown? We haven't suffered enough that's what they're saying. Let us hope after this 21days government won't open borders. Borders must be closed for months to come Hope that one will be for ......... 6 months just to make sure HOW DO DEY PREDICT DT IS GONNA B POSSIBLE? WE DNT JST WNT DEM 2 PREDICT WATS GONA HAPPEN BT WE WNT DEM ASWEL 2 TEL US HOW.. LOCKDOWN ALONE HAS AFFECTED SELF EMPLOYED & POOR OF DE POOREST, SO THINK B4 U CALL ANOTHER LOG DOWN. DNT JST THNK 4 SANDTON RESIDENT ONLY

Really eeesh What do you expect when thousands gather in taxis to fetch grants without any social distancing at all. Lockdown is highly likely to be extended! If you don't have a mask, make one. Where is the first wave 🤕 Effects from counter-productive-self-inflicted-lockdown-induced-panic-shopping. I'm rlly not against any lock down since it will help flatten the curve of the spread of virus but it's not funny Government must consider that he closed down pplz businesses and how are they expected to survive longest lock down than this one and bills, rents are not lock down

FrancisSheeran1 ALLEGED health experts!!!! Most countries or lockdown areas have extended the lockdown. Hayi mabame kancane Its because of the mass screenings that will be done by the state. The current ones only reflect certain targeted individuals and areas. Its expected. What lockdown? I stayed in so far, but it seems like normal life out there.

Man made, I agree. Time will tell with this kind of ill discipline most of us we are ignorent 70% Of South Africans thinks corona virus it's jokes or some movies like jet li, Rambo,vandamme or drama like uzalo This is a general fear everywhere, right ? Stop with your stupid panic headlines Ba ska tlo re tena please.We are done with these boring lockdowns. Rona bo darkie ha re tshabe Corona

Lockdown 5 month So how many waves are there vele? That is why its important for people to play their part to flatten the curve by practicing social distancing by staying at home. This thing its very serious 😕😣😩😳 Iyaaaaa We are going till end of winter. Hunger Games This can't be serious Im already can't cope with this 5days right now.

Fear is talking here...if we all can adhere to the regulations and all health & safety precautions, there won't be any news for 2nd or 3rd wave. The response especially with testing has being highly commended internationally. China is now battling with re-infection from outside. S11E11B11A 'Health experts' I wonder who that is cause 'legal expert' in SA is Pierre de vos 🤣🤣...

They will amend lock down restrictions as the situation unfolds. This lock down is more than just slowing the spread. It is an assessment of the spread as to decide next actions. tebogomotshabi_ I just knew that press briefing was part 1 of 3🙄 Health care experts when this virus hasn't even taken off yet? If we testing as the WHO says we should be we will have too many cases to end the lockdown considering we haven't entered our winter yet. No I'm no medical expert just smoke the tree of knowledge...

The biggest shock will be in the next 2 weeks when the number of cases increase at an alarming rate due to 1. Crowding during panic buying this week and 2. Travelling from Covid19inSA hot spots especially from GP to the villages. Then bodies will start dropping 3-4 weeks later Is this drug not available here

I don't care! After 21days ngyaphuma endlini 21 days will never be enough after God had been referred to as she Tsakaniaggy22 katika We need cure ASAP Watch how the virus suddenly evolves🙄 There's gonna be a second wave? Wowza kabelodick Bayanya We gonna extend yours only nnaena m fed up. This expects are always wrong lol

Look at this on how to avoid second wave It's just a matter of time it will pass Are perpetual lockdowns an option if this is the case? Can SA, or any country for that matter, accept the economic consequences of a long term lockdown? It’s time for governments to start discussing alternatives strategies in case this happens.

y'all found cure All countries will...not just us. Gary22k TheFace34 mynameisjerm Which is true. 21 days will not be enough, we should be prepared to be on a lockdown for atleast 2 months, if not more This why They lockdown our job(Shops,saloon,..), we don't have something to eat and now the own of the house they ask us for the rents . God help us 😣😣😣

Those people that went to the neighbour countries will comeback when lockdown is lifted... and guess what.. .. Ngwato10111 We are never gonna be the same again... So this means we might go on a serious 90day lockdown around June? I'm not returning to work then Aiii guys!!!! Second wave!💔😩 I keep receiving messages from theSANBS to come donate blood, is it safe at this time?

Ngwato10111 Because these motherFckers don't stay at home Saze savelelwa bo , ay let's continue with following the precautionary measures kodwa... The 21 days is really not enough!! But I understand that government is trying😞 Too much arrogance and ignorance eve if you lockdown SA for a year they'll still get sick there's too racism tribalism and xenophobic tendencies

Mmmm, is it because it's a virus and bound to hit do you mean by Second wave?🤔 The first wave has not even hit you yet! Eh bann🙆 What do you mean second wave These experts I don't trust them Then extend lockdown Lockdown extension looming... It's going to be a second wave only if the current wave subsides.

_IkanyengM That’s why we need to FlattenTheCurveTogether 👇 One lockdown was never gonna be enough! To fight a pandemic you will need to curb movement for at least 60 days! Then you will be sure that there will not be any new wave of infections! Haibo kanjani😳 World war 3

South Africa now has 1,280 confirmed cases of Covid-19The country has recorded the second death of a patient who had tested positive for Covid-19. How far we behind ito testing backlog and releasing up to date stats? I would guess we at least 4-5 days behind so are our stats that real and accurate? What’s the real picture please? I don't trust that number... Because testing isn't happening like it is supposed to happen...

Health department dismisses reports of Covid-19 case in AlexandraJust In | The department of health has dismissed reports that someone has tested positive for Covid-19 in Alexandra township, Johannesburg. LockDownSA Covid19inSA Newzroom405 Newzroom405 didn’t you report on this earlier? 🤔 newsafrica where did you guys get this?

Gauteng health confirms Covid-19 case in Alexandra, but patient travelled to LimpopoHis known contacts have also been traced and placed in quarantine. Ya. And earlier media was saying “she” had caught it from her employer in Sandton. Turns out “she” is actually a he. Get your facts straight. This is gonna be a challenge for the government,to trace everyone who were in the bus...the passengers already infected their families, relatives... imagine if the information doesn't get to them,they continue to put a lot of people in Limpopo,only if people could stay put..

UPDATE: No Covid-19 case yet confirmed in Alexandra township – health departmentA case of Covid-19 in the township was confirmed by sources speaking to news channel Newsroom Afrika earlier on Monday. Few hours ago - stop FAKE NEWS!!!! As a news publisher, you are completely unreliable. Sniffing articles from the air. Thats what they said about kayalitsha

SA now has 1187 confirmed Covid-19 cases - Health MinisterHealth Minister Zweli Mkhize has confirmed that South Africa's confirmed coronavirus cases had increased to 1187 from 1170 on Friday. Doubt I don’t believe that figure. I think it is much higher. They are lying to us.

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