Government slams Omicron hysteria | Citypress

Government slams Omicron hysteria

2021-11-28 08:20:00 PM

Government slams Omicron hysteria

Experts warn against unwarranted panic that punishes SA citizens for leading variant detection.

As panic over Omicron – the new Covid-19 variant identified in South Africa this week – led to 600 passengers on flights from South Africa being stranded on the runway at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands for hours without food or water on Friday, the South African government has spoken out strongly against countries that have imposed travel bans against the country.

A statement released by the department of international relations and cooperation yesterday said the bans were akin to punishing the country for being able to detect new variants faster than others.Support independent journalism

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What’s in City Press: Government slams Covid hysteria | The dead pastor waiting to be ‘resurrected’ | Coalitions: How the deals were made | CitypressGood morning! Here's your first look at what’s in City Press today: Coalitions: How the deals were made | Government slams Covid hysteria | The dead pastor waiting to be ‘resurrected’ Goverment Slams New Variant Hysteria-well what does the Goverment expect is going to happen 'Thank You For Letting us know' thats it,what is missing from everything how come 'Vaccinated People Are Testing Postive For SarsCov2 with 'Air Travel Connections' Which Government? The Corrupt incompetent ANC? Hahahaha seeing they were the originators of the press conference that triggered the hysteria... maybe they should be more careful in future... the worst Dept of Health and worst Govt ever (and I include those responsible for HIV/AIDS tragedy under Mbeki)....

‘Enforce jabs, not lockdowns’- Strong resistance likely to any new lockdown measures over OmicronBusiness leaders and medical experts are urging the government to take stronger measures to boost the vaccination rate rather than impose stricter lockdown rules to curb the new Omicron variant If the fear mongering Main Stream Media is shutdown for 30 to 40 days, So will this pandemic.. They are missing the point. If they care about the people and not only capital, they should advising gov't to create a No-fault Compensation Fund for those who suffer side effects from the vaccine as Australia has done or they must shut up. Mandate must go with full compensation “Experts” told you if you complied with lockdowns, censorship, masks and vaccinations—life would return to normal. “Conspiracy theorists” told you Covid was never going to end, and governments would use it to usher in a totalitarian new world order. Who do you believe now?

World races to contain new COVID-19 variantSeveral European nations announced their first cases of a new coronavirus strain as governments worldwide pulled down the shutters to contain the new Omicron variant. This hype will soon pass, Delta was the Topic and we are now waiting for Omega variant🤔 The world are a bunch of morons, or at least the media houses are.

Cyril Ramaphosa to address the nation tonight on new Covid-19 variantThe national coronavirus command council met on Saturday to discuss the discovery of Omicron President of pandemic🙄 Yah we already know Omicron is nothing but a storm in a tea ☕️ cup , just wash ur hands wear masks 😷 and be careful yah

61 passengers from SA flights test positive for Covid-19, say Dutch authoritiesThe results are currently being examined for the new Covid-19 Omicron variant. And they were jabbed. Am not an anti vaxxer, just this particular jab that does not prevent passing along covid or getting covid.