Lockdown, Coronavirusınsa

Lockdown, Coronavirusınsa

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Political analyst Khaya Sithole says government must clarify the limit of the powers of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) members.

2020-03-31 12:20:00 PM

Political Analyst Khaya Sithole says government must clarify the limit of the powers of the SANDF. This follows reports of alleged brutality by some members who have been deployed to help manage the nationwide lockdown. CoronavirusInSA sabcnews

Political analyst Khaya Sithole says government must clarify the limit of the powers of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) members.

lockdown.In his address to the nation on Monday night, President Cyril Ramaphosa called on the SANDF members to act within the law at all times.He cautioned them against harming South Africans and instead ensure their safety.Earlier, Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula condemned the alleged conduct of the SANDF members but called on members of the public to avoid provoking them.

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Sithole says in the South African context, the law is difficult to implement as there’s a culture of non-compliance.He says, “The first problem is if you are going to deal with the problem of the SANDF, the first question is why do they need guns? When the use of the gun is violated, why do they carry them? So, those are the types of problems that you need to deal with because others would say well, in the absence of the guns no one will take them seriously. That speaks more to the culture of impunity that prevails across society, the culture of non-compliance to laws and regulations, so again, it’s new territory, and it’s a learning process. Nobody knew what the conditions were going to be like once the lockdown was implemented.”

INFOGRAPHIC: How citizens can report security forcesSecurity forces to act within the lawPresident Cyril Ramaphosa has called on security forces to act within the law at all times.There have been reports of alleged brutality by some South African National Defence Force (SANDF) members who have been deployed to support police to manage the nationwide lockdown.

An Ekurhuleni Metro Police officer has also been arrested in Gauteng in connection with the alleged fatal shooting of a man at Vosloorus township, east of Johannesburg.Three people have now died of the virus in the country while the number of cases has risen to 1326.

INFOGRAPHIC: SA COVID-19 cases:Addressing the nation on Monday night, Ramaphosa cautioned security forces against harming South Africans and instead ensuring their safety.“We have made it clear that the task of our security personnel is to support, to reassure and to comfort our people and to ensure that peace and order is maintained in our country. They know that they must act within the law at all times and that they must not cause harm to any of our people in any way whatsoever,” He adds.

In the video below, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation: Read more: SABC News Online »

All this wouldn't be necessary of people stayed at home. Khaya Sithole must wear SANDF uniform, do the job that these guys do for week, and he'll have his clarity. Is he willing to put himself in SANDF's shoes and subject himself to what they're subjected to? These analysts shame he must check international standards we not an island and most importantly we must understand what is it that you want to archieve dead bodies or save lives

Soldiers are executing the mandate given by the government. The army cannot shoot people for loitering during a lock down and we cannot overcrowd the already overcrowded prisons with people who loiter. So what other recourse is there? I'm lost here, do they fetch people from their houses and abuse them, then they must be stopped. Or maybe when they find people loitering in the streets they must write them love letters requesting them to go back home. Let's first talk about those that are breaking the rules.

The SABC News has really shown their negative reporting to full extent during this crisis, they are the ones corrupting the minds of people and unnecessarily criticizing measures put in place by the government. People having too much rights than the law is very dangerous cause the law won't do anything about lawbreakers

And the SABC should mind their business!!! your media platform has a power to build or destroy our South Africa! SANDF is doing the right thing, they’re Soldiers not DJs ! They’re our last hope for security, let them do their work!!! If they can open Liquors just for a day or two. Aee shame people will be more than happy to stay at home. Esh phela Starvation is killing us lenyoralaByala

What about analysis from people who have already carried out the mission/spent an hour or day with our soldiers in the streets? United States is paying high price for politicizing the situation RulesOfEngagement Discipline StayAtHome FlattenTheCurve FightCOVID19 Nothing wrong here.. Armed forces are law enforcers not social workers or community health workers. They carry guns not masks or sanitizers. To expect them to give support and advise the community about the importance of staying at home, is far fetched.

SANDF should just look at ppl breaking the rules cos if they try to enforce the law, they are called brutal...its clear ppl wanna get sick,as some say this is not a black ppl disease. Bakholwa ngokubona. To limit their power people will be in the streets Just live it the way it is, people are very stubborn to the security, so when the army give them some little punishment they will respect it the way it is now please please

Yeah must clarify their limits coz at the end of the day people will fight back and many people will die and soldiers will die as well coz we know where the stay. Yesterday some group of nyaope addicts just throw police car with stones. When those police retaliate they will be blamed But their General said 'when we come in,we skop and donor',so they took orders from him.

With such nonsense, there no need to clarify anything. Tsek SANDF SHOULD BE GIVEN FREE HAND

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