Expired licences: Motorists to be penalised

[TRENDING] Expired licences: Motorists to be penalised

2020-10-29 01:46:00 PM

[TRENDING] Expired licences: Motorists to be penalised

Traffic authorities say the grace period ended in August and no excuses will be accepted.

Motorists driving around with vehicle licence discs that expired during lockdown will be penalised. Lindokuhle Xulu reports. Courtesy #DStv403JOHANNESBURG - Motorists, driving with vehicle licence discs that expired during the lockdown, will be penalised.

Kodwa: I received money from EOH but there was nothing illegal, corrupt Truck Attacks: Over 20 people arrested How did Makhubo end up doing business with the state while in govt?

That's the warning from traffic authorities.READ:They say, the grace period ended in August and excuses, will not be accepted.A tough stance, seeing as Gautengers had issues with the renewal system even before lockdown.* Lindokuhle Xulu reports. Watch the video below.

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Private security will be present at Brackenfell High School as EFF vows to protest

Education MEC Debbie Schäfer said with the EFF granted permission to protest again outside the school, arrangements were made to ensure the matrics writing exams that morning could do so without disruption.

Incompetent, foolish, corrupt black government MbalulaFikile National Party government was much better than this nonsense The government is broke. Dear please invite someone from the Department to engage the public on the solution in fixing a flawed booking system which doesn't work for months on end and now we are told South Africans will be penalized. This is completely unacceptable MbalulaFikile

Why must it be renewed every year I won't carry it ...bazonya 😭😭😭 Because our paid civil service is useless Our state is the first abuser, blaming people for its inefficiency. Just on the state reponse to GBV, it says all. Government wastes money but wants to pay it back in one way or the other... We will treat them like etolls

Mmmm re tla gobala mo I have been getting penalized already How about making this process of renewing licenses easier for us. Digital. Getting stuck in ques for hours to perform a simple, routine task is absurd. Who will keep the economy going while we do this 🙄 They just won't give anybody a break in this country, you go there, wait long ques just to be told about systems being down, then when a Cop stops you he's gonna tell you its not his problem and stiff arm you into a cool drink. What a country we live in

Last time i renewed it, it was 2016 The will NOT punish ME! I have made two appointments in September and attended, but THEIR system was down both times. Last time i spent 3½ hours in line, and was sent home. On my third return, they had no power. Now, i can't get an appointment at all. Not MY mistake.

😩 Were they not being penalized before? 🤷‍♂️.. Yeei enca follow me

High-ranking police officials granted bailTwo Gauteng police station commanders appeared in court in connection with firearm license fraud. I'm worried about the ability of the state to gather evidence against criminals. When the cases start, let's see. Eish If they supply guns to criminals shouldn't they be charged with terrorism

Two Gauteng brigadiers implicated in massive firearm licence racketPolice spokesperson Brigadier Vish Naidoo said the two station commanders were nabbed by members of the Western Cape Anti-Gang Unit and the National Anti-Corruption Unit. I'm not surprised 🤨 at all, after all SAPS is amongst the most corrupted SOE in SA😐😐🙄

UPDATE: Third person dies after Nice knife attack: police sourceThe suspected assailant was detained shortly afterwards the attack by security forces around nine am, a police source said.

Sharks close to finding their groove.TheSharksZA captain Lukhanyo Am offers no excuses for his team’s heavy defeat to the BlueBullsRugby last week and instead warns that his charges are not far off from finding their groove. By: MikeGreenaway67 | IOLsport