Eskom: Load-shedding here to stay

Eskom: Load-shedding here to stay

2020-10-23 08:45:00 AM

Eskom: Load-shedding here to stay

There will be no respite from load-shedding any time soon, but Eskom says it's working on dealing with its many problems.

This is due to no maintenance having been done on some of the units for years.“I believe we will see the first step-change in April next year. But the risk will improve up until the winter period next year," said Eskom COO, Jan Oberholzer."However, up until then the chances of load-shedding remains. I would like to emphasise this point, that’s where we find ourselves and up until we have a chance to do adequate liability maintenance and mid-life refurbishment, we believe that we will get to a much better position.”

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READ:Eskom is working with the courts to attach the assets of municipalities that are in the red.Municipal debt is now more than R31-billion.“It is very important for all consumers in South Africa to pay for the electricity they consume," said Eskom CEO, Andre de Ruyter.

"Municipal debt still poses a major challenge. It leaves us with no option but to take assertive steps to arrest the further accumulation of debt and previous debt.”READ:Eskom corruption: Prosecutions going slowlyEskom will be releasing its financials next week with losses running into the billions.

While the problems are many for Eskom, it says its main priority is to have a viable and stable grid.* eNCA’s Heidi Giokos has more. Watch the video above. Read more: eNCA »

Private security will be present at Brackenfell High School as EFF vows to protest

Education MEC Debbie Schäfer said with the EFF granted permission to protest again outside the school, arrangements were made to ensure the matrics writing exams that morning could do so without disruption.

“In another 18 months to two years, you will forget the challenges that we had with relation to power and energy and Eskom ever happened.” Cyril Ramaphosa, 2 September 2015 One of the legacies óf this corrupt looting ANC government. Back by popular demand Oh ffs! VoetsekANC! And Loadshedding will be gone!

Why did they ever bother with trying to westernize Africa if they knew it would all go to shit in a handbag eventually... What is new? Do not even understand why you would report on this. ESKOM is a national disaster. Broken by politics and ineptitude. Eskom_SA Typical of liberation movements they overstay in power and mess up every thing..

Ramaphosa is on track to have a worse record of loadshedding than Jacob Zuma. Eish... marinavanzyl Oh c'mon we've been hearing this story of no maintenance for years now. Yet they are earning millions in salaries for sweet nothing. The date of when they might get it right keeps being pushed forward. Last year it was this year March, now next April

So we wont only be using 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯for 11:11 on twitter. 2020 is also here to stay 🤷‍♂️ Coro Coro and load-shedding same whatsapp group... Yaz nje ndaba yalaba yanyanyisa maje nd why the president do something than a loss of 500b would have be a bigger help bt what surprised me is 20 years ago they didnt know this will lead to it or is it us whom being fooled

At least the competent new dawn deployees are proving that loadshedding has less to do with who is leading the utility. When they were deployed , we were promised miracles. Solar technicians next job skills to have in SA All thanks to the Guptas and Zuma. Yasses! So this means that in the coming week we will see or rather we wont see lights in our homes...🤔

And somehow will disappear just before the election like it did when covid19 hit SA Eskom_SA your consistency But our DP said no more load shedding ☹️☹️☹️ I think eskom should start playing PowerBall ayikho lento Only as long as the corrupt anc rules Ska tlo re Bhorra Eskom If anyone has bothered looking at the promises the anc have made to the UN you would find a promise to drop CO2 emissions by almost 50%. It’s impossible to do this without wrecking the economy and also halting the output of Eskom. It’s planned.

Let it go to Sandton and leave us alone in Townships Here to stay! 👀 We know Is there any book you wanna read? , International and local Books but can't get it because it's hard to find?Here's your chance!DM or whatsap 0631616798 with name the of the book and the contact where I can send you the file and I'll definitely get it for you In PDF! N.B R50 fee

We haven't had electricity since yesterday we hungry like hell😭 Ninjalo Nina konje Eskom_SA 💩💩💩 We know there was no need to remind us. 🙁 It's been going on for the past 15 years already! Nothing new.. and no surprises there Here we go again Thank you Eishkom The arrogance of this statement 😔🙄 It's our daily bread now Katlehong

Kanti what is the problem? Until Mzansi becomes a full shit hole koko_matshela and Brian Molefe were doing much better compared to what we lately experiencing... We don't care anymore jou moer Load shedding started in 2008. Can’t this load shedding find another place to stay coz we tired phela Balehlela itowela vele?

You cannot buy something for R2.00 and sell R0.96c even NGOs don't operate this way What's new, they will buy it cheaper So this is it? We becoming like Zimbabwe and them? Same old same old...we've always known, we just wanted them to admit it... Jan Oberholzer was cleared of wrongdoings by Andre De Ruyter for corruption to day he is telling us that loadshedding is here to stay? this is a dangerous cabal imposed on South Africans by Cyril and Pravin.

So as Ramaphosa's Pravin Does eskom even have managers Minister; Pravin Gordhan And im sure Andrea is here to stay also. DeRuytersMustFall Zintle_Gobo DeRuyterMustFall This isn't normal, Loadshedding in Spring. Hayi DeRuyterMustFall The only solution to load shedding is to fire De Ruyter DeRuyterMustFall he is incompetent

If we don't take it seriously this will last forever , we need change, if De ruyter remains Eskom_SA as a CEO then expect nothing but disaster DeRuyterMustFall Dr Ruyter is to blame . How is he going to get Eskom out of the mess he got it into? DeRuyterMustFall Yet they disqualifying employees from getting performance bonus because they took leave ..voetsekeskom

VoetsekANC I can just see them coming to ruin the holidays R500 billion gone, Orbeholzer looted, Markus Jooste looted FatalMoves VoetsekANC Funny enough; we didn't have load-shedding during extreme Lockdown 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ DD must've been high on something I knew DD was lying. Mxm Yeah.... we know that!! That is why we say VoetsekANC VoetsekEff RemoveANCfromPower

It high time citizens of this country start looking at solar energy as an alternative to Eskom .If we can get more homes and businesses off the main grind .Solar cost will come down and Eskom won’t be under such stress I miss Brian Molefe already And so is looting and racism all here to stay. Yes just like poverty, unemployment, lawlessness and corruption. All have a secure future under the ANC regime... All the while the fat cats get fatter! People please do not be fooled by arrests, rejoice when they are prosecuted and monies recouped! Nobody is going to jail...

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At least it comes from the competent ones there is no noise😜😜😜😜😜 So they're now sabotaging DD.. 😂 😂 Can we sacrifice Bheki Cele atleast White People are so corrupt and incompetent, bring back Brian Molefe and Matshela Koko DD Isn’t because of former President Zuma😏 SA's relationship with Eskom is very toxic😭😂

So David Mabuza was talking nonsense yesterday in Parliament Are they aware that people are writing Online Exams This Is Ridiculous Nje Like Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Tanzania etc - load shedding is 2 hours per day you have power 😂😂 This thing of loadsheding and SAA is getting out of control wherewentwrong

I thot David mabuza said no Loadshedding 😱😱😭😭😭😭

Eskom will provide 'timeous' notice if load shedding strikes during matric examsWestern Cape Education MEC Debbie Schäfer has pleaded with Eskom not to leave matric pupils in the dark as they begin their National Senior Certificate exams.

Eskom whistleblower Bianca Goodson urges others to 'do the right thing'Whistle-blower Bianca Goodson says she is proud that Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter has invited her to talk to senior staff at the power utility.

Eskom sees green shoots as turnaround progressesThe utility has ramped up maintenance from 3,000MW earlier in 2020 to close to 6,000MW now

'Matrics have been through enough': MEC urges Eskom not to impose power cuts during examsWestern Cape education MEC Debbie Schäfer said power outages 'wreaked havoc' during the 2019 examinations. The Scuffle Continues : Dark City - In Praise Of Eskom:

Eskom whistleblower Bianca Goodson urges others to 'do the right thing'Whistle-blower Bianca Goodson says she is proud that Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter has invited her to talk to senior staff at the power utility.

'Matrics have been through enough': MEC urges Eskom not to impose power cuts during examsWestern Cape education MEC Debbie Schäfer said power outages 'wreaked havoc' during the 2019 examinations. The Scuffle Continues : Dark City - In Praise Of Eskom: