Election Aftermath: EFF enters parliament ready to shake things up…again

Election Aftermath: EFF enters parliament ready to shake things up...again By Nkateko Mabasa @Nkateko_Azania


Election Aftermath: EFF enters parliament ready to shake things up...again By Nkateko Mabasa Nkateko_Azania

President Julius Malema started the party’s first press conference after the 2019 elections that saw EFF’s growth, by welcoming the outcome by the IEC and thanking over 1.8 million South Africans who identified with the fight for ‘economic freedom’.

Malema berated the “white media” who are “out of touch” with the “masses of our people”. If the elections had gone according to the media, President Cyril Ramaphosa would have won with an overwhelming 80%, said Malema.

The party president then turned to address reports they received of EFF representatives who were not working during the elections season. According to Malema, members complained that EFF ward councillors “absconded” their duties by not doing the groundwork like everyone else.

These are goals Malema says the party will prioritise in the municipalities it already has seats in.

According to Malema a “solid team” consisting of Deputy President Floyd Shivambu, and EFF MPs Veronica Mente and Reneiloe Mashabela were “deployed” into the province where the provincial structure was disbanded and restructured.

Malema stressed that “the EFF must not be like the ANC” who support “friendships at the expense of the organisation”. He says in the EFF there are consequences for low performance.

Malema went on to state that the reason the party does not remove Democratic Alliance mayor Herman Mashaba as mayor of the City of Johannesburg as their alliance partner, is only because of how much the ANC hates the mayor.

Malema then said the party’s campaign message was that when a mall is built anywhere in the country, spaza shops must have shares in the venture because of the loss of business in the local community.

Malema went on to say that if there is any kind of tension which the journalist has noticed it is a result of the inequality experienced by millions of South Africans in the country that will only be solved by sharing the wealth.

Malema then turned to reiterate his earlier stance that Ramaphosa will be removed as the president of the country by a faction in the ANC.

The faction he is fighting is well-oiled and ready for him,” said Malema.

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Nkateko_Azania We know: ThePoliticsOfDisruption! I'm NOT impressed! Nkateko_Azania just cant wait for the comedy run Nkateko_Azania 😴 Nkateko_Azania How did Malema gain University E trance based on his Grafe 12 school report which does not fulfil criterea for university entrance. Something smells here !!!!

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