EDITORIAL: A meaner Ramaphosa must choose a leaner, fit-for-purpose cabinet

EDITORIAL: A meaner Ramaphosa must choose a leaner, fit-for-purpose cabinet

2021-08-05 07:29:00 PM

EDITORIAL: A meaner Ramaphosa must choose a leaner, fit-for-purpose cabinet

The president has run out of time, and will anger citizens if he keeps incompetent ministers in place

President Cyril Ramaphosa. File photo: SUNDAY TIMES/ESA ALEXANDERAnticipation of a cabinet reshuffle has reached a level of high anxiety. While President Cyril Ramaphosa is waiting for the perfect moment in terms of the internal ANC dynamics he must manage, the rest of the country is losing heart. This is especially so among the business and investment community who are again disappointed in Ramaphosa’s failure to act decisively to tackle what was the biggest crisis of the democratic era, in the form of July’s looting and rioting.

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It is also, given the state of the country and an economy that has received a devastating blow from Covid-19, the single most important action Ramaphosa can take right now to shore up confidence and get the government working better.What needs to be done?

There are the obvious, pressing issues, and then there is the bigger picture.Clearly there is a serious problem with all three ministers in the security cluster. If any one of them remains after this, Ramaphosa will have to explain to the country in what possible way they deserve to stay. We cannot feel safe with a police minister who is unable to deploy police, unable to summon resources when confronted by mob behaviour and unable to investigate crime that was plotted and carried out in plain sight. headtopics.com

We cannot feel safe with a minister of intelligence who presides over an intelligence service divided by factionalism, riven with cliques and that is corrupt and incompetent. We are also not safe with an intelligence minister who does not work hand-in-glove with the president and the police minister.

The incompetence and poor judgment of the minister of defence is indisputable by now. She failed to realise that troops were needed to restore peace and then picked a petty argument with the president, when to shoulder responsibility was what was required above all.

The need for a replacement for the minister in the presidency is also obvious and clear. This is a vital position, potentially very powerful if used well and can be a trusted support for Ramaphosa, who is in fact quite alone at the pinnacle of government. The health minister must obviously also be done: Zweli Mkhize has to go — that too is obvious.

But if Ramaphosa wants to use the reshuffle as a confidence reboot, he should make a bigger statement than doing the obvious and essential. In the last few months, it has become clear that his position as head of the ANC is unassailable. While the ANC will always have factions, opposition has been subdued and disorganised. Control is in his hands. headtopics.com

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SA is in a more dire situation than it was when he took over in 2018. Back then, he might have thought he had the luxury of time to turn things around; now that has all been used up.The fact is, his cabinet has been a disappointment. It is not what he promised us: that it would be smaller and fit for purpose. We need a smaller cabinet, a more competent one and a younger one.

But like Jacob Zuma, Ramaphosa has used his cabinet for patronage and to balance political interests in the ANC. There is always the pressure of pragmatic politics when it comes to cabinet decisions. Thabo Mbeki ignored this to his detriment, choosing an elite and talented team and paying for it with his ousting in the end. But bearing this mind, it has clearly been a mistake to put party over competence.

The consequences are many. Over the past two years: new broadband spectrum is no more available than it was; passenger rail is in a worse state than it was before; home affairs is worse; more municipalities are collapsing; energy reform has proceeded at a snail’s pace and virtually at gunpoint; and though public finances have at last been committed to improvement, the Treasury as an institution has not been led, is losing skills and is adrift.

Then there is the question of youth. Youth, energy and drive are correlated; so are being older, complacent and easily accepting  of the way things are done. Read more: Business Day »

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President of the now-disbanded MKMVA, Kebby Maphatsoe died of a heart attack.

EDITORIAL: A meaner Ramaphosa must choose a leaner, fit-for-purpose cabinetThe president has run out of time, and will anger citizens if he keeps incompetent ministers in place Ramaphosa must step down as a president... Don't hold your breath... When will the chatterati and commentariate wake up to Cyril being a Nevill Chamberlain not a Churchill?

Sports minister 'fit for purpose' - Schoeman sticks up his handFormer Olympian Roland Schoeman has written to the president to let him know he is interested in filling the position of sports minister. See the letter here. wesbotton wesbotton I just made a successful trade with shantelll_142I usually see a lot of great and prestigious comments on how effective she operate. Then I reluctantly give it a try she is really transparent because it works as planned, I'm really excited and still hoping for more wins. Rolandschoeman wesbotton After reading the letter, I can confirm that Roland is raising something very important. Our biggest problem actually. wesbotton An industry specialist as a minister? That's ludicrous. The job of a minister is to be a 'party cadre', a yes man/woman and to channel funds to your friends a family. What has actual success in the field and industry knowledge got to do with it?

President leads women empowermentREADER LETTER | In this country, politicians mostly pay lip service to women empowerment. The president deserves praise for appointing young and competent women to his cabinet. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Stop lying We don't need deputies, that is wasteful expenditure ! The absence of Mabuza for more then a month is final proof ! 👀

No cabinet reshuffle on Friday, Ramaphosa has not consulted top six: Jessie DuarteThe calls followed recent unrest in parts of KZN and Gauteng, and seemingly contradictory statements by security cluster ministers — police minister Bheki Cele‚ defence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula and state security minister Ayanda Dlodlo. The one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing It happened last night….you and Jessie need to catch up! Uhmmm, to be fair you were correct in saying there will be no shuffle on Friday as the shuffle already happened on Thursday

Get rid of these jokers!A police force that is dysfunctional: with poorly trained men and women, grounded helicopters, broken down vehicles and insufficient hardware. These revelations are no surprise. The majority of South Africans have long been living with this incompetence. He is not fit for office Only loud when coming to useless stuff. He is one of the Ministers that should be reshuffled to pension.

No minister is safe from Ramaphosa's mooted Cabinet reshuffle - reportRamaphosa wants 'accountability' and 'consequence management' for the recent riots. If not done in 3 weeks Mr Ramaphosa know that his incompetent structures will cover the senior organization of the riots. The buck stops with the head Yes, yes. And he aways gets what he wants. As we know.