Dog safely home after hitching a ride and overnighting with a new pal

East London family relieved to have Alaska back on the farm after her headline-grabbing adventure

2021-10-18 05:40:00 PM

East London family relieved to have Alaska back on the farm after her headline-grabbing adventure

East London family relieved to have Alaska back on the farm after her headline-grabbing adventure

“Yoh! It was this huge, huge dog and it was just sitting in the back. I didn’t know if it would chase me if I ran,” Gwebityala said, explaining how it happened that he ended up taking temporary charge of the tired pooch.He took Alaska home for the night and, dropped her off at the SPCA the following morning. Then he posted a picture of himself with her on the back seat of his car on a community group page on Facebook.

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Meanwhile the Mackenzie family were worried and had been searching for their beloved Alaska.“My daughter and I both drove all over the place looking for her,” Mackenzie said.“The next day I went to work, and although I never go on Facebook I logged on and the first thing that came up was the picture of Alaska with this friendly guy. I recognised her immediately. So I messaged him and he told me the dog was at the SPCA. I called my daughter, and she went straight there and got her,” she said, surprised by the amount of attention the incident had attracted.

“My girls are just scared now that Alaska is well known, and they are worried that someone will actually want to come and take her,” laughed Theresa.

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