Dlamini-Zuma pushes for tobacco, alcohol ban to continue until Level 1 lockdown

Dlamini-Zuma pushes for tobacco, alcohol ban to continue until Level 1 lockdown

2020-05-22 02:08:00 PM

Dlamini-Zuma pushes for tobacco, alcohol ban to continue until Level 1 lockdown

Cooperative Governance Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has told the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) that the sale of tobacco and alcohol should continue to be banned until the country reaches Level 1 of the lockdown.

This prompted a debate in the meeting, chaired by President Cyril Ramaphosa, with no resolution on the matter.A high-ranking insider with intimate knowledge of the meeting said Dlamini-Zuma had come prepared with academic papers that argued against the sale of tobacco and alcohol during the Covid-19 pandemic, citing health risks.

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This is despite an agreement that government would lift the restrictions on the sale of tobacco under Level 3.Those who opposed the proposal led by Dlamini-Zuma argued that a pandemic was not the time to make policy decisions, as both the tobacco and alcohol industries were not banned – they were simply regulated.

A reliable insider said that even Health Minister Zweli Mkhize, who initially supported the ban, seemed to have come to terms with the fact that cigarettes and alcohol should be allowed with strict conditions under Level 3.There was no decision on the matter, the source said.

“The discussion goes on and on and there is no finality,” the insider said.This is not the first time the NCCC has heard lively discussions around the ban on tobacco and alcohol. An announcement by Ramaphosa to allow the sale of those products under Level 4 was rescinded days later after vehement opposition led by Dlamini-Zuma.

The Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association has challenged government’s decision in court, and the Presidency and Dlamini-Zuma have until next Tuesday to provide the record of the decision and the reasons why tobacco was banned in the first place.Dlamini-Zuma’s spokesperson Mlungisi Mtshali said he could not comment on matters currently before the NCCC.

Efforts to get comment from Motsoaledi were also unsuccessful. This will be added should News24 receive it.The NCCC has also heard arguments calling for the reopening of hairdressers and salons under Level 3.It was argued that women, who are the majority in that industry, were at risk of losing their livelihoods.

More than 8 000 people have made inputs to government calling for the reopening of salons and hairdressers.While the matter is still unresolved, it is understood that there seemed to be an indication that there would be “enhanced regulations” if salons were to reopen.

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Another point of contention before the NCCC is the opening of restaurants under strict “protocols”.While takeaways and drive-thrus will be open under Level 3, there is a contention that sit-down restaurants should be open.The NCCC finally agreed that there would be limited domestic air travel under Level 3, with hotels and licenced accommodation allowed to operate to assist businesses. This too would come with strict conditions.

The NCCC’s members seemed to be in agreement that all manufacturing, mining, agriculture, forestry and fisheries would be opened under Level 3.All retail would also be opened, with some restrictions. It was further agreed that the construction industry would be reopened and that all other supporting jobs would also be allowed.

The maritime industry is expected to reopen, with the exception of cruises.Sources told News24 that there was uncertainty whether the risk-adjusted approach of having different districts in different levels would be effective in the metros around the country.

“We said people will just drive to another district for what they can’t get under Level 4,” a second source noted.It was argued that having districts close by on different alert levels would be difficult to enforce.Earlier this week, Gauteng Premier David Makhura said Gauteng as a whole would move to Level 3 and would not move between levels of the lockdown in a disjointed manner.

The technical support team of the NCCC, known as Natjoints, is expected to finalise this in the coming days.Mkhize’s plan for the next phase of the government’s response to curbing the spread of Covid-19 includes a ward-based response, which will see people being employed to enforce mask wearing and social distancing, while others would screen people in wards across the country.

The NCCC is expected to meet again next Tuesday and, in the meantime, the agreed upon regulations are being finalised by the relevant departments. Read more: The Citizen News »

Fuck no lift the ban That's the reason why i never thought she will be a good leader ANC Dlamini-Zuma is going to push us a little bit toooo far! She's got balls to try and push for that kinda ban in a country that is being dominated by liquor and tobbaco businesses There is absolutely no ban on cigarettes, it's freely available everywhere in South Africa. You can buy cigarettes at any squatter camp, Pakistan shop, Nigerian shop, Zimbabwean shops in RSA. Little more expensive, but freely available. So why the fuss

She needs to be removed from office she is trying to kill our nation when we need tax money she stops two of the biggest tax bringers shewantstokillsa The bitterness of loosing Nasrec conference. She is releasing anger to the smokers Aibo nakhu abantu belingwa I hope the people of South Africa will open their eyes when voting for a leader again

This sounds like a fight back from the NDZ's Nasrec faction for people to revolt against CR and to delay court cases of her Nasrec's backers Come level 1 this old broekhoesie will want it banned until level 000000, we are not going to go into level 3 without cigarettes This mama and her friends are making big money now. She should be in jail,not taking decisions about matters she does not understand. And in the mean time the world is watching our African circus here,we were on BBC news this morning. Shame!

Support the zuptas lol Until level zero 👏👏👏. Leadership this one phat63908830 MaDlamini uzozbulalisa ngabantu ke manje. If you knew how to do maths (and how to count) you would be able to calculate that government is losing R130,000,000 A DAY (one hundred and thirty million rand) in tax and VAT due to DlaminiZuma's ban on tobacco alone. Please explain yourself madam.

It’s payback to Max Hurrell for making that video haha when people zol 😂 These 'regulations' are in violation of EVERY CITIZEN'S rights to human dignity, which are NON-DEROGABLE even under a state of emergency, much less a state of disaster. DlaminiZuma please familiarise yourself with the Bill of Rights. SAHRCommission

And as a country we must give her a full support that she needs. Did you know lockdown is made for poor people. Political and rich people they get everything they may want 🤔 This woman needs to retire. Start focusing on the real issues like PPE and the hospitals. Up scaling testing. This screening is clearly not effective. Just test people. I’m sure she has enough money now from her corrupt dealings to fund that. She is wasted space.

This Zuma and Motsoaledi are going 2 be problems. Motsoaledi can hardly run his Dept, he wants 2 hold on 2 the Ministry of Health. He must back off or else we'll expose his scandals. She is too much big for herself dlaminizumamustfall CrookInADoek ❤❤❤👌👌👌👌 In the interest of her family’s sales? Thanks to Nkosazana I no longer smoking and drinking😀

I work in a hospital,the ban on alcohol has decreased the number of trauma patients,before we can even touch u,u have to take the covid test. U might lose your life before the results come out 😑 All you ANC supporters this is what YOU voted for you should be standing PROUD but hey remember these times when voting in future last we voted who would have thought lockdown

Man!! How much does this syndicate want to take from us smokers and the government during the pandemic...and too think that both tobacco and alcohol are freely but expensively available... begs the question.. who gets the cash ? Stratcom strikes again.... I don't buy this story ...Why do you make this a NDZ thing as if she takes decisions without consultation with other parties

I wonder who has an interest in the cigarette underworld This is not only about COVID-19 , Politics fought at another level. Yin uJacob Zuma uyabhema, uyaphuza yin ? Ngoba ngath khona i_EX yakhe alwa nayo logogo i sopport her for tht 7 million people died in her AIDS tyranny. Bringing us HIV pills that burn the urine to a point of being infections. Compelling us to take HIV pills instead of a vaccine. She got infected with AIDS not through sex but through the burning effect of the AIDS pills. She killed SADC

The granny is dreaming . She does that we go the streets and protests. The state can be ungovernable once ! Ja ne¡ seems like our we have along way Togo DlaminiZuma We just waiting for the day the Pres addresses the nation on level 3 resume date . Be assured that if the alcohol and cigarettes be not included on level 3 then it will be clear your government doesn't care about the economy. We wil go the streets to remove u!

ngwanyana o wa hlanya straight Just like a breadwinner her word is final🕵️💥😂. The old bag must go ! dlaminizumamustfall That's the nature of debate, people will have different views and she's entitled to her views. What matters are the out comes of the meeting when the regulation is finalized. Stop gossiping.

People are smoking where they get the cigarettes? Ridiculous. At every level she goes back on her word. 'What she believes' is not scientific and has no regard for the livelihood of people working in those industries. The only beneficiaries are the illegal traders Can we lock her down until level 1 too?

When iduku got muthi hell and Satan stands on top of it. With make up full of velabahleke people just laugh and not question. Sy is fok She's definitely not serving at his behest😂😂😂 Didn't they say older people are at risk and they must stay home. DlaminiZuma what is happening in your head? ? Chase her away please!!!

Continue or discontinue we can still buy the issue is that the prices are exorbitant and the country is loosing a lot of revenue Please ANC talk to these granny because you going to loose use during elections She is pushing the ppl to the limit. And gues who wl take the fal? The President amd she wil b laughing on a cal with her ex while CyrilRamaphosa is busy managing the outcry. This is now pushing it too far

If Cyril is nt careful, ths crisis cud b used by his oponents to destroy the litle confidence ppl stil hv on him. CyrilRamaphosa wake up and smel the tea my President plz. My wishes is to ban 4 ever The president of RSA has spoken.....🤷😒 Real leadership🔥👌🏽🇿🇦♥️ Her agenda is to weaken the CR administration. She wishes to see people rebel against CR.

People will spend money on smokes and alcohol and their children will go hungry..🤔 She has a point...🤷🏿‍♂️ Plus when have had a dop and a puff you will likely mingle with a stranger and get friendly...😱 As much as people should minimise Tabacco and alcohol use, the ban is adding further stress to our people and fiscus. Lift the ban. CyrilRamaphosa DrZweliMkhize

What the hell?! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Good news And people continue to starve. Where are her priorities? Looking after health as she would like us to believe, as the masses starve to death? DD pls come out from wherever you are we need ur intervention now pls Why does this idiotic clown bother with this. She clearly never had any idea in any of the departments she ran down... and now she plays god. If she were able to count or do any type of math she would know how much the government is losing. Get someone to assist her please.

That is why Zuma divorced you is because of your attitude, you was giving him roster for SEX 😡😡😡 Lo mama u resign nini Mara sizosala nge peace 🤔🤔 She is playing games now.....she won't get it right. DlaminiZuma can you please retire The study of UCT confirms the ban did not work, for 90% if did not read it incorrectly. Whoms interest is she pushing? As everyone is losing via tax money. By all appearances the only ones gaining is illicit traders and associates

What is wrong with the woman? Yes, that should continue and churches and places of worship should open pronto LockdownLevel3 LockdownSA 😂 😂 😂 😂 We are in for a ride! Give them cake, she said... Maybe the revolt will start... There is no place in any government or any society across the globe for fascist c*nts such as this old hag. She needs to go.

That's why she lost in Nasrec She’s high on Zol level1 Entlek who's in charge here. Ramaphosa or ndlamini zuma Clearly her son is making BIG bucks!!!!!!! DR. Dlamini-Zuma Thank u future president. Cigarettes will increase Coronavirus cases. Go jump in the ocean We'll remember you ANC and what you're doing to us law abiding citizens !

Access to a public healthcare is an entreched constitutional right, but tobacco and alcohols are not, and consuming them bears nothing good. Instead, under the influence of alcohol, most of consumers do all sorts of bad things that will worsen Covid-19 transmission. BAN THEM! This woman is sizing you up, CR.

Isn’t she a board member of some cigarette company, asking gor a friend. Let me fix your headline: Media calling for Dlamini-Zuma 's head since her argument is based on science. O Bosso Wena. Bosso Ke Mang? She has an open revenue stream to her bank account on the poison she and her family are bootlegging

Lol she is proving a point ul be strong Please tell yourself and your son to hold on with the sigatette ban till level 1 because your son has also a big tabaco com and some of you was about 2 weeks ago in the news for illegle sigarettes. It is my body my longs and hart not yours so I smoke I dont need to ask you

So, reading the article, it seems like everything is being relaxed, hairdressing air travel, manufacturers. Everything EXCEPT cigarettes and alcohol!!!! THIS IS NOT RIGHT. Smokers are being targeted in this spiteful campaign leg by a twisted individual DlaminiZuma alanwinde Please Mommy do it I think now you are out of order😡😡😡😡🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

It can't be ! No dictatorship in a democracy. goodbye to the wine and tobacco industries and poor families loosing their livelihood, believe she has allocated funds to support those people or alternative employment or businesses for them sy weet duidelik fokkol van ekonomie af en gee ook nie om nie There was an “agreement that government would lift the restrictions on the sale of tobacco under Level 3”. Now the wicked witch is once again telling people what’s best for them. Insufferable woman!!! PresidencyZA alanwinde jsteenhuisen enough is enough!!!!

Do not we need strong economy to fight and defeat pandemics; does she fully comprehend what economy entails on the lives of the people or she is just obsessed with her medical profession or maybe driving RETagendathat sought to destroy CR admin Uyanya lo gogo If the peer to peer review on Nicotine being beneficial to smokers response to Covid19 is proven correct this is going to be a(nother) severe embarrassment to the government. 2cWorth

Death will come for this old hag DlaminiZuma and very soon tobacco and alcohol industries were not banned – they were simply regulated!!!!!!!! She will push this because she knows that Mazzoti is benefiting in illegal cigarettes I drink and i smoke, and I support the ban until level one. I mean people can leave without tobacco and alcohol. I'm so proud of ma dlamini zuma

TinyikoZet Angahi babeli hina She won’t win that argument this time around SARS and NT will be worse off without those two revenue streams. Cause she will the Zumas rule the undergroud and illegal sales of cigarettes and alcohol Socialism and Communism is winning with a complicit electorate. SA is pursuing Zim 2.0. Join the independence movement and pursue peace and prosperity. Vote TODAY and save your family. It's FREE. SHARE FAR AND WIDE.

Making too much money is she? I am not her baby. Enough now... Efward zuma and mazotti and her is making too much money from illicit cigarettes thats why she wants to keep the ban going, no other reason We have listen to this lady for too long. That’s it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’M NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT ANY LONGER. alanwinde jsteenhuisen CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA DlaminiZuma

Somebody need to give this gogo a dick Rubbish SA is terrorised by an old bi**h... why don you give her a ventilator and sent her home! Gogo doesn't play....

OPINIONISTA: Profit before wellbeing: British American Tobacco vs Nkosazana Dlamini ZumaBritish American Tobacco’s threat to challenge the Covid-19 tobacco ban in court is symbolic of the tyranny of the markets and corporate attempts to undermine democracy in pursuit of profit. What Bullshit. You must be an ANS Puppet, similar to Hu Xjin (Global Times) from the Chinese government. That this is even published.. Write more articles. You are well paid to defend wmc... gemoedsbekakken!!!!!! get a life dear writer!!!!

'Today's judges just like those under apartheid' - Jacob Zuma attacks the judiciaryAccording to Zuma, the attitude of the judges towards him in the democratic dispensation is the “same” as that of the apartheid judiciary when he was a freedom fighter. Uyanya! Sad that his love for money through foreigners help has landed him in shit.. can you believe it....!! it's now official that regardless of who you are or what you have done it will always be apartheid's fault, period! looting, corruption or even statecapture with no accountability is forever!

Zuma: Appearing in court in modern SA is much the same as it was during apartheidIn the latest instalment of Zooming with Zuma, former president Jacob Zuma has bemoaned the treatment he has received in democratic South Africa. He was thrown out of power because he favored Blacks first ,cry thy beloved Black African continent how much do you cost Because nothing changed since 1994 under the ANC rule except for blacks being in charge of the same Apartheid system now instead of the whites! Fool! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm lost please msholozi explain because what you saying make no sense

Jacob Zuma loses bid to appeal 'defamation tweet' ruling on HanekomThe Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) has dismissed a bid by former president Jacob Zuma to appeal against a court ruling that found he had defamed former minister Derek Hanekom by calling him a “known enemy agent” on Twitter If the “rule of law is dealing with you was a person”. He lost an appeal again in a civil case. But at least he ceased seeking appeal for withdrawal of permanent stay of prosecution- for “arm’s deal case”.

Jacob Zuma loses appeal bid against ruling about Derek Hanekom tweetHanekom took urgent legal action against Zuma after he referred to Hanekom as a ‘known enemy agent’ in a tweet in July 2019 😂

Jacob Zuma loses bid to appeal 'defamation tweet' ruling on HanekomThe Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) has dismissed a bid by former president Jacob Zuma to appeal against a court ruling that found he had defamed former minister Derek Hanekom by calling him a “known enemy agent” on Twitter UneNkane let him pay. We all know why, not difficult to figure it out