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Amos Masondo, Apartheid

De Klerk now admits apartheid was a crime against humanity - The Mail & Guardian

Apartheid’s last president walks back comments that definition was a Soviet plot


In his apology, South Africa's last apartheid president FW de Klerk quoted South Africa's first democratically elected president, Nelson Mandela .

Apartheid ’s last president walks back comments that definition was a Soviet plot

all came out over the weekend to condemn the De Klerk Foundation’s comments. “The FW de Klerk Foundation has accordingly decided to withdraw its statement of 14 February unconditionally and apologises for the confusion, anger and hurt that it has caused,” the statement said.

During last week’s State of the Nation Address, the Economic Freedom Fighters objected to De Klerk’s presence in the gallery and refused to let proceedings continue until he left. In Monday’s statement, De Klerk said he supports the legal definition of the crime of apartheid as set out in the Rome Statute — the international legal framework behind the International Court of Justice.

“The FW de Klerk Foundation supports this provision,” his statement read.

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De Klerk needs to retire and shut up. He just makes bad even worse. Is him who apologised or his foundation? Repentance is always good. He is old. But.... How could be so unconscionable? I cannot but wonder what he will be remembered for now, the Nobel peace laureate, or the dogmatic 'technical expert' on an irrelevant question, pertaining to the heinous system of Apartheid.

If he didn't see anything WRONG with Apartheid then he should have fought to NOT allow SOUTH AFRICA become a democratic nation. You are old in age does NOT mean you have sense🚶 Had a conversation with Thabo Mbeki, which I presume, opened his mind! Really?! Malema back on the Pravin bus tomorrow 🥱 If he didn't know that it was a crime against humanity a week ago, I doubt he's sincerely apologetic

He's piece of dirt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 quote NelsonMandela and all if forgotten siyajwayelwa la..... Is he on drugs or having some late 60’s episodes? I refuse to accept that this fella is medically sound, maybe he wants to make a comeback politically?

ANC condemns FW de Klerk Foundation for denying apartheid was a crime against humanity | IOL NewsANC condemns FW de Klerk Foundation for denying apartheid was a crime against humanity ANC has condemned the statement by the FW de Klerk Foundation 'denying that apartheid was a crime against humanity as a blatant whitewash'. Too late!!! When did he say this? That word 'condemn' must be made illegal and declare a crime now because ppl always hide against it instead of taking action always

Thabo Mbeki strategically saved his buddy. 2-fold action 1. He didn't know 2. Now he knows and apologizes What BS!! Well someone woke up and smelt the coffee! When in doubt quote Tata. I am glad you saw your errors Oom Frederik. Takes a big man to admit to his mistakes. I think he is only saying this because he sees that people are outrageous...

WATCH: De Klerk claims he didn't know apartheid was a crime against humanity - Mbeki | IOL NewsWATCH: De Klerk claims he didn't know apartheid was a crime against humanity - Mbeki Former President Thabo Mbeki says the last Apartheid leader FW De Klerk, was not aware that the system was declared a crime by the UN. cc SANewsBot Botik61945648 SANewsBot We have a sitting president who invites a murderer who refuses to take responsibillity for his evil acts, besides the outcry. our buffalo remains resolute and silent

ANC slams FW de Klerk Foundation for denying apartheid was crime against humanityThe ruling party is now saying it wants denials of apartheid's criminality to be criminalised in a manner similar to holocaust denial in Germany. EFF set the goal posts and ANC follow,trend we set for this confused ANC Which Anc? No come on man how many Anc's we have in this country? I don't think he denied it, he pointed out some facts. But if the ANC wants to criminilise Apartheid denial like the Holocaust denial then they need to start jailing 6 million blacks.

Desmond & Leah Tutu Foundation slam de Klerk after apartheid utterancesMaybe we need to legislate against cah denial? Senile. Just like kalliekriel

De Klerk Foundation under fire for its ‘degree of awfulness’ commentsCritics shoot down attempt to explain a balanced view of the apartheid era Is that blood dripping on his hands, oh sorry it's pink. FW de Klerk is a MURDERER PERIOD. THIS white MGODOYI must VOETSEK. Blah blah blah

Mbeki: 'I'll send De Klerk the UN convention on apartheid'Former president Thabo Mbeki has undertaken to send apartheid's last president, FW de Klerk, the UN convention declaring apartheid a crime against humanity. Can we send him to ICC for AIDS denialism too? EFFSouthAfrica an unrelated DISCUSSION between FWDEKLERK and TMALIunisa AND NOW Yawn....

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