Sonadebate, Cyril Ramaphosa

Sonadebate, Cyril Ramaphosa

DA MP calls on Ramaphosa to break away from ANC | IOL News

#SONAdebate: DA MP calls on Ramaphosa to break away from ANC


SONAdebate: DA MP calls on Ramaphosa to break away from ANC

DA MP Geordin Hill-Lewis has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to part with factions in the ANC that were opposed to policy ...

"The president promises major reform, the treasury supports major reform, the official opposition supports major reform, the country wants major reform. So here is the very curious thing: Where is the major reform? We have been promised it. But we do not have it," he said.

"There are still many state capture looters in his own party that are fighting him and fighting his reform agenda. They brandish the language of the loony left, but they are rapacious, corrupt and hell-bent on winning back control of state resources.... Why, sir, are you interested in building consensus with these enemies of growth?"

He added that Ramaphosa's repeated concessions to within the ruling party made him look like a leader in retreat and urged him to break away and join forces with like-minded politicians outside the ANC.

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DA MP's literally they say,look Cyril,we whites and Indians we put you there,in order to fulfill our mandate,break away from Anc,don't listen to Anc,listen to ours because we put you there.CR17 statements. that so....? M not suprised he belongs there.. by the way what does this man called Hatang from Mandela foundation stand for?whenever watch him being interviewed i loose appetite

Why am I not shocked 🤣🤣🤣🤣 To where? Thuma Mina has NO constituency. On his own..he wont even manage a single seat in parliament. As a matter if FACT none if the ANC MPs command a strong following in their individual capacity. The last man to command a strong following is Jacob Zuma. This splinter nonsense won't fly

LOL! Very stupid MP. CR17's political mileage is as a puppet & nothing else. Once he leaves the 'ruling party', he wont be worth investing in from the Supremacists perspective. ANC is the INVESTMENT. To break away from the ANC? you mean to join DA? DA MP's head is full of water, no brains nothing. Lol...beat the dog until the owner comes out

ANC councillors gang up with DA and EFF to topple mayors and speakersThe upcoming Mpumalanga ANC conference is causing pandemonium on the ground as the party’s councillors collude with the EFF and the DA to topple their mayors and speakers Moer mekaar. We love it. What should be done if the same councillors are being ignored by the same people in their own organization when they raised their concerns or complaints?And such Premier acts as if he/she is untouchable.

🤣😂🤣 Who will follow this loser? 😂😂😂 Heee banna Can Cyril go already & take Khusela with him! What difference will that make? Don't act like Ramaphosa didn't hear, see or know anything about StateCapture. Look at Malema, started EFF and even worse now. 'Phakama Ramaphosa, Ixesha lifikile' 😂😂😂 SONA2020Debate

Someone please balance me😂🤣😂 😂😂😁😁 Derek_Hanekom worked with opposition to engineer PresJGZuma removal. Clearly the MYANC is its own enemy. Maybe voters need to give others a chance. Afterall, they all speak for the poor.

EDITORIAL: Malema the unexpected victor as DA scores own goal on apartheidThe DA’s response to De Klerk’s offensive apartheid remarks created further bad feeling when it might just have kept quiet What changed? Every which way but loose. I can tell u right now, the DA will pay for that own goal for the rest of this year and right into the local elections and beyond.. Steenhuisen and Mazonne will have their hands full shame

Dear MYANC Members DA want to collect their property (makoti) which they paid a billion lobola for 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Its quite an interesting statement from DA, it goes a long way to define the character and the kind of president the ANC have this time around. This president has never worked in the interest of the ANC base, but has promoted capital and the elite, both in the ANC and outside.

He should have said ANC must recall him They Da can't contain their love for CyrilRamaphosa galbertyn Hebanna and whete must he go Become a Politician Come as is THIS IS HOW YOU EARN A LIVING Parasitic Scavengers All these Parasites from All Political Parties they are Secured a Fat Salary and Huge Perks for 5 years There is No Future for Us the Millions of Unemployed Citizens Shame on these Scavengers

To save ANC from him They own him

DA slams Mopani municipal manager as ‘incompetent’The DA said the new municipal manager, Quiet Kgatla, was ineffective, inefficient and incapable of delivering the beleaguered municipality to sustainability.

Aphi amanga ka pietrampedi? not a DA fan, but i do believe there is some sense being said here. True democracy in action when there is consensus and working towards a common purpose across party lines They know Cyril is their person. He is implementing policies of the DA MmakgoshiLinda MmusiMaimane your old handlers have spoken. And then what? Bothle ko Our_DA ke domkops.

Thought as much 😂😂😂 Remember the story that said CR is working with other people to bring the ANC down and form a coalition government is SA with his coming from the DA now I can safely say it was all Planned thank for great Sunday stories Sunday Independent’s headlines are coming to light that there is a planned coalition in the pipeline. pietrampedi come this side

geordinhl I find it fascinating that some of the comments below now accuse Cyril of being under DA control or their ally. THIS is why SA can't progress. The ignorant factionalists would rather defend their corner to the detriment of SA than see parties working together for the better. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

He must also step down as president also

DA names Randall Williams as candidate for next Tshwane mayor | Pretoria NewsUnless a political turnaround happens in the next few days, MMC for Economic Development and Spatial Planning Randall Williams is in pole position to be the next executive mayor of the City of Tshwane. pretorianews pretorianews Da is dead mose

😂😂😂 breakaway to where? Who made him president? DA has wack MP's who like to mingle with other people's business ignoring their own They're recruiting him to be their leader, meaning, they see no hope of John Steehuisen ever becoming president. Poor Judas John with his own party Judases Do these lame DA thinkers believe Ramaphosa would still retain the presidency after the breakaway

Haibo and go where? Join DA kwazi kwanzima🙏 Maybe the DA MP must join Ramaphosa's ANC. 😂😂😂 he must go join the DA UnmovedLee Hhayi angiyazi le nto ekhulunywa uHill-Lewis....... Oh wow. People love the ANC and not Ramaphosa, he has no support outside parliament Hau, njani? Hebanna 🤣😂🤣😂

HELEN ZILLE: Business Day, not the DA, is the real loserSelective demonisation in your editorial makes your newspaper the one which has lost Yes ZilleTweets helenzille , there are double standards, but why isn't Our_DA up for the challenge of meeting it? Is it not possible to remain true to one's principles without offending the electorate? Why not strive for humbled perfection, principled based popularity? Yeah, it seemed BD were celebrating an EFF victory. The article itself had nothing to do with business. Who's their editor there?

KhandaniM the moment we have all been waiting for. Sentletse koko_matshela AdvDali_Mpofu He's their president and they've been supporting him lately. He never been an ANC he was then NP spay nw DA member Ba mo nyaka 😂😂 Vele he is here to destroy our party Bathong 🤣🤣🤣🤣 He doesn't have support outside anc

So they want him to come with his yes mens ko DA. Truecolours They can't hide their relationship anymore All along Ramaphosa is not fully himself in the ANC, deep down he want to work with only white people than his own ANC comrades. So DA is claiming him as thier own. Crazy🤣🤣🤣🤣

DA's Mncwango calls on Ramaphosa to petition for withdrawal of De Klerk's Nobel Prize | IOL NewsKZN DA provincial leader Zwakele Mncwango has challenged President Cyril Ramaphosa to lead the charge by petitioning for FW de Klerk to be stripped off the Nobel Peace Prize. I agree....but what if the EFF kept quiet about this issue during SONA, was the DA gonna raise it? I guess NOT. Why doesn't Mncwango just do it himself ? And make himself famous. Get his name up there in lights, you know. Soyoyicela ivuthiwe!

What is going on What do we expect? He's an ANC president defined by his words and actions not a South African President. He acts on behalf of his party not on behalf of the people of South Africa. Buffalo has fallen!he was such a mabena Abelungu don't have secrets now they exposing him soon he will be reminded that they made him

They want to lead him astray do that they can feed him to the dogs like they have done with Mmusi & others.... Hallelujah Just when you think you've heard it all 😂😂. The thumamina voters after realizing who they actually voted for. Mr Unity breaking away lol Mxelele

Ye banna 🙆🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ To join DA? I'm confused 😂😂😂😂😂 wt actual fuck? Nothing new here. Cyril will definitely break out , as they had already indicated they’ll form a new movement together with They can still talk those ones? I wouldn't listen to them Cyril. We all know what they do to well spoken black men🤷‍♂️ SONAdebate

As'khohliwe owakwenza eMarikana lowo He talks sense. He should be in the camp of his masters. The boyz Mamabolo must be fired from Parliament... He is one bad tomato......he might damage the others. He must join da

🤔 LOL!!!!😂 They're failing to realise that he's a virtual ANC president. In reality he's serving them more than ANC.He has been their member since he was recruited and was groomed for capital. And that debate belongs to Stellenbosch when he's playing golf with them. Not in parliament. Ufanele ukuthetha kanje lomntu cse uyabona ukufa kusembizeni

Lol....ha ha and join DA b coz he is pushing their mandate No it’s not what they said “DA said start governing South Africa the country not your party !!!! ANC is the reason Ramaphosa is our president mus🤷‍♂️.... Stupid DA mp. How's that possible... people voted for the Anc ... if he breaks away, he'll be giving up his position as the president of the party ultimately he will be forced to resign as the president of the country ... but kodwa iDA 😅


Bathong 🙊 They cannot hide the love they have for Rama... The big donkey is in the hot sit! He prioritised the ANC than the lives of South Africans. The ship is sinking because he appointed corrupt pigs into his cabinet. Perhaps, like I suggested a while back, the president should take over the helm at the DA, and Zille and Steenhuisen should join the FF+? geordinhl EbrahimFakir ferialhaffajee

It seems like our President can’t handle our Country as he is suppose to but if he can implement his diversion plan then he’ll make difference There wont be a split, they are all too hungry to stay in power and receive the associated perks.

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