Covid shots in the dark: Dose of discrimination: Why the government failed to reach its vaccination targets

ARCHIVES: Covid shots in the dark: Dose of discrimination: Why the government failed to reach its vaccination targets

2022-01-23 04:49:00 AM

ARCHIVES: Covid shots in the dark: Dose of discrimination: Why the government failed to reach its vaccination targets

South Africa’s problems with low vaccination rates are connected to race, class, disdain for community organising, and underfunding of the vaccine roll-out. Our New Year’s message to the President is: reflect on the real reasons for your failure and fix them fast.

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Total employment increases by 42,000 jobs

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And since this excellent analysis was published, there has been zero communication, nothing has changed and vax centres are quiet. Expect the zeta ζ variant soon.

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Ramaphosa holds meetings around new basic income grant for South Africa – and extending R350 Covid grantPresident Cyril Ramaphosa, finance minister Enoch Godongwana and social development minister Lindiwe Zulu held meetings with civil society this week to discuss the possible extension of South Africa’s R350 social relief of distress (SRD) grant beyond March 2022 – and the introduction of a basic income grant. 460

South Africa gets R11-bn booster shot from the World Bank to fight Covid-19South Africa gets R11-bn booster shot from the World Bank to fight Covid-19: As the country battles the pandemic, the World Bank loan will assist to boost the economy Booster shot? Or Gravy Train fuel? 🚂 Boost the economy, how exactly?

Zimbabwe’s second-biggest city knocks on doors with Covid-19 shotsIn Zimbabwe’s second city, government medical staff are going door-to-door with Covid-19 vaccines in a bid to boost a stalled vaccine programme in the latest indication of how Africa’s drive has now switched from sourcing doses to persuading people to take them. Dictatorship, those ppl have no choice. Fsek You have to Stand Up for yourself, No one is gonna be with you on the way to Success because the path of Success is very hard and only few can go over it. I earned over R350,000 thanks to Lisaberry76 Is that someone's house🤔🤔

Door-to-door Covid-19 vaccination drive aims to get shots in arms in BulawayoThe two-week programme, where at least 650,000 people live, began on January 13 and will use both health ministry staff and city officials I always hated Bitcoin and thought it was a scam,till I met AMBREYMARCUS1 I made my withdrawal of R250,000 in 2 weeks thanks to AMBREYMARCUS1 Now am financially stable . Medicine getting sold door to do?

World Bank approves R11.4bn loan to support SA’s Covid-19 recoveryThe WorldBank's R11.4bn loan to South Africa will assist to finance SA's critical health and social safety net programme & develop its economicreform agenda, a/t TreasuryRSA's Dondo Mogajane. WorldBank TreasuryRSA the cadres are looking forward to a early Xmas WorldBank TreasuryRSA No doubt this will make headlines in 2 years with missing funds , inflated tenders etc. WorldBank TreasuryRSA Not one single person believes this. It is common knowledge that the ANC will steal every last cent. The man on the street will only see this money when the flashy German sedans cruise by with tinted windows and VIP protection in tow