Dstv 403

Dstv 403

COVID-19 | WATCH | Spike in infections at Gauteng schools

COVID-19 | WATCH | Spike in infections at Gauteng schools #eNCA #DStv403

2021-06-19 08:20:00 AM

COVID-19 | WATCH | Spike in infections at Gauteng schools eNCA DStv403

In Gauteng, there have been close to 1,000 new COVID-19 infections in schools in a week.

But teacher's union Sadtu says it's encouraged that teachers will soon get vaccinated.Watch the video above for more details on this story. Read more: eNCA »

Taxi violence: Golden Arrow bus driver struck by stray bullet in his ankle

A Golden Arrow bus driver was hit in the ankle by one of the bullets fired at a minibus taxi at the Borcherds Quarry drive this morning.

And grandparents must look after kids? Is it just me or is news headlines getting more dumber each day, duhh Gauteng is in a 3rd wave, if parents have covid 19, it is just logic that children too will have covid. Wake up and smell the coffee, stop trying to create news headlines I just want to say thank you to JAmSRcharD I was nobody in the pass until a friend of mine introduced me to you I never thought I could make money online but it's clearly real thanks you

COVID-19 | WATCH | Army reinforcements to aid GautengActing Health Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane says the SANDF medical staff will help with the COVID-19 response. Just look at them. No code.. We don't have a army we have a holiday resort for blacks.. How exactly are violent low self-esteem thugs with big guns supposed to help with a disease? They should put more reinforcements into getting vaccine shots into peoples arms and mass vaccination at stadiums 😡💔 we can’t continue leaving like this!!! Our GovernmentZA COVID_19_ZA needs to be more ambitious to turn things around.

'We'll close schools if experts advise us,' Gauteng education department on rising Covid-19 casesJust last week, 1,977 pupils in the province contracted Covid-19 across more than 2,000 schools, resulting in the closure of at least 20 schools.

Gauteng hospitals scramble to prepare for influx of Covid-19 patientsPublic hospitals in Gauteng are half-full with Covid-19 patients as infections surge across the country and admissions increase rapidly. IsaacPat IsaacPat Since this pandemic, why new Hospitals are not yet build?

SANDF medics deployed as Covid-19 surges in GautengActing health minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane said on Friday that the SANDF military health service was being deployed in Gauteng to ease the burden on health practitioners as Covid-19 surges in the province. People must remember that Gauteng is one of the province where there is lots of movement. People from different provinces are living Gauteng. So it's easy for the province to become the only one that people should be concerned about... So SANDF are fake virus shields and immune to it. But the SANDF can't detect Covid-19 is bio weapon by both US and China army. And graves dug months ago are about to be filled because that vaccine is not to be trusted. Who know that it's actually a slow poison that will ensure that some of us won't see old age and state pension years?

SANDF to be deployed in Gauteng to assist with enforcement of Covid-19 rulesActing Health Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane said the high number of community protests over the past few days had added to the rapid spread in Gauteng. level3 COVID19 CyrilRamaphosa an army to fight a virus while you could have used the army to deploy early treatment Ivermectin kits to save lives Deploying troops to kill innocent/unarmed civilians. CollinsKhosa Try frog jumps one more time and you'll see South Africans

Covid-19 surge | SANDF deployed to Gauteng | CitypressThe military has been deployed to Gauteng amid a massive surge in Covid-19 cases in the inland province. To do what For what? They want to fight Covid?