COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | 6,762 new cases recorded in SA in the past 24 hours

Coronavirus live updates.

2022-01-13 08:59:00 AM

Coronavirus live updates.

Coronavirus live updates.

REACT EMS paramedics prepare to transport an 82 years old woman suffering from possible coronavirus disease (COVID-19) symptoms, after she was exposed to a Covid-19 positive family member, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, US January 12, 2022.Japan's Osaka prefecture to see about 2,400 new coronavirus cases, governor says -media

ReutersData shows 181 Covid-19 related deaths and 6,762 new infections recorded in the latest 24-hour reporting period. Can the Covid-19 vaccine cause throat cancer?13 January 2022 - 06:3013 January 2022 - 06:18 

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Total employment increases by 42,000 jobs

According to the latest statistics, South Africa's total employment increased on both a quarterly and annual basis. Read more >>

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