COVID-19 in SA | Increase in hospitalisations of under 5-year-olds

WATCH | Panyaza Lesufi speaks on increased hospitalisations of school children

2021-12-04 04:42:00 PM

WATCH | Panyaza Lesufi speaks on increased hospitalisations of school children

The Health Department says the fourth COVID-19 wave is unlike anything we have seen before. The number of cases and the infection rate has skyrocketed.

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When are u ridding schools of pit toilets 😑🤔 Where are the pictures with those kids? Which schools are those Still waiting for Lesufi to come clean (no pun intended) on the irregular R431 million school sanitisation tender issued by his department officials. He has been deafeningly silent on this one.

I only listen to medical professionals Prove it. What are the actual numbers? Let him bring his proof of those hospitalisation of children. A government that steal 500b emergency relief crippled municipalities bankrupt pension funds & allow themselves tobe captured everything they other out of their filthy mouths are lies fabrications and false information

The creepy crooked lizard has slithered out of his “Swallows״ nest. But I ask why as they started to give school children the vacation now there's an increase in hospitalization don't understand this shit why our children do they know what they doing

COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | Covid-19 has highlighted the vulnerability of communities: WHOCovid-19 live updates. If only you spend the same amount of time updating the crime, rape, abuse, child abuse etc etc than what you do on covid.... Stop it already!!

COVID-19 in SA | Western Cape braces for fourth waveThe province has recorded 727 new infections in the last 24 hours.

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COVID-19 in SA | Makhura encourages Gauteng residents to vaccinateGauteng premier David Makhura is calling on everyone to vaccinate as the number of new infections rises. Just force them already. All must be vaccinated by May 2022. Hey akasiyeke it's better to die naturally the n being killed by Western countries with this vaccine thing. If ppl die after taking a jab the same Makhura is no where to be found to take a blame

SA breaches 10,000 mark for daily Covid-19 casesAs per the National Department of Health, a further 44 Covid-19 related deaths have been reported, bringing total fatalities to 89,915 to date. Yhoooo😩😩😭😭 Nothing during political rallies or the voting period... just how government predicted in September, that December will be the peak... Some will say conspiracy, others will say great insight from Government and Big Pharma People you are being fooled. When will you see it

COVID-19 in SA | Gauteng bearing the brunt of new casesConcern in Gauteng with worrying COVID-19 numbers being recorded here. We know after gauteng it's will be western-cape turn.