COVID-19 in SA: 887 new cases, 10 deaths

COVID-19 in SA: 887 new cases, 10 deaths

2021-11-20 09:08:00 PM

COVID-19 in SA: 887 new cases, 10 deaths

The cumulative number of recoveries stands at 2,820,731.

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The matric class of 2021 are eagerly awaiting their results which are to be announced by Education Minister, Angie Motshekga.

Lets be cautious and wear mask compulsory.. seems 4th wave is coming as we heading to festive season. They planned 4th wave now the number is increasing like hell 😳 actually what's going on with South Africa vele😭 Inconsistant testing figures AGAIN. Stats still garbage. GIGO (garbage in garbage out).

hhayi please. December needs to happen regardless. When will people realize this crap does not exist Hahahahahahaha... what a pot of BS Awuuuu! They're bringing the pandemic back Its sad how stupid the media and government think we are the numbers are wayyy too high but yal gon play us like we aint seem this before

I think these figures are inflated as telkom needs 8 billion so the forth wve is coming and telkom will get the money and we suffer 😑

Let's not forget the make up They were quiet all these times. There will be a steady increase in the numbers. Then we'll go to the next lockdown level. Then we'll hear how it's our fault. Rinse, wash, repeat. My meddie said there wasn’t any loadshedding near the weekend cause they want gents to go outside and catch that shit

Who's still testing for Covid? Singanyelwa!! How many new cases and fatalities deaths were vaccinated? Lol you have no shame to think the whole human race is that dumb to not see you agenda, how stupid Everyone infected after no water for how many days. The government just set this up 🤞🏻 Voetsek VoetsekANCVoetsekCyril VoetsekANC VoetsekCyril

Bill Gates Paid Media to Lie. My nr.was out with 123-eish🤣🤣 Blame your president Up and up we go 😅😅😅😅 rubbish numbers. I don’t believe it. Fake numbers. My cue to stop following eNCA, goodbye BS👋 We are watching u, no lock down. We are tired of your shenanigans. Stats were stable during elections What's the petrol price now?

Do they have to make it so obvious?

Holiday season lockdowns is coming up. So predictable. Lockdown will be from 16-17 December 2021 until 17 January 2022 Ohh boy, here comes level 5 Still not saying if it's vaxxed or not... The ill fated reports should stop. Liability cases will be brought to the news agency. This is not freedom of speech it's incomplete reporting resulting in mental abuse.

Peeps please clean your systems...too much nyongo going around...peyida, palaza, hlanza wonke nodoti and you will be covid free Ya ya,here comes the false narratives...Feardemic... Manchester United just lost and i have just died too Stop it please 😤😤 Covid-19 or the new flu, saze safa🥺