COVID-19 a 'setback' for Africa, says Pandor

COVID-19 a 'setback' for Africa, says Pandor

2020-05-26 05:01:00 PM

COVID-19 a 'setback' for Africa, says Pandor

International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor says COVID-19 has exposed Africa's fragile health infrastructure.

"I think this has been a calamity for the African continent, given the strides that we had made over the last two decades," Pandor said."Our economies had improved vastly, we had seen thestrengtheningof democracy and good governance in many parts of the continent and so this is a real setback and it has exposed our public health care systems as being fragile."

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READ:Tourists who tested positive for COVID-19 not going home: PandorPandor also commended Africa's coordinated approach to the virus."What has been encouraging is the coordinated manner in which we have responded, led by the African Union and particularly by AU chairperson, Cyril Ramaphosa," the minister said.

"So I think, Africa, out of thisexperiencehas to ensure that all theinadequaciesthat have emerged as key barriers to fighting this pandemic must be addressed." Read more: eNCA »

Thanks to your chinese buddies No shit Sherlock Victim mentality. Rest of the world were spared. The setback is the stupid anc. Africa ? Only ? She doesn't watch the world news much, does she ? 😁 Covid 19 is not a problem , the set back is this stupid LOCKDOWN. Cabinet is the biggest setback of the century.

Really WoW! What a profound realization... 🙄 Why is every politician now acting like the miserable state of our healthcare systems is a surprise? Citizens have been painfully aware of this for decades. STOP BLAMING EVERYTHING ON COVID!!!

Covid-19: Africa has come together to face its challenges – RamaphosaSpeaking from his Covid 19 bunker on the island of Cuba. Anyone actually seen this man in the flesh lately? Let Us Give Your Business That Professional Look You've Always Wanted 🔥💯🤷‍♂️ ❗❗Shlabane Graphics Special❗❗ Business Logo: R400 Business Letterhead: R200 Business Card:R130 Please Retweet My Potential Client Might be on your timeline 🙏🏿❤ do not pat yourself on the back just yet Cyril! anc shames will surface and come to light soon...tik tok!

Covid-19 crisis reveals need to focus on intra-Africa partnershipsOPINION | Ideas of African togetherness, underpinned by the philosophy of ubuntu, must inspire African solidarity. They are more relevant than ever before. AfricaDay2020 The RLF calls on ALL GOVERNMENTS of the AU to challenge Africans in Africa and Africans Globally to debate, discuss and write a common CONSTITUTION for the one, united and federal DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of AFRICA:(DRA).

WHO fears 'silent' epidemic unless Africa prioritises Covid-19 testingAfrica has so far been spared the worst impact of the coronavirus, but the World Health Organization is worried the continent could face a 'silent epidemic' if its leaders do not prioritise testing for it, a WHO envoy said. coronavirus WHO WHO and UN are pretty much useless as the still allow us to be killed and used as lab rats WHO 😩 might be the fact that most Africans have developed immunity to the virus due to years of being deprived junk food that destroys immune system, we've been eating greens and starch and less meat. We eat what nature provides 🤷 WHO South America thought they were also untouchable, then places started getting colder and the beginnings of winter arrived.... Now Brazil and Peru are shooting up the leaderboard

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