Cosatu welcomes Mboweni's proposal on retirement fund access

Cosatu welcomes Mboweni's proposal on retirement fund access #eNCA

2021-07-29 08:23:00 AM

Cosatu welcomes Mboweni's proposal on retirement fund access eNCA

Cosatu has welcomed Finance Minister Tito Mboweni's proposal that will allow South Africans to access a portion of their retirement funds.

READ:Mboweni pushing for workers to be allowed to access retirement fundsOn Wednesday Mboweni said workers should be allowed to access a portion of their retirement funds.He said he is pushing for the matter to be finalised but he warned that the money taken out should be used responsibly.

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Mother reunited with baby after kidnapping

A 7-month-old baby has since been safely returned to his mother after a hijacking in Cape Town on Monday.

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Is this another way of taxing to takr out early, so they can pocket the tax money for their gain. Me too I welcomed the propose 75% bcs I will pay off my debt due to this COVID-19 pandemic. Casatu is a money hungry bunch - you gotta pay em, to belong to em & they are supposed to fight for your rights as a worker. Just remember no pay = no help. The big bosses earn every month even if you don't. Waste of time & money that lot. There goes ur pension bye-bye

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WATCH LIVE: Mboweni's briefing on govt's economic support packagesFinance Minister Tito Mboweni will be joined by National Treasury officials.

LIVESTREAM: Mboweni unpacks government's support packagesFinance Minister, Tito Mboweni, is explaining how the support programme will run. We still looking fit the 500 billion stolen at the beginning of Covid 2020🧐

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Mboweni outlines Ramaphosa’s R27 billion Covid-19 relief package | CitypressThe R350 Social Relief of Distress grant will cost the fiscus about R27 billion, reports Thuletho Zwane. Buying votes Now that elections are around the corner ANC will have to make quick bucks through the state for electioneering😏 Including or excluding the ones you guys will loot?

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